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Internet Tools At Dirt Bikes Essay

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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
Teresa Brennan
July 10, 2010
Gelonda Martin

In business today it is a necessity for communication channels to be as efficient as possible. Dirt Bikes’ current means of communication is antiquated and without further investment in technology, will stunt the operations and growth of the organization. A complete overhaul of the IT infrastructure is recommended. Although there are significant costs associated with implementing a new system, the pay-off would be in the increased sales and customer satisfaction, thereby the system upgrade would become a revenue generator. The success of Dirt Bikes new IT implementation would facilitate quick access to the internet and market information which the company will use to make strategic decisions. A computer network connects two or more computers so employees can work together sharing data across computers. The infrastructure of the network would make data available to view in all departments. Dirt Bikes would to set up a wide area network (WAN) for the business to operate across global areas. The ability to communicate anywhere anytime would allow the company to respond immediately to customer needs, order processing, and part suppliers saving time and money by keeping up with current inventory. Connecting the WAN allows employees to send and receive important information from anywhere globally via PDAs o...

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