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Unit 12 P4 Internet Markerting Essay

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P4 - Describe the key benefits and opportunities presented by internet marketing activity for Viola Drinks Ltd. and again how this help formulate and change the marketing mix for the business. In this assignment I will describe the fundamental benefits and opportunities presented by internet marketing activity for Viola Drinks Ltd. and furthermore how this helps formulate and change the marketing mix for the business. Internet marketing brings a lot of opportunities and benefits to businesses for instance reach to wider audience therefore raising awareness of the brand and attracting prospective customers, reducing overhead cost of the company as running and online business does not require as much finances as a regular business, and improve availability. Products: Products choices are informed by market research where customers’ needs and requirements are assessed. Feedbacks given by customers to the organisation will benefit Viola Drinks Ltd because they can modify their existing products or develop new product for their customer’s satisfaction. Internet marketing has divided product into two parts 1) core product and 2) extended product. The core product is the actual “product purchased by the customers to fulfil their needs” and the extended product is “the benefits build around the product”. Price: Price comparison is common online. Viola Drinks Ltd needs to make ensure that their online prices match with their competitor online prices. For instance online price comparison websites such as and dedicated to comparing prices on products in order to find the best deal for the customer. Customers can log on to their website, search for a product, compare the prices and get a good deal. This will benefit Viola Drinks Ltd. to compare their prices with their competitors. The reason why online pricing is better than offline pricing is that online prices are very clear and transparent for the customer and the business at large because they can take advantage of the pricing that may change regularly or take advantages of special offers that last for a limited period of time and compare the amount competitors are charging. This is called price transparency it can only be achieved online as customers will be hunting for bargains. Place: Viola Drinks Ltd has integrated internet marketing within their already existing marketing strategies to create another sales channel. The benefit of Viola Drinks Ltd moving their business online is that they can “minimise cost of inventory, transport and storage while fulfilling demands from customers”. Furthermore, search Engine Optimisation (SEO) The accessibility and visibility of Viola Drinks Ltd is important through Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation benefits Viola Drinks Ltd. to be recognised among leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. For a company to ha...

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