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• Can you put a full page slider
• Change contact us section to orange
• Change footer to blue

Here are the images for the icons:

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Take out the subject field

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align everything to the left

Buyer’s page:

Mortgage section ( change to blue )

Frequently asked questions section
New questions and answer text
What about dealing with buyers' agents?
Text: We make it easy for sellers to consider offers from buyers who use buyers' agents. How much commission is offered and paid to a buyer's agent is totally up to the seller.

How do I set up my house at the right price ?
Text: Sellers are able to get a pricing blueprint specific to their property by experts we call vista Value . Unlike agents, these certified appraisers have nothing to lose or gain from the sale, so the advice they provide is truly unbiased.

What about taking calls & booking appointments?
Text: Sellers can enjoy the convenience of our answering service to answer calls and help book showings. We call this Vista Assistance © What about showings?
Text: We believe that the seller is the best person to show the property. After all, sellers know the details of the property and the neighborhood better than anyone. Can I delay my payment instead of paying for the package right now ? Text: Yes, With this option, sellers can enjoy the benefit of our marketing package today with a convenient way of paying for it later. Sellers often choose to pay once their property has sold. How do you differ from agents ?

Text: We're not agent or brokers. We're a specialized marketing company that helps sellers market their properties directly to buyers or even buyer's agents over a private platform instead of the way agents do it. This way of selling is not only less expensive but can also be more convenient. Lucky for us, our customers agree. How much is it going to cost ?

Text: The price of Vista Maison marketing package is completely dependent on the level of service you choose and also what services you require. The best way to find out how much it costs is to request a quote orcontact us.

What about extra exposure on on the Mls ?
Text: With Vista maison you have the option to list on the MLS . We will help you reach a wider audience and we will give your property all the exposure you'll ever need to get it SOLD.

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Contact button :

•Take out the subject field

Sellers page :
How it works section :
Tlitle : changeto : How vista Maison Work’s
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