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 This case discussed a confrontation between an employee Alex Fuhrman and his

colleague, Christopher Hibbs in Uvex Corporation. Alex Fuhrman would commence a

lawsuit against one of Frederick Fontaine’s division employees, Christopher Hibbs

and Uvex Corporation. Frederick Fontaine was West Coast division manager for the

Uvex Corporation. And the Uvex Corporation started as a small family-owned

medical centre on the southwest coast. The father and son recruited only the best

physicians in their field to expand the enterprise across the nation. Last year, this

strategy paid off in revenues of $750 million. The company’s research labs were at the leading edge of cancer research in North America. Alex Fuhrman graduated from an MBA program and joined the Uvex Corporation as its director of accounting and

financial before nine years. After Alex joined Uvex, the company went public in order to fund a monumental expansion into cancer research and treatment. When the new

San Rafael facility was built, the Uvex’s newest organizational structure was showed

and Frederick Fontaine became Alex’s superior, and Alex became the administrator of Cancer research and treatment. The San Rafael centre has the best and brightest group;

the research group consisted of a core of leading scientists with doctoral degrees in

biochemistry. These supervisory investigators were assisted by lab technicians,

nutritionists, and mental health professionals with varied background. They manage

the group’s creative and intensity required extensive people skills, empathy, and

attention to team spirit. Alex Fuhrman was the ideal choice to head the administration of the cancer research and treatment division.

A new accounting manager was hired for the West Coast division to instead of

Alex, Christopher Hibbs. He had previously worked as a bookkeeper for the city of

Sacramento. He got the high praise from his former boss. Hibbs want to make

numerous changes to the accounting system that Alex installed and sent his financial

report directly to the executive controller of Uvex. One Friday night, Frederick

requested security to give him entry into the accounting manager’s office and he

noticed a memo on Hibbs’s desk. The memo was addressed to the controller and dated the week previous. The memo showed there are fund missing and doubt Alex was the person ...

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