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Future Of Web Design Essay

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The future of web design is concerned about progressing above and beyond manipulative for one device. It is all concerned about mobiles, but mobiles are of vital importance. Users of the web are accessing the web from different sources such as tablets, laptops, mobile smartphones and desktop computers. The websites need to keep on changing to adapt and respond to various platforms in an effective and fluent manner. For a long duration, web design was based on print design practices, but the web has never been a static center. Therefore, web is not an unchanging width. The web is a universal platform and its future lies in the hands of world’s designers. They are people who are tinkering, toying, shaping, pushing and crafting it in an infinite number of guidelines. Open Types fonts enlightened the web designers in the year 2011. In what was referred to as “the @fonts-face revolution”, these modern embeddable fonts gave the web designers smart fonts to have control and to play with them. For example, HTML5 designers emerge the most talked regarding programmers’ verbal communication and CSS3 emerge the latest typical for CSS. When referring about devices, Mobile and Responsive Web Design emerge largely essential trends. To conclude all of the aforementioned, buzz terms will determine the future of the web. Web design is not just about resizing a site fit on the iPhone. There are a lot of details needed to be considered by the designers. For instance, when Apple upgraded resolutions on the iPhone for the last years, web designers had to change and upgrade the images for the user to have the same extreme experience across all the podiums. Aim

The aim of this research proposal is to come with the clear implication of the future web design to the social life and cultural practices. Furthermore, the research paper aims at investigating into the future web design in relation to technology advancement. In addition, the paper aims ...

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