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More Than Just The Internet Essay

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More than Just the Internet: Technology for Language Teaching At a time when technology-enhanced learning tends to be associated with Internet-based applications like the World Wide Web, it is important to remember that non-Internet technology tools remain very useful aids for the language student and teacher. Language software for the personal computer or lab network is becoming more flexible and powerful, both in the types of media it can include and in design features that give users more options. Authoring programs continue to allow teachers to create customized materials for their classrooms. Language lab systems are being upgraded to allow the incorporation of multiple media resources. Advances in computer networking have increased the power, flexibility, and interconnectedness of desktop computer systems and the equipment available for use in the lab or resource center setting, and has also made possible the use of networked software in the classroom. Software for Language Learning and Teaching

A wide variety of non-Internet software is available for foreign language teachers and learners. Comprehensive reference works such as Lexirom provide access to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases on a single CD-ROM. Commercial basic language programs such as TriplePlay Plus! use interactive games and conversations to teach words and basic phrases and use speech recognition technology to allow users to record their speech and compare it with a model. CD-ROM programs such as Nouvelles Dimensions and Nuevas Dimensiones use multime...

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