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Misuse Of Internet Essay

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* 1. Managing Internet Misuse Inside the Company
* 2. It is important to learn how to prevent misuse of your company’s technology resources and how to protect your business from legal liability for employee misuse of e-mail, blogs and the Internet. Managing Internet Misuse Introduction * 3. More than 25% of employers have fired workers for misuse of e-mail. 1/3 of employers have fired an employee for misuse of the Internet. More than 50% of employers have disciplined an employee for violating e-mail policies. Managing Internet Misuse USA Internet Misuse - Information * 4. 60 million Americans have e-mail and/or Internet access at work. 70% of workers admitted to viewing or sending sexually explicit e-mail at work. Most traffic to Internet pornographic sites occurs during regular business hours (faster connection). Worker admits to squandering away 2.09 hours per 8-hour workday. 60% of employees admit having exchanged e-mail that could be considered racist, sexist or otherwise “politically incorrect. Managing Internet Misuse USA Internet Misuse - Information * 5. Companies estimate that more than 1 in every 5 outgoing e-mails contains content that poses a legal, financial or regulatory risk. Managing Internet Misuse USA Internet Misuse – The Problem is Growing * 6. There are many reasons of monitoring Internet use inside an organization: To reduce the risk of legal liability. To protect assets. To prevent the loss of productivity. To minimize negative publicity. Managing Internet Misuse Why Should Employers Monitor Internet Use? * 7. Implement and publish policies to monitor company e-mail and Internet use. Implement a monitoring system and consider using technology to block employee access to websites that are offensive or unrelated to work. Respond quickly and consistently when inappropriate use is discovered. Managing Internet Misuse What Companies can do? * 8. Employers have a duty to prevent certain kinds of inappropriate use of company resources. Factors influencing employer liability often include whether the employer knew or should have known about the problem, the status of the employee, and the employer’s response once informed. Managing Internet Misuse What Companies can do? * 9. Written employee...

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