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Li Fung A Internet Issues Essay

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Li & Fung (A): Internet Issues
Case written-up

Written Highlight:
Six years after the case firstly published, the business environment has been stepped into the ear of E-commerce by passing through the stages of software and hardware development. The key question in my written-up is how a century-old family owned company integrates with the new-economy idea to become E-commerce oriented/supported company.

The “E” in the E-commerce is representing the electronic infrastructure supporting commerce activities. In this case, it is the internet issues. The “Commerce” is presenting the offline business by Li & Fung. In order to integrate both into business activities, simply do the business in an electronic way. Is that work? I believe the answer is more than that. See my formula below: E-commerce ≠ Electronic + Commerce

E-commerce = Electronic × Commerce
Li & Fung’ s SCM
The core elements of Li & Fung’s holistic SCM including product design, coordination, sourcing, production, warehousing, distribution and marke...

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