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Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms

Webster s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged

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Abbreviations in This Work
The abbreviations in this list are regularized to one style without periods, although they may appear with periods in context, depending on whether printed in roman type or italics. abl acc act adj adv AF Alb alter anat aor Arm Av biol bot cgs chem comb. form conj contr crystallog D Dan dat dial dim E esp F fem fr freq fut G gen geol Gk Gmc Goth Hitt IE imit indic interj IrGael irreg ISV It ital L LGk lit Lith LL masc ablative accusative active adjective adverb Anglo-French Albanian alteration anatomy aorist Armenian Avestan biology botany centimeter-gram-second chemistry combining form conjunction contraction crystallography Dutch Danish dative dialect diminutive English especially French feminine from frequentative future German genitive geology Greek Germanic Gothic Hittite Indo-European imitative indicative interjection Irish Gaelic irregular International Scientific Vocabulary Italian italic Latin Late Greek literally Lithuanian Late Latin masculine MD ME med MF MGk MHG MIr ML modif n neut NL nom n pl obs OE OF OFris OHG OIr OL ON OPer OProv OPruss orig OS OScan OSlav OW part perh pers Pg pl prep pres prob pron Russ Sc sing Skt Sp specif superl Sw Toch A Turk usu var vb VL W Middle Dutch Middle English medicine Middle French Middle Greek Middle High German Middle Irish Medieval Latin modification noun neuter New Latin nominative noun plural obsolete Old English Old French Old Frisian Old High German Old Irish Old Latin Old Norse Old Persian Ool Proven al Old Prussian originally Old Saxon Old Scandinavian Old Slavic Old Welsh participle perhaps person Portuguese plural preposition present probably pronoun Russian Scots singular Sanskrit Spanish specifically superlative Swedish Tocharian A Turkish usually variant verb Vulgar Latin Welsh

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms

Webster s Third New International Dictionary
a- prefix ME, fr. OE a-, an, on 1 : on : in : at abed afoot asunder sometimes used in dialect speech in locutions not found in standard he did it a-purpose 2 : in such a state or condition afire asleep often used with with acrawl with ants 3 : in such a manner aloud 4 : in the act of : in the process of daddy s gone a-hunting months later the ship was still a-building a- or an- prefix L Gk L a-, an-, fr. Gk more at - : not : without achromatic asexual used chiefly with words of Gk or L origin a- before consonants other than h and sometimes even before h, an- before vowels and usu. before h ahistorical anesthesia anhydrous -a- combining form ISV : replacing carbon esp. in a ring in initial combining forms as second constituent after a first constituent designating a chemical element arsa- aza-a n suffix - NL, prob. fr. originally nonsignificant -a in magnesia, fr. ML -a in magnesia, alchemical substance , fr. Gk -a, - in magn sia, magn si , alchemical substance, magnet , fr. nom. sing. fem. adjectival ending corresponding to nom. sing. masc. -os and nom. sing. neut. -on : oxide ceria lanthana thoria ab- prefix ME, fr. OF L OF, fr. L, fr. ab from 1 : from : departing from abnormal 2 : away : outside of abenteric ab- prefix absolute used for a cgs electromagnetic unit abampere abhenry abdomin- or abdomino- combining form L abdomin-, abdomen : abdomen : abdominal abdominalgia abdominoperineal abdominocardiac -ability also -ibility n suffix ME -ablete, -abilite, -iblete, -ibilite, fr. MF -ableté, -abilité, -ibleté, -ibilité, fr. L -abilitas, -ibilitas, fr. -abilis, -ibilis + -tas -ty : capacity, fitness, or tendency to act or be acted on in a specified way ensilability washability abio- combining form a- + bio- : whatever is lifeless abiogenesis -able also -ible adj suffix ME, fr. OF, fr. L -abilis, -ibilis, fr. -a-, -i- thematic vowels of various conjugations of verbs + -bilis capable or worthy of being acted upon 1 : capable of, fit for, or worthy of being so acted upon or toward chiefly in adjectives derived from verbs breakable connectible eatable lovable 2 : tending to, given to, favoring, causing, able to, or liable to agreeable changeable knowledgeable peaceable perishable -ableness n suffix -ably also -ibly adv suffix -ac n suffix - Gk -akos of or relating to, var. of -ikos -ic after noun stems ending in i : one affected with hemophiliac nostalgiac acanth- or acantho- combining form NL, fr. Gk akanth-, akantho-, fr. akantha akin to ON gn awn : thorn : spine acanthocarpous Acanthophis -acanthus n combining form NL, fr. Gk akantha thorn : animal having such a spine or such or so many spines Cephalacanthus Ctenacanthus in generic names esp. of fishes acar- or acari- or acaro- combining form NL, fr. Acarus : mite acaroid acaricide ace- combining form ISV, fr. acetic : acetic acenaphthene specif : related to acenaphthene aceanthrene -ace n combining form - LGk ak point : apex having so many faces heptace tessarace -acea n pl suffix NL, fr. L, neut. pl. of -aceus -aceous : animals characterized by : animals of the nature of Cetacea Crustacea in names of zoological divisions larger than a genus, esp. orders and classes -aceae n pl suffix NL, fr. L, fem. pl. of -aceus -aceous : plants of the nature of Acanthaceae Rosaceae in names of families of plants formerly in names of orders of plants -acean adj suffix NL -acea, -aceae + E -an : rosacean -acean n suffix - : organism characterized by : organism of the nature of crustacean rosacean in singular corresponding to plurals in -acea, -aceae acenaphth- or acenaphtho- combining form ISV, fr. acenaphthene : acenaphthene : acenaphthylene acenaphthophenanthrene -acene n suffix - ISV, fr. anthracene : aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbon containing three or more fused benzene rings in straight linear sequence naphthacene -aceous adj suffix L -aceus : characterized by arenaceous argillaceous : of the nature of herbaceous : belonging to or connected with a division of animals characterized by or of the nature of cetaceous crustaceous : belonging to or connected with a family of plants of the nature of solanaceous often in adjectives corresponding to biological classification names in -acea, -aceae acet- or aceto- combining form F L F acét-, fr. L acet-, fr. acetum vinegar : acetic acid : acetic : acetyl acetaldehyde acetamide acetobenzoic achro- or achro - combining form Gk achroos, fr. a- a- + -chroos colored more at : colorless achrodextrin achro cyst achromat- or achromato- combining form Gk achr matos colorless, fr. a- a- + -chr matos colored, fr. chr mat-, chr ma color : achromatic achromaturia : something achromatic achromatolysis acou- or acouo- combining form F acou-, fr. Gk akouein to hear : hearing : listening acoumeter acouophonia -acousia or -acusia n combining form, pl -acousiae or -acusiae NL, fr. Gk akousis fr. akouein to hear + -sis + NL -ia : hearing presbyacousia hyperacusia acr- or acro- also akr- or akro- combining form MF or Gk MF acro-, fr. Gk akr-, akro-, fr. akros topmost, extreme akin to Gk akm point 1 : beginning : end : tip acrology 2 a : top : peak : summit acropetal acrocephaly b : height acrophobia c : extremity of the body, esp. the human body acrocyanosis acromio- combining form NL, fr. acromion : acromial and acromiodeltoid acromiosternal -act adj combining form Gk aktis ray more at : having such or so many rays polyact tetract in terms applied to sponge spicules -act n combining form - : one having such or so many rays hexact triact in names of sponge spicules actin- or actini- or actino- combining form NL actin- ray, fr. Gk aktin-, aktino-, fr. aktin-, aktis akin to OE hte morning twilight, OHG hta, ON tta, Goth htwo, Skt aktu light, night, L noct-, nox night 1 a : having a radiated structure Actinopoda Actinomyces b : actinian actiniform Actinozoa 2 a : actinic actinautography b : of, relating to, or caused by actinic radiation as X rays actinotherapy -actinal adj combining form Gk aktin-, aktis ray + E -al :-actine adj combining form Gk aktin-, aktis : having such or so many rays discoactine pentactine esp. in terms applied to sponge spicules actinio- combining form Actinia : actinian actiniochrome actiniohematin acu- combining form ML, fr. L acu, abl. of acus needle akin to L acies edge : with a needle acupuncture

acutiacuti- combining form ML, fr. L acutus : sharp-pointed acutifoliate : sharply angled acutiplantar acuto- combining form acute : acute and acuto-grave : acutely acuto-nodose ad- or ac- or af- or ag- or al- or ap- or as- or at- prefix ad- fr. ME, fr. L, fr. ad ac- fr. ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. ad af- fr. ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. ad ag- fr. ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. ad al- fr. ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. ad ap- fr. ME, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. ad as- fr. ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. ad at- fr. ME, fr. OF, fr. L, fr. ad 1 : to : toward usu. ac- before c, k, or q acculturation and afbefore f afformative and ag- before g aggradation and albefore l allineation and ap- before p appersonation and as- before s asself and at- before t attune and ad- before other sounds adnominal adverbial but sometimes adeven before one of the listed consonants adpronominal 2 : near : adjacent to in this sense always in the form adadoral adrenal -ad n suffix - MF L MF -ade, fr. L -ad-, -as, fr. Gk -ad-, -as, fem. suffix denoting descent from or connection with 1 a : period of time quinquenniad b : group, aggregate, or unit of so many parts quintad c : element, atom, or radical having such or so great a chemical valence artiad perissad dyad 2 : epic of : poem celebrating Columbiad 3 prob. fr. NL -ad-, -as used as final element in botanical genus names , fr. Gk : member of such a botanical group magnoliad moringad 4 : kind of plant or animal produced by or associated with ecad variad -adic adj suffix -ad adv suffix L ad biol : in the direction of : toward : cephalad ventrad -ade n suffix - ME, fr. MF, fr. OProv -ada, fr. LL -ata, fr. L, fem. of -atus -ate 1 : act : action blockade 2 a : product jamrosade b : sweet drink orangeade adel- or adelo- combining form NL, fr. Gk ad l, ad lo- unseen, fr. ad los, fr. a- a- + d los visible, evident akin to OE t tan to gladden, OHG zeiz dear, ON teitr glad, Skt d deti he shines, L dies day : concealed : not apparent Adelaster adelopod adelpho- combining form Gk, fr. adelphos : brother adelphogamy -adelphous adj combining form prob. fr. NL -adelphus, fr. Gk adelphos brother, fr. a- fr. assumed ha-, akin to heis, mia, hen one, homos same + -delphos akin to delphys womb : having such or so many stamen fascicles isadelphous monadelphous aden- or adeno- combining form NL, fr. Gk adeno-, fr. aden-, ad n akin to ON kkr lump, L inguen groin, Gk nephros kidney 1 : gland : glandular adenitis adenocarcinoma 2 : glandular and adenoneural adip- or adipo- combining form L adip-, adeps, fr. Gk aleipha akin to Gk lipos fat, lard 1 : fat : fatty tissue adipic adipocele 2 : connected with adipic acid adipamide adiponitrile adren- or adreno- combining form adrenal 1 : adrenal glands adrenocortical adrenomedullary adrenotropic : adrenal and adrenogenital 2 : adrenaline adrenergic aer- or aero- combining form ME aero-, fr. MF, fr. L, fr. Gk aer-, aero-, fr. aer-, a r 1 a : air : atmosphere : aerial aerate aerenchyma aerobic b : aerial and aerohydrous 2 : gas aerometry aerosol 3 : aviation aerodrome aerotechnical aeri- combining form LL aeri-, fr. L aer : air aeriform aerify aeto- combining form NL, fr. Gk aetos akin to L avis bird : eagle aetomorph Aetosaurus esp. in names of taxonomic groups in zoology -aetus n combining form NL, fr. Gk aetos more at : eagle in generic names of birds Circaetus afr- or afro- combining form, usu cap L Afr-, Afer African : African Aframerican : African and Afro-Asiatic agam- or agamo- combining form NL, fr. LL agamus unmarried, fr. Gk agamos, fr. a- a- + gamos marriage : asexual agamic agamogenesis



agath- or agatho- combining form Gk, fr. agathos perh. akin to OE g d good : good Agathosma agathology -age n suffix - ME, fr. OF, fr. L -aticum 1 : aggregate : collection cellarage surplusage trackage wordage 2 a : action : process coverage haulage stoppage b : cumulative result of breakage shrinkage c : rate of dosage leakage outage slippage 3 : house or place of orphanage parsonage 4 : state : rank bondage peonage 5 : charge for an act or service postage towage wharfage -agogue also -agog n combining form - F NL F -agogue, fr. LL -agogus promoting the expulsion of, fr. Gk -ag gos, fr. ag gos leading, drawing forth, fr. agein to lead NL -agogon, neut. of -agogos promoting the expulsion of, fr. Gk -ag gos : substance that promotes the secretion or expulsion of cholagogue lymphagogue -agra n combining form, pl -agrae also -agras ME, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. agra hunting, catch akin to W aer war, L agere to drive : seizure of pain cardiagra melagra agrio- combining form GK NL NL, fr. Gk, fr. agrios, fr. agros field : wild agriology agro- combining form F, fr. Gk, fr. agros field 1 : of or belonging to fields or soil : agricultural agronomy agrosterol 2 : agricultural and agroindustrial -aholic or -oholic n combining form - alcoholic 1 : one who feels compulsively the need to do something shopaholic winaholic 2 : one who likes something to excess golfaholic ailur- or ailuro- or aelur- or aeluro- combining form NL, fr. Gk ailouro-, fr. ailouros : cat ailurodon ailurophobia -al adj suffix ME -al, -el, fr. OF L OF -al, -el, fr. L -alis : of, relating to, or characterized by directional fictional hormonal organizational spectral tidal -al n suffix - ME -aille, fr. OF, fr. L -alia, neut. pl. of -alis : action or process bestowal rehearsal withdrawal -al n suffix - F, fr. alcool alcohol, fr. ML alcohol 1 a : aldehyde butanal salicylal b : acetal butyral 2 : pharmaceutical product barbital alb- or albo- combining form L, fr. albus : white albite albocinereous albumin- or albumini- or albumino- combining form prob. fr. F, fr. L albumin-, albumen : albumen : albumin albuminoid albuminiferous albuminolysis alco- or alcoo- combining form alcohol : alcohol alcogel alcosol alcoometer ald- or aldo- combining form prob. fr. F ald-, fr. aldéhyde, fr. G aldehyd 1 : containing the aldehyde group in names of classes of compounds aldohexose 2 : related to an aldehyde aldimine aldon- or aldono- combining form ISV, fr. aldonic in aldonic acid : related to or derived from an aldonic acid aldonamide aldonolactone -ales n pl suffix NL, fr. L, pl. of -alis -al : plants belonging to or related to Chytridiales Rosales in the names of orders of plants in some classifications in the names of other superfamilial groups of plants as alliances or cohorts aleuro- combining form F, fr. Gk, fr. aleuron wheat flour, flour akin to Arm alam I grind : flour aleurometer alg- or algo- combining form NL, fr. Gk alg-, fr. algos : pain algesthesis alganesthesia algophobia -algia n combining form - Gk -algia, fr. algos : pain : painful condition cephalalgia podalgia -algic adj combining form -algy n combining form Gk -algia : ali- combining form L, fr. ala 1 : wing aliform alitrunk 2 : relating to the side parts of a specified organ or structure aliethmoid alinasal -alia n combining form NL, fr. Gk halia assembly Gk hal-, hals sea Gk halia akin to Gk eilein to compress, OSlav velikŭ great, and perh. to L vulgus common people Gk hals sea, akin to Gk hals salt : realm of marine animal life in names of biogeographic realms Arctalia Bassalia -alian adj combining form

alkalk- combining form alkyl : alkyl alkacrylic alkiodide alka- combining form alkane : alkane alkadiyne alkapolyene all- or allo- combining form Gk, fr. allos other, different 1 : other : different : dissimilar : extraneous allergy allopathy allosematic 2 allo- : isomeric form, close relative, or variety of a specified chemical compound allo-ocimene allotelluric acid : as a : the more stable form of two geometrical isomers allocinnamic acid b : -3 esp. in names of stereoisomeric compounds containing two fused saturated rings allocholanic acid allopregnane 3 usu allo: having dissimilar genomes alloheteroploid alloploid allotriploid opposed to autallant- or allanto- combining form NL, fr. Gk, sausage, fr. allant-, allas, prob. of Italic origin akin to L alium garlic 1 : allantoic : allantoid allantochorion allantoin 2 : sausage allantiasis allelo- combining form Gk all lo- each other, fr. all l n of each other, fr. allos . . . allos one . . . the other, fr. allos other 1 : alternative allelomorph 2 : of or for each other : reciprocal : reciprocally allelocatalytic allelotropism allo- combining form GK allos . . . allos one . . . the other, fr. allos other : being one of a group whose members together constitute a structural unit esp. of a language allophone allomorph compare allox- combining form ISV, fr. alloxan : alloxan -ally adv suffix -al + -ly : semantically in adverbs formed from adjectives ending in -ic with no alternative form ending in -ical alterni- combining form NL, fr. L alternus alternate : alternate : alternately alternifoliate alternipetalous alternipinnate alti- combining form ME, fr. L, fr. altus 1 : high altisonant 2 : altitude altigraph altimeter alumin- or alumino- combining form MF alumin-, fr. L, fr. alumin-, alumen 1 : alum aluminiform 2 : aluminum aluminography alveol- or alveolo- combining form L, fr. alveolus 1 : alveolus alveolectomy 2 : alveolar and alveololabial -am n combining form - prob. fr. G, prob. fr. NL ammonia : chemical compound related to ammonia lactam phospham ambi- prefix L ambi-, amb- both, on both sides, around akin to L ambo both, Gk amph both, amphi around : both ambilateral ambiparous ambly- or amblyo- combining form LL ambly-, fr. Gk, fr. amblys akin to L mollis soft, molere to grind 1 : blunt : obtuse Amblycephalus 2 : dulled : dimmed amblyacousia 3 : connected with amblyopia amblyoscope amer- or amero- combining form, cap American : American Amerophile : American and Amerasian americo- combining form, cap America 1 : relating to America or Americans Americomania 2 : American and AmericoLiberian amid- or amido- combining form ISV, fr. amide 1 : containing the group NH characteristic of amides united to a radical of acid character amidosulfuric distinguished from amin- 2 : - amidophenol 3 : containing the radical CONH characteristic of polyamides, peptides, and proteins amin- or amino- combining form ISV, fr. amine now usu amino- : containing the group NH characteristic of primary amines united to a radical other than an acid radical aminoacetanilide aminoguanidine distinguished from amidamm- or ammo- combining form ammo-, fr. Gk, fr. ammos sand : sand ammophilous ammino- combining form prob. fr. G, fr. ammin ammine : ammine amminochloride ammoni- or ammonio- combining form ISV, fr. ammonium : containing ammonia or ammonium ammoniocupric sulfate ammono- combining form ISV, fr. ammonia 1 : ammonia ammonolysis 2 : derived from ammonia in names of



chemical compounds ammonocarbonic acid HN C NH compare -2 amnio- combining form NL, fr. amnion, fr. Gk 1 : amnion amniotome 2 : amniotic and amnioallantoic amorph- or amorpho- combining form Gk, amorph-, fr. amorphos : amorphous amorphism amorphophyte ampel- or ampelo- combining form NL ampel-, fr. Gk ampel-, ampelo-, fr. ampelos : grapevine ampelopsis ampelography amphi- or amph- prefix L amphi- around, on both sides, fr. Gk amphi-, amph-, fr. amphi more at - 1 : around amphispermous 2 : on both sides : of both kinds : both amphicarpic amphivorous ampho- combining form NL, fr. Gk amph more at : both amphophilic amygdal- or amygdalo- combining form L amygdal-, fr. amygdala 1 : almond : almond family amygdalase amygdaliferous 2 NL, fr. amygdala a : tonsil amygdalotomy b : tonsillar and amygdalo-uvular amyl- or amylo- combining form LL amyl-, fr. L amylum, fr. Gk amylon, fr. neut. of amylos not ground at the mill, fr. aa- + mylos, myl mill : starch amylase amylemia amylometer -an or -ian also -ean n suffix - -an -ian fr. ME -an, -ian, -ien, fr. OF L OF -ien, fr. L -ianus, fr. -i- + -anus, fr. -anus, adj. suffix -ean fr. such words as Mediterranean, European 1 : one that is of or belonging to American Bostonian 2 : one skilled in or specializing in esp. in derivatives from nouns ending in -ic or -ics, in the latter case with loss of -s dialectician phonetician statistician 3 : one belonging to a specified zoological group crustacean mammalian crocodilian -an or -ian also -ean adj suffix -an -ian fr. ME -an, -ian, -ien, fr. OF L OF -ien, fr. L -ianus, fr. -i- + -anus -ean fr. such words as Mediterranean, European 1 : of or belonging to American Floridian Wesleyan 2 : characteristic of : resembling Mozartean Shavian 3 : of or belonging to a specified geologic period, epoch, or series Cambrian -an n suffix - ISV -an, -ane, alter. of -ene, -ine, -one 1 : unsaturated carbon compound tolan C H C CC H urethan esp. in names of heterocyclic compounds furan alloxan compare 2 a : anhydride representing a polymer of a carbohydrate usu. replacing final -ose of the carbohydrate name xylan dextran , less often replacing final -e pentosan b : intramolecular anhydride of a carbohydrate replacing final -e of the carbohydrate name -glucosan ana- or an- prefix ML, fr. L anaLL an-, fr. Gk ana-, an-, fr. ana up, on 1 : up : upward anode Anacardium 2 : back : backward ananym 3 : again : anew anagenesis -ana or -iana n pl suffix NL, collected quotations from, fr. L, neut. pl. of -anus -an -ianus -ian : collected items of information esp. anecdotal or bibliographical concerning Americana Johnsoniana Burnsiana collegiana chiefly in derivatives from personal names and place names anarch- or anarcho- combining form ML anarch-, fr. Gk, fr. anarchos 1 : without government anarchical 2 a : anarchism and anarchopacifism b : anarchist and anarchoindividualist anatomico- or anatomo- combining form anatomic : anatomical and : anatomical anatomicopathological anatomoclinical -ance n suffix - ME, fr. OF, fr. L -antia, fr. -ant-, -ans -ant + -ia -y 1 : action or process attendance deliverance furtherance : instance of an action or process appearance performance 2 : quality or state resemblance temperance : instance of a quality or state protuberance 3 : amount or degree conductance transmittance -ancy n suffix L -antia more at 1 : quality or state buoyancy pliancy 2 : instance of a quality or state expectancy -ander n combining form - NL -andrus, fr. Gk -andros having

andrsuch or so many men more at : one having such or so many stamens in words denoting members of Linnaean botanical classes in -andria hexander andr- or andro- combining form MF andro-, fr. L andr-, andro-, fr. Gk, fr. andr-, an r man male person akin to OIr nert strength, OScan ner man male person , Skt n 1 : man androcentric androphagous : of or belonging to a man or men androcracy androphobia : having the characteristics of a man and androtauric 2 : male androgenesis : male and androgynous 3 : stamen : anther androecium -andra n combining form NL, fem. of -andrus -androus : one having such a stamen in generic names of plants Calliandra Pachysandra -andria n pl combining form NL, fr. Gk, fact or condition of having such or so many men more at : plants having such or so many stamens in names of Linnaean botanical classes Polyandria -androus adj combining form NL -andrus, fr. Gk -andros having such or so many men, fr. andr-, an r man male person more at - : having such or so many stamens monandrous -andry n combining form NL -andria, fr. Gk, fact or condition of having such or so many men, fr. -andros + -ia -y : possession of such or so many stamens heterandry -ane n suffix - ISV -an, -ane, alter. of -ene, -ine, -one 1 : 1 urethane 2 : saturated or completely hydrogenated carbon compound in names of hydrocarbons and some parent heterocyclic compounds methane cholestane dioxane distinguished from -ene, -yne anem- or anemo- combining form prob. fr. F anémo-, fr. Gk anem-, anemo-, fr. anemos 1 : wind anemosis anemometer 2 : inhalation anemopathy ang- combining form angular usu ital : angular -ange n combining form - NL -angium : angi- or angio- combining form NL, fr. Gk angei-, angeio- vessel, blood vessel, fr. angeion, dim. of angos vessel perh. akin to L angulus angle 1 a : blood or lymph vessel angioid angiolith angiosis b : angiomatous angiofibroma : angiomatous and angiocavernous 2 : seed vessel angiocarpous -angium n combining form, pl -angia NL, fr. Gk angeion more at - : vessel : receptacle gametangium gonangium anglo- combining form, usu cap NL, fr. ML Angli English people, fr. L, Angles 1 : English: a : of or belonging to England Anglo-Norman b : of English origin, descent, or culture Anglo-Indian Anglo-Irish 2 : English and AngloJapanese Anglo-Russian anguli- or angulo- combining form prob. fr. NL, fr. L angulus angle 1 : angle angulometer : angular angulinerved 2 : of or belonging to the angular and angulosplenial angusti- combining form prob. fr. L, fr. angustus : narrow angustifoliate angustirostrate anhydr- or anhydro- combining form modif. influenced by hydr-, hydro- of Gk anydr-, fr. anydros 1 a : waterless anhydremia b : lacking fluid anhydromyelia 2 : anhydride of anhydroglucose anis- or aniso- combining form NL, fr. Gk, fr. anisos, fr. an- + isos equal more at - : unequal anisodont anisosthenic anis- or aniso- combining form L anisum anise : anise anisic : anisic acid anisoyl ankyl- or ankylo- also anchyl- or anchylo- or ancyl- or ancylocombining form NL, fr. Gk ankyl-, ankylo-, fr. ankylos akin to Gk ankos glen 1 : crooked : curved Ancylostoma 2 NL, fr. Gk ankyl-, ankylo-, fr. ankyl sis a : stiff, immobile, constricted, or closed because of adhesion ankyloglossia ankylurethria b : ankylosis ankylophobia ano- prefix NL, fr. Gk an upward, above, fr. ana up, on 1 : upward anogenic anoopsia 2 : upper anocarpous anom- or anomo- combining form NL, fr. Gk anom- lawless, fr. anomos, fr. a- a- + nomos law, fr. nemein to distribute



: unusual : abnormal : irregular anomite anomocarpous anomal- or anomali- or anomalo- combining form L anomal-, fr. Gk, fr. an malos uneven, irregular : anomalous : irregular anomaliflorous anomalism anomalocephalus anopl- or anoplo- combining form NL, fr. Gk anoplos, fr. an- + -hoplos fr. hoplon tool, weapon : unarmed chiefly in names of zoological taxa Anoplanthus anoplocephalic -ant n suffix - ME, fr. OF, fr. -ant, pres. part. suffix, fr. L -ant-, -ans, pres. part. suffix of first conjugation, fr. -a- vowel of first conjugation + -nt-, -ns, pres. part. suffix akin to OE -nde, pres. part. suffix, OHG -nti, ON -ndi, Goth -nds, Gk -nt-, -n, pres., fut., aor. part. suffix, Skt -nt, pres., fut., aor. act. part. suffix 1 a : one that performs a specified action : personal or impersonal agent assistant claimant coolant deodorant resultant b : thing that promotes a specified action or process expectorant 2 : person or thing connected with annuitant chemotherapeutant 3 : thing that is acted upon in a specified manner inhalant ingestant 4 : thing that is used for a specified purpose antifoggant -ant adj suffix ME, fr. OF, fr. -ant, pres. part. suffix 1 : performing a specified action or being in a specified condition denudant propellant somnambulant 2 : promoting a specified action or process expectorant ante- prefix ME, fr. L, fr. ante before, in front, in front of akin to OE and-, on- against, OHG ant-, int-, ON and-, Goth anda-, and-, Gk anti before, against, Skt anti in the presence of, Hitt hanti in front 1 a : prior : precedent : earlier antenati antepast antetype b : anterior anteroom : forward anteflexion anteversion 2 a : prior to : earlier than anteclassical antenatal antepartum b : in front of anteorbital antetemple antero- combining form NL, fr. L anterior : anterior anteroparietal : anterior and anterolateral : from front to anteroposterior anth- or antho- combining form L anth-, fr. Gk anth-, antho-, fr. anthos 1 : flower anthecology anthocyanin 2 : flowerlike Anthozoa -anthema n combining form, pl -anthemata or -anthemas LL, fr. Gk -anth ma akin to Gk anthos flower : eruption : rash enanthema -anthemum n combining form L, fr. Gk anthemon flower, fr. anthos : plant having such a flower in generic names Helianthemum Xeranthemum -anthera n combining form NL, fr. anthera : plant having such an anther in generic names Adenanthera Pyxidanthera -antherous adj combining form prob. fr. NL -antherus, fr. anthera anther : having such an anther or such or so many anthers decantherous phaenantherous -anthery n combining form - : possession of anthers, esp. as indicated phaenanthery -anthes n combining form NL, fr. Gk -anth s blooming, flowered, fr. anthos flower : plant having such a flower in generic names Achyranthes Polianthes Zephyranthes -anthous adj combining form prob. fr. NL -anthus, fr. Gk anthos flower : -flowered gymnanthous monanthous -anthy n combining form anthr- or anthra- combining form ISV anthracene : anthracene nucleus anthrol anthragallol anthrac- or anthraco- combining form L anthrac-, fr. Gk anthrak-, anthrako- charcoal, carbuncle, fr. anthrak-, anthrax 1 : coal : carbon anthracosis anthracolithic Anthracosaurus 2 : carbuncle anthracnose : anthrax anthracoid anthracocide -anthrene n combining form - ISV anthracene : substance related to anthracene phenanthrene cholanthrene anthrop- or anthropo- combining form L anthropo-, fr. Gk anthr p-, anthr po-, fr. anthr pos, perh. irreg. fr. andr-, an r man male person + - pos fr. ps face more at : human being anthropoid anthropogenesis -anthropus n combining form NL, fr. Gk anthr pos more at

- : man in generic names of primates Pithecanthropus Sinanthropus -anthus n combining form NL, fr. Gk anthos flower : organism having or resembling such a flower in generic names in botany Cyclanthus Schizanthus and zoology Oecanthus anti- or ant- or anth- prefix anti- fr. ME, fr. OF L OF, fr. L, against, fr. Gk, fr. anti ant- fr. ME, fr. L, against, fr. Gk, fr. anti anth- fr. L, against, fr. Gk, fr. anti more at 1 a : one opposing the claims of : rival : spurious antichrist antiking antipope b : of the same kind but situated opposite, exerting energy in the opposite direction, or pursuing an opposite policy antapex antarctic anticline antischool antivolition c : one that is opposite in kind to anticlimax antihero antireligion anti- before consonants other than h and sometimes ant- before vowels and anth- before h which is not repeated , but more frequently anti- even before h or a vowel 2 a : opposing or hostile to in opinion, sympathy, or practice anticapitalist antidemocratic antiromantic antislavery antiunion b : opposing in effect or activity : inhibiting : preventing : counteracting antacid anthelmintic antiaging anti-Comintern antienzyme antifat antifogging anti-inflationary antislip antitrust 3 : not antigrammatical antilogical 4 : serving to prevent, cure, or alleviate a pathological condition antiarthritic antispasmodic 5 a : opposing or neutralizing another substance antibody antiserum b : substance that opposes or neutralizes another substance esp : substance that is an antibody to a specified antigen antitoxin 6 : combating : destroying : defending against antiaircraft antimine antitank anti- prefix MF ML, fr. L ante- : now little used because of possible confusion with antiantr- or antro- combining form NL, fr. LL antrum cavity in the body 1 : antrum antritis 2 : antral and antronasal aort- or aorto- combining form NL, fr. aorta : aorta aortitis aortolith aphan- or aphano- combining form F aphan-, fr. Gk aphan s, fr. a- a- + -phan s fr. phainesthai to appear : invisible : obscure aphanite Aphanomyces aphr- or aphro- combining form G aphr-, fr. Gk aphr-, aphro-, fr. aphros perh. akin to L imber rain : foam aphrite aphrometer api- combining form L, fr. apis : bee apiculture apiphobia apic- or apici- or apico- combining form prob. fr. NL, fr. L apic-, apex 1 : apex : tip esp. of an organ apicad apicifixed apicoectomy 2 : apical and apicodental consonant aplano- combining form prob. fr. NL, fr. Gk aplan s not wandering, fixed, fr. a- a- + -plan s wandering, fr. planasthai to wander : nonmotile Aplanobacter aplanospore apo- or ap- or aph- prefix apo- fr. ME, fr. MF L MF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. apo ap- fr. Gk, fr. apo aph- fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. apo 1 : away from : off apastron aphelion 2 : detached : separate apocarpous 3 : formed from : related to in names of chemical compounds apocodeine apo- before consonants other than h and sometimes ap- before vowels and aphbefore h which is not repeated but frequently apo- even before h or a vowel append- or appendo- or appendic- or appendico- combining form NL, fr. appendic-, appendix, fr. L, appendage, supplement : vermiform appendix appendectomy appendicitis appendicostomy appendotome aqui- also aqua- combining form L aqui-, fr. aqua : water aquiculture aquiferous aquacade aquo- combining form ISV, fr. L aqua water + ISV -o- 1 : containing a molecule of water as part of a coordination complex hexaquocobalt III chloride Co H O Cl 2 : derived from water in names of chemical compounds aquocarbonic acid OC OH compare -2 -ar adj suffix ME -ar, -er, fr. OF L OF -er, fr. L -aris, alter. after bases containing l of -alis -al : of or belonging to linear molecular nuclear polar : being spectacular



triangular : resembling annular oracular chiefly in words containing l and often accompanied by change of final postconsonantal -le of the base word to -ul- angular muscular titular arachn- or arachno- combining form NL Gk NL, fr. Gk, fr. arachn perh. akin to L aranea spider, Gk arkys net 1 : spider arachnology 2 : arachnoid membrane arachnitis arch- prefix ME arche-, arch-, fr. OE OF OE arce-, erce-, fr. LL archL archi-, fr. Gk arch-, archi- OF arch-, arche-, fr. LL archL archimore at - 1 : chief : principal archangel archbishop archdiocese archduke archpillar 2 : preeminent : extreme : most fully embodying the qualities of his or its kind archantiquary archcapitalist archfool archinfamy archphilosopher archpuritan archrogue 3 : first in time archfather : primitive archform -arch n combining form - ME -arke, -arche, fr. OF LL L OF -arche, fr. LL -archa, fr. L -arches, -archus, fr. Gk -arch s, archos more at - : ruler : leader matriarch nomarch -arch adj combining form prob. fr. G, fr. Gk arch beginning more at - : having such a point or so many points of origin endarch pentarch archae- or archaeo- also archeo- combining form Gk archaio-, fr. archaios ancient, fr. arch beginning more at - 1 : antiquity archaeography 2 : ancient : primitive archaecraniate archaeolithic archeozoic arche- prefix L, fr. Gk, fr. archein to begin more at : primitive : original archecentric archespore archi- or arch- prefix MF It L MF archiIt arci-, fr. L archi-, fr. Gk arch-, archi akin to Gk archein to begin, arch beginning, archos ruler 1 : chief : principal archiepiscopal archi- before consonants, arch- or more frequently archibefore vowels 2 : primitive : original : primary archenteron archiblast archicarp archicontinent archipterygium archy n combining form ME -archie, fr. MF, fr. L -archia, fr. Gk, fr. -arch s -arch + -ia -y : rule : government dyarchy squirearchy arct- or arcto- combining form L arct-, fr. Gk arkt-, arkto-, fr. arktos bear, Ursa Major, north 1 : north : arctic Arctalia Arctogaea 2 : bear Arctoidea Arctostaphylus -ard also -art n suffix - ME, fr. OF, of Gmc origin akin to OHG -hart in personal names such as G rhart Gerard akin to OE heard hard : one that is characterized by performing some action, possessing some quality, or being associated with some thing esp. conspicuously or excessively braggart drunkard dullard pollard sluggard stinkard wizard : a large one of its kind staggard arenaceo- combining form perh. fr. F arénacéo-, fr. L arenaceus : arenaceous and arenaceo-argillaceous areo- combining form Gk Ar s Ares god of war , Mars planet : the planet Mars areocentric longitude : of or belonging to the planet Mars areography argent- or argenti- or argento- combining form MF argent-, fr. L, fr. argentum : silver argentamide argentinitrate argentometry argill- or argilli- or argillo- combining form ME argill-, fr. L, fr. argilla 1 : clay argilliferous argilloid 2 : argillaceous and argilloarenaceous argillaceo- combining form argillaceous : argillaceous and argillaceocalcareous argyr- or argyro- combining form NL, fr. Gk, fr. argyros : silver argyrite argyrocephalous -aria n suffix NL, fr. L, fem. sing. neut. pl. of -arius -ary : one or ones like or connected with esp. in biological taxonomic names Campanularia Madreporaria Utricularia -arian n suffix - L -arius -ary + E -an 1 : believer necessitarian : advocate latitudinarian 2 : producer platitudinarian tractarian aristo- combining form MF LL MF, fr. LL, fr. Gk, fr. aristos akin to Gk arariskein to fit 1 : best aristogenesis 2

arithmo: aristocracy and aristodemocracy : aristocratic and aristodemocratic arithmo- combining form prob. fr. NL, fr. LGk, fr. Gk arithmos akin to Gk arariskein to fit : number arithmograph arithmomania -arium n suffix, pl -ariums or -aria L, fr. neut. of -arius -ary : thing or place belonging to or connected with aquarium planetarium ars- combining form ISV, fr. arsenic : arsenic arsine arsphenamine arsen- or arseno- combining form ISV, fr. arsenic : arsenic specif : containing the grouping As As analogous to the azo group arsenobenzene arsenoso- combining form ISV, fr. arsen- + -oso- as in ferroso: containing the univalent radical AsO composed of arsenic and oxygen arsenosophenol arsino- combining form ISV, fr. arsine + -o- : arsine : containing the univalent radical AsH arson- or arsono- combining form ISV, fr. arsonic : containing the radical AsO OH characteristic of the arsonic acids arsonate arsonoacetic acid arteri- or arterio- combining form MF, fr. LL, fr. Gk art ri-, art rio-, fr. art ria 1 : artery arteriectasia arteriology 2 : arterial and arteriovenous arthr- or arthro- combining form L arthr-, fr. Gk arthr-, arthro-, fr. arthron akin to Gk arariskein fit : joint arthralgia arthropathy arto- combining form L, fr. Gk, fr. artos perh. akin to Gk arariskein to fit : bread Artocarpus -ary n suffix ME -arie, fr. OF L OF -arie, -aire, fr. L -arius, -aria, -arium, fr. -arius, adj. suffix : one that belongs to or is connected with: a : thing belonging to or connected with esp : place of aviary bestiary herbary seminary termitary b : person belonging to, connected with, or engaged in functionary seditionary -ary adj suffix ME -arie, fr. MF L MF -aire, fr. L -arius : of or belonging to or connected with budgetary discretionary parliamentary unitary asc- or asci- or asco- combining form NL, fr. ascus : bladder : ascus ascula ascigerous ascospore ascidi- or ascidio- combining form NL, fr. Ascidia ascidium : ascidian ascidiozooid : ascidium ascidiferous -ase n suffix - F, fr. diastase : enzyme : destroying substance aureomycinase protease urease aspid- or aspido- combining form NL, fr. Gk, fr. aspid-, aspis perh. akin to Gk aspid s vast, broad, L spatium space : shield aspidate Aspidosperma -aspis n combining form NL, fr. Gk aspis shield more at - : one having such a shield in generic names in zoology and paleontology Cephalaspis Odontaspis -ast n suffix - ME aste, fr. L -astes, fr. Gk -ast s akin to -ist s -ist : one connected with ecdysiast hypochondriast aster- or astero- combining form Gk, fr. aster-, ast r : star asteroid Asterolepis -aster n suffix - ME, fr. L, suffix denoting partial resemblance : one that is inferior, worthless, or not genuine criticaster poetaster -aster n combining form - NL, fr. Gk ast r : star in structural and generic names in biology diaster Geaster asthen- or astheno- combining form Gk, fr. asthen s weak, fr. a- a- + -sthen s fr. sthenos strength perh. akin to Skt saghnoti he takes upon himself, is a match for : weak asthenopia : weakness asthenology astr- or astro- combining form ME astro-, fr. OF, fr. L astr-, astro-, fr. Gk, fr. astron star 1 : star astroid astrometer : the heavens astrography astronautics : astronomical astrophysics 2 : astrological astrodiagnosis : astrological and astromedical 3 : aster in cells astrosphere astragal- or astragalo- combining form Gk, fr. astragalos 1 : dice astragalomancy 2 NL astragalus, fr. Gk astragalos a : the bone astragalus astragalectomy b : astragalar and astragalocalcaneal



-ata n pl suffix NL, fr. L, neut. pl. of -atus -ate : ones characterized by having such a feature in names of zoological groups Coelenterata Vertebrata Chordata Branchiata -ate n suffix - ME -at, fr. OF, fr. L -atus nom. sing. masc. , -atum nom. sing. neut. , fr. -atus, past part. ending of 1st conj. verbs 1 : one acted upon in a specified way advocate legate centrifugate duplicate mandate vulcanizate 2 NL -atum, fr. L, neut. of -atus : chemical compound or complex anion derived from a specified compound or element alcoholate ferrate esp : salt or ester of an acid with a name ending in -ic and not beginning with hydroacetate carbonate -ate n suffix - ME -at, fr. OF, fr. L -atus, fr. -atus, past part. ending of 1st conj. verbs : office : function : rank : state : group of persons holding a specified office or rank, having a specified function, or being in a specified state episcopate pontificate professorate rabbinate -ate adj suffix ME -at, fr. L -atus, past part. ending of 1st conj. verbs, fr. -a- thematic vowel of 1st conj. + -tus, past part. ending more at 1 : acted upon in a specified way : brought into or being in a specified state consummate degenerate inanimate Italianate temperate 2 : characterized by having branchiate chordate foliate -ate vb suffix - ME -aten, fr. L -atus, past part. ending of 1st conj. verbs : to act in a specified way negotiate pontificate : act upon in a specified way assassinate venerate : cause to be modified or affected by camphorate hyphenate pollinate : cause to become activate domesticate fractionate : furnish with capacitate substantiate atel- or atelo- combining form NL, fr. Gk atel- imperfect, incomplete, fr. atel s, fr. a- a- + -tel s fr. telos end : defective atelectasis atelomyelia athero- combining form NL, fr. atheroma : atheroma atherogenesis -athon n combining form - marathon 1 : event or activity lasting a long time often for the purpose of raising funds walkathon 2 : an excess of something practical joke-athon -ation n suffix - ME -acioun, fr. OF -ation, fr. L -ation-, -atio, fr. -atus -ate + -ion-, -io -ion : action or process computation flirtation visitation : something connected with an action or process civilization discoloration -ative adj suffix ME, fr. MF -atif, fr. L -ativus, fr. -atus -ate + -ivus -ive : of, relating to, or connected with authoritative consultative normative quantitative : tending to fixative formative laxative talkative atlant- or atlanto- combining form NL atlant-, atlas 1 : atlas atlantad 2 : atlantal and atlantoaxial atlantoodontoid atlo- combining form atlas : atlantal and atloaxoid atloido- combining form F atlo do-, fr. atlo de : atlantal and atloidoaxoid atm- or atmo- combining form NL atmo- vapor, fr. Gk atm-, atmo-, fr. atmos akin to Gk a nai to blow : vapor atmiatry : air atmogenic atmid- or atmido- combining form ISV, fr. Gk, fr. atmid-, atmis, fr. atmos : steam : vapor atmidalbumin atmidometer -ator n suffix - ME -atour, fr. OF L OF -atour, -ator, fr. L -ator, fr. -atus -ate + -or : one that does calorizator totalizator -atory adj suffix ME, fr. L -atorius, fr. -atus -ate + -orius -ory : of, belonging to, or connected with perspiratory : serving or tending to amendatory atri- or atrio- combining form NL atrium, fr. L 1 : atrium atrial atriopore 2 : atrial and atriocoelomic atrioventricular atro- combining form L atr-, ater black + E -o- : black and atrocastaneous atto- combining form ISV, fr. Dan or Norw atten eighteen fr. ON ttj n + -o- : one quintillionth 10−18 part of attogram

audioaudio- combining form L audire to hear + E -o- 1 : hearing audiology audiometer 2 : sound : frequencies in the range of audible sound audiogenic 3 : auditory and audiovisual audit- or audito- combining form ME audit-, fr. MF L MF audit-, fr. L, fr. auditus, past part. of audire to hear 1 : hearing : sound auditize 2 : auditory and auditopsychic auditosensory aul- or aulo- combining form NL, fr. Gk, fr. aulos : flute : pipe aulophyte Aulacanthus Aulostomus aur- or auri- combining form L, fr. auris 1 : ear aural auriscope 2 : aural and aurinasal auri- combining form ME, fr. L, fr. aurum 1 : gold auriferous 2 : of, relating to, or containing trivalent gold : auric auri-iodide auricyanide auriculo- combining form prob. fr. NL, fr. auricula auricle of the heart, fr. L, external ear 1 : of or belonging to an auricle of the heart and auriculoventricular 2 : aural and auriculoparietal auriculotemporal auro- combining form ISV, fr. L aurum 1 a : gold aurophobia b : gold and auro-plumbiferous 2 : of, relating to, or containing univalent gold : aurous aurobromide aurothiosulfate austr- or austro- combining form, usu cap ME austr-, fr. L, south, fr. austr-, auster south wind, south akin to L aurora dawn 1 : south : southern austroasiatic Austroriparian 2 : Australian and Austro-Malayan austr- or austro- combining form, usu cap prob. fr. NL, fr. Austria 1 : Austrian and Austro-Hungarian 2 : Austria austrium Austrophobia aut- or auto- combining form Gk, fr. autos perh. akin to L aut or 1 a : self : same one autecology autism autobiography autogenetic autokinetic autolysis b usu auto: having similar genomes autohexaploid autopolyploid opposed to all- 2 : automatic : self-acting : self-regulating autoalarm autofeed autowind 3 auto- a : of, by, affecting, or for the same individual autohemagglutination autovaccine b : self-caused : self-induced : occurring within one s own body sometimes pathologically autointoxication c : acting as an antibody on or produced as an antibody for a person s or animal s own antigens autoagglutinin autohemolysin auto- combining form automobile : self-propelling : automotive autocab autocar automat- or automato- combining form Gk, self-acting, fr. automatos : self-acting : self-regulating : automatic automatin automatograph auxano- combining form ISV, fr. Gk auxanein to increase akin to Gk auxein to increase : growth auxanogram auxanology -auxe n combining form, pl -auxae NL, fr. Gk aux growth akin to Gk auxein to increase : enlargement : hypertrophy enterauxe auxo- combining form ISV, fr. Gk, fr. auxein to increase 1 : growth auxobody auxosubstance : increase auxograph 2 : accelerating : stimulating auxochrome ax- or axo- combining form ISV, fr. Gk ax n axle, axis 1 : axis axophyte 2 : axis cylinder axite axodendrite axi- combining form L, axle, axis, fr. axis 1 : axis axiform 2 : axis cylinder axilemma axono- combining form ISV, fr. Gk axon-, ax n axle, axis : axis axonometry Axonophora az- or azo- combining form ISV, fr. azote 1 : containing nitrogen azolitmin 2 azo- : containing the bivalent group N N composed of doubly bonded nitrogen atoms united usu. on both sides to carbon azomethane CH N NCH aza- or az- combining form ISV, fr. az- + -a- : containing nitrogen in place of carbon, usu. the group NH for the group CH or a single nitrogen atom N for the group CH azacyanine azaphenanthrene compare -, azido- combining form ISV, fr. azide + -o- : containing the uni-



valent group N derived from hydrazoic acid azidoacetic acid azoxy- combining form ISV, fr. az- + oxy- : containing the bivalent group N O N composed of two nitrogen atoms and one oxygen atom united usu. on both sides to carbon azoxynaphthalene C H N O NC H azygo- combining form ISV, fr. Gk azygos : azygous azygospore bacill- or bacilli- or bacillo- combining form NL bacillus : bacillus bacillosis bacilliculture bacillogenic -bacter n combining form NL, fr. bacterium : bacterial organism in generic names Aerobacter Nitrobacter bacteri- or bacterio- combining form bacterium : bacteria : bacterial bacteriform bacterioblast bacteriolysis balne- or balneo- combining form L balne-, fr. balneum bath : bath : bathing balneal balneotherapy bar- or baro- combining form Gk baros : weight : pressure baragnosis barograph bary- combining form Gk bary-, fr. barys : heavy barylite barysphere baryt- or baryto- combining form ISV, fr. baryta : baryta : barytic barytocalcite basi- also baso- combining form ISV, fr. L basis 1 a : base : lower part basipetal b : at or near the base basifixed basiglandular c : of or belonging to the base of basicranial 2 a : chemical base basify b : subsilicic and basiophitic basidi- or basidio- combining form NL, fr. basidium : basidium : basidial basidiospore Basidiomycetes -bates n combining form NL, fr. Gk -bat s one that goes, fr. bainein to go, walk : walker in generic names of animals Hydrobates Pelobates bath- or batho- combining form ISV, fr. Gk bathos, fr. bathys deep more at - 1 : depth bathic batholith bathometer bathophobia 2 : downward : lower bathochrome bathy- combining form ISV, fr. Gk, fr. bathys deep akin to W boddi to drown, Skt g hate he dives into 1 : deep bathyseism : depth bathythermograph 2 : deep-sea bathypelagic bathyplankton bathysphere 3 : inner parts of the body bathyesthesia batrach- or batracho- combining form ISV, fr. Gk, frog, fr. batrachos perh. akin to OHG kreta, krota toad 1 : frog : toad batrachophobia 2 : ranula batrachoplasty -batrachus n combining form NL, fr. Gk batrachos : batrachian in generic names of animals Megalobatrachus bdell- or bdello- combining form F NL, fr. Gk, fr. bdella : leech Bdelloura Bdelloida bdellotomy -bdella n combining form - NL, fr. Gk bdella : leech esp. in generic names in helminthology Malacobdella be- prefix ME, fr. OE be-, bi- akin to OE b by, near, OHG bibe-, b by, near, Goth bi- be-, bi by, about, at 1 : on : around : over bedaub besmear 2 : to a great or greater degree : thoroughly esp. in intensive verbs formed from simple verbs becudgel befuddle besmite bespatter berate 3 : excessively : ostentatiously in intensive verbs formed from simple verbs bedeck belaud and in adjectives based on adjectives ending in -ed beribboned befurbelowed 4 : about : to : at : upon : against : across in transitive verbs formed from intransitive simple verbs bestride bespeak becroak 5 : make : cause to be : treat as in verbs formed from adjectives or nouns belittle benumb befool befriend 6 : call or dub esp. excessively in verbs formed from nouns belady berascal bedoctor 7 : affect, afflict, treat, provide, or cover with esp. excessively in verbs formed from nouns befamine bedevil beglue beblood and sometimes only in the form of a past participle or adjective ending in -ed becapped becobwebbed belgo- combining form, cap Belgium + -o- 1 : Belgium : Belgian Belgophile 2 : Belgium and Belgo-Luxembourg : Belgian and Belgo-Dutch benz- or benzo- combining form ISV, fr. benzoin prob. orig.

biformed in F 1 : related to benzene or benzoic acid benzazide benzopinacol 2 : containing a benzene ring fused on one side to one side of another ring benzacridine benzopyrone bi- prefix ME, fr. L akin to OE twimore at - 1 a : two bimuscular bicycle biracial b : lasting two : coming or occurring every two biennial bimonthly biweekly c : into two parts bisect 2 a : twice : doubly : on both sides biconic biconvex biserrate b : coming or occurring two times bidiurnal biquarterly biweekly often disapproved in this sense because of the likelihood of confusion with sense 1b compare - 3 anat : between, involving, or affecting two specified symmetrical parts bigonial bi-iliac 4 chem a : containing one specified constituent in double the proportion of the other constituent or in double the ordinary proportion esp. in names of acid salts formed with twice as much acid as is required for a normal salt biurate b : - 2 esp. in names of organic compounds to denote the doubling of a radical or molecule bitolyl biphenol bi- or bio- combining form Gk, fr. bios mode of life 1 : life bioblast : living organisms or tissue biopsy biodynamics 2 : biology : biological biopsychology 3 : biographical biopic : biographical and biocritical -bia n combining form NL, fr. fem. sing. and neut. pl. of -bius having a specified mode of life more at : one or ones having a specified mode of life in generic names as a singular Bryobia and in descriptive biological group names as a plural aerobia coenobia biblic- or biblico- combining form, often cap obs. biblic biblical prob. fr. ML biblicus, fr. biblia Bible + L -icus ic + E -o: Bible biblicist : biblical and biblicoliterary biblio- combining form MF, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. biblion : book bibliography bibliomania bicyclo- combining form ISV, fr. bicyclic chem : bicyclic bicycloalkane bili- combining form MF, fr. L, fr. bilis 1 : bile bilifaction 2 : derived from bile bilirubin bin- combining form ME, fr. LL, fr. L bini two by two akin to OE tw n twine 1 : two : two by two : two at a time binary binate binaural 2 chem : - 4 binoxalate binoxide in some words of which the last constituent begins with a vowel compare -biont n combining form - prob. fr. G, modif. of Gk biount-, bi n living, pres. part. of bioun to live, fr. bios mode of life : one having a specified mode of life aerobiont -biosis n combining form, pl -bioses NL, fr. Gk bi sis, fr. bioun to live fr. bios mode of life + - sis -osis : mode of life aerobiosis necrobiosis -biotic adj combining form prob. fr. NL -bioticus, fr. Gk bi tikos 1 : relating to life : life antibiotic 2 : having a specified mode of life aerobiotic necrobiotic bis- combining form L, fr. bis 1 a : both : of or belonging to both chiefly in anatomical or medical words of which the second constituent begins with a vowel bisischiatic b : two bismarine 2 : twice : doubled esp. in complex chemical expressions bisdimethylamino- bisquarternary bismut- or bismuto- combining form G bismut-, bismuto-, fr. bismut now wismut : bismuth bismutite bismutoplagionite -bium n combining form, pl -bia NL, fr. neut. of -bius : organism or group having a specified mode of life in taxonomic names Anobium and group names coenobium in biology -bius n combining form NL, fr. -bius having a specified mode of life, fr. Gk -bios, fr. bios mode of life : one that has a specified mode of life chiefly in generic names in zoology Enterobius blast- or blasto- combining form G blast-, blasto-, fr. Gk, fr. blastos 1 : bud : budding : germ : embryo in its early stages blastoderm 2 : metamorphic and blastogranitic -blast n combining form - NL -blastus, fr. Gk blastos akin to



OE molda top of the head, Gk bl thros tall, melathron roof, Skt m rdhan head, Toch A malto first 1 biol a : germ : shoot : sprout b : embryonic or formative cell in names of formative cells corresponding to names of fully developed cells ending in -cyte erythroblast c : germ layer : formative layer of cells splanchnoblast d : formative constituent unit of living matter idioblast 2 geol : crystal formed during metamorphism porphyroblast -blastic adj combining form ISV, fr. -blast + -ic : sprouting or germinating in a specified way heteroblastic : having such or so many sprouts, buds, or germ layers calyptoblastic monoblastic -blasty n combining form ISV, fr. -blastic + -y : manner or condition of germinating heteroblasty blephar- or blepharo- combining form NL, fr. Gk, fr. blepharon 1 : eyelid blepharitis blepharospasm : of the eyelid and blepharoconjunctivitis 2 : cilium : flagellum blepharoplast bor- or boro- combining form ISV, fr. boron : boron borism boryl boroarsenate bothr- or bothro- combining form NL, fr. Gk, fr. bothros : trough : pit bothrenchyma chiefly in generic names Bothrodendron Bothrops bothri- or bothrio- combining form NL, fr. bothrium : bothrium bothrithorax Bothriolepis botry- or botryo- combining form Gk, fr. botrys 1 : bunch of grapes botryose 2 : botryoid botryolite bovi- combining form LL bovi-, fr. L bov-, bos : cattle boviculture brachi- or brachio- combining form L brachiNL brachio-, fr. L brachium 1 : arm brachiferous brachiotomy 2 : brachial and brachiofacial brachy- combining form Gk, fr. brachys 1 : short brachycephalic 2 : brachydiagonal in terms in crystallography brachydome brady- combining form MF NL, fr. Gk bradys 1 : slow bradycardia : dull bradyacusia 2 : - bradydactylia -branch n combining form - NL -branchia ones having such or so many gills -branchus one having such or so many gills fr. Gk branchos gill, irreg. fr. Gk branchia gills 1 : one having such or so many gills cryptobranch dibranch 2 : gill arthrobranch : organ like a gill actinobranch branchi- or branchio- combining form NL branchio-, fr. Gk, fr. branchia 1 : gills branchiferous branchiogenous 2 : branchial and branchiocardiac -branchia n pl combining form NL, fr. L branchia : ones having such or so many gills in taxonomic names in zoology Cryptobranchia Tetrabranchia -branchia n combining form, pl -branchiae NL, fr. L branchia : gill podobranchia : organ like a gill pulmobranchia brevi- combining form L, fr. brevis : short brevi-conic brevilingual brito- n combining form, cap prob. fr. L Brito 1 : of or belonging to the Britons and Brito-Roman 2 : British and Brito-Japanese 3 : Britain Britocentric brom- or bromo- combining form ISV, prob. fr. F brome bromine, fr. Gk br mos bad smell 1 : bromine bromhydrate bromoprene 2 now usu bromo- : containing bromine in place of hydrogen in names of organic compounds bromoacetic acid 3 now usu bromo- : containing bromine regarded as replacing hydroxyl or oxygen or as coordinated to a central atom in names of inorganic acids and salts bromoauric acid 4 : containing bromine as bromide and sometimes replacing another element or group in names of minerals and salts occurring as minerals bronch- or broncho- combining form prob. fr. F bronch-, broncho- trachea, throat, fr. LL broncho-, fr. Gk bronch-, broncho-, fr. bronchos 1 : throat bronchocele 2 : bronchial bronchitis bronchophony 3 : bronchial and bronchopulmonary bronchi- or bronchio- combining form prob. fr. NL bronchi-, fr.

brontLL bronchium : bronchia bronchiectasis bronchiocrisis bront- or bronto- combining form Gk, fr. bront akin to Gk bremein to roar, bromos loud noise : thunder brontide brontometer often in generic names esp. of large animals Brontops Brontotherium bry- or bryo- combining form NL, moss, fr. Gk bryo- moss, catkin, fr. bryon perh. akin to OHG kr t herb, cabbage : moss Bryaceae bryology bucco- combining form prob. fr. NL, fr. L bucca cheek : buccal and buccogingival buccolingual bulb- or bulbo- combining form MF L MF bulb-, fr. L, fr. bulbus 1 : bulb bulbar Bulbocodium 2 : bulbar and bulbospinal -bulia also -boulia n combining form - NL -bulia, fr. Gk -boulia, fr. boul will prob. akin to Gk ballein to throw : condition of having such will hyperbulia -bulic also -boulic adj combining form ISV, fr. NL -bulia + ISV -ic : of, relating to, or characterized by a specified state of the will -burger n combining form - hamburger 1 a : patty of a specified kind of food usu. meat or a meat substitute porkburger nutburger b : sandwich made of such a patty porkburger 2 : sandwich with a filling consisting of a hamburger patty topped with a specified food cheeseburger but- or buto- combining form ISV, fr. butyric : containing a group of four carbon atoms butane butene butopyronoxyl butoxy- combining form ISV, fr. butoxyl : containing butoxyl butyr- or butyro- combining form ISV, fr. butyric : butyric : related to butyric acid or butyraldehyde butyraldol butyronitrile cac- or caco- combining form NL, fr. Gk kak-, kako-, fr. kakos bad 1 : bad caconym : incorrect cacoepy : unpleasant cacophonous 2 : diseased cacochylia -cace n combining form - Gk kak badness, fr. kakos bad : diseased or vitiated condition of a specified bodily part arthrocace carpocace -cade n combining form - cavalcade : procession motorcade : spectacle aquacade -caine n combining form - G -kain, fr. kokain, cocaine : synthetic alkaloid anesthetic dibucaine procaine calam- or calami- or calamo- combining form NL, fr. Gk kalam-, kalamo-, fr. kalamos reed : reed : reedlike Calamagrostis calamiferous Calamodendron calc- or calci- or calco- combining form L calc-, calx lime : calcium : calcium salts calcite calcimeter calcospherite calcaneo- combining form calcaneum : calcaneal and calcaneoastragalar calcaneocuboid calcareo- combining form calcareous : calcareous calcareocorneous calcareosulfurous calcio- combining form calcium : calcium used chiefly in names of minerals calciobiotite calli- or callo- or cali- or calo- combining form calli- fr. L, fr. Gk kalli-, fr. kallos beauty akin to Gk kalos beautiful, Skt kalya healthy calo- fr. ML, fr. Gk kalo-, fr. kalos callocali- fr. blending of other forms : beautiful calligraph Callorynchus Calimeris : white calomel : beauty Calliphora calori- combining form L, fr. calor : heat calorimeter calyc- or calyco- combining form NL, fr. Gk kalyk-, kalyko-, fr. kalyk-, kalyx : calyx calycoid Calycophora calyci- combining form L calyc-, calyx : calyx calyciferous calycifloral calyptri- or calyptro- combining form NL calyptra : calyptra : hood : cap calyptriform calyptrogen -campa n combining form NL, fr Gk kamp prob. akin to Gk kamp bend, turning : caterpillar in generic names of insects Lasiocampa Taeniocampa camph- or campho- combining form NL camphora : camphor camphene camphocarboxylic campto- combining form NL, fr. Gk kamptos flexible akin to Gk kamp bend : bent : curved camptodrome Camptosorus



-capnia n combining form, pl -capnias or -capniae NL, fr. Gk kapnos smoke + NL -ia akin to L cupere to desire : carbon dioxide in the blood hypercapnia hypocapnia capri- combining form L, fr. capr-, caper : goat Capricorn capsul- or capsuli- or capsulo- combining form NL, fr. capsula : capsule capsulitis capsuliform capsulolenticular carb- or carbo- combining form F, fr. carbone : carbon : carbonic : carbonyl : carboxyl carbodiimide carbohydrazide carbohydrate carbol- combining form ISV carb- + L oleum oil orig. formed as G karbol- : carbolic acid carboluria carbolxylol carbolate carboni- combining form L carbon-, carbo ember, charcoal : coal carboniferous carbonigenous carboxy- or carbox- combining form ISV, fr. carboxyl : carboxyl carboxamide carboxyphenyl carcin- or carcino- combining form Gk karkin-, karkino-, fr. karkinos 1 : crab carcinology 2 : tumor carcinogenic : cancer carcinemia carcinosarcoma cardi- or cardia- or cardio- combining form Gk kardi-, kardio-, fr. kardia 1 : heart : cardiac cardiagra cardioaortic cardioptosis cardiopuncture 2 : heart action cardiagram -cardia n combining form - NL, fr. Gk kardia 1 : heart action or location of a specified type dextrocardia tachycardia 2 a : animal or animals having a specified type of heart Diplocardia Leptocardia b : heart-shaped animal esp. in generic names of mollusks -cardium n combining form, pl -cardia NL, fr. Gk -kardion, fr. kardia : heart endocardium mesocardium caric- or carico- combining form NL Caric-, Carex : carex : sedges caricetum caricology cario- combining form caries : caries cariogenic cariostatic -caris n combining form NL, fr. L caris, a kind of sea crab, fr. Gk karis perh. akin to Gk kara head : shrimp : prawn in generic names of crustacea Echinocaris carp- or carpo- combining form F NL, fr. Gk karp-, karpo-, fr. karpos fruit : fruit Carpoidea carpology carp- or carpo- combining form NL, fr. Gk karp-, karpo-, fr. karpos wrist : carpus carpitis : carpus and carpometacarpus : carpal and carpopedal -carp also -carpium n combining form, pl -carps also -carpia NL -carpium, fr. Gk -karpion, fr. karpos fruit 1 : part of a fruit pericarp : fruit schizocarp amphicarpium 2 NL -carpus, fr. Gk -karpos -carpous, fr. karpos : plant having fruit in a specified place acrocarp pleurocarp -carpic adj combining form prob. fr. NL -carpicus, fr. Gk karpos fruit + L -icus -ic : eucarpic -carpous adj combining form NL -carpus, fr. Gk -karpos, fr. karpos fruit : fruited : having such fruit or so many fruits syncarpous monocarpous -carpy n combining form -carpus n combining form NL, fr. Gk -karpos -carpous : plant having such fruit in generic names Corynocarpus Thysanocarpus case- or caseo- combining form casein : casein casease caseolysis cata- or cat- or cath- prefix Gk kata-, kat-, kath-, fr. kata down akin to OW cant with, along, Hitt katta under, with, L comwith, together more at - 1 : down cation catabiotic 2 : against catabaptist cato- prefix Gk kat -, fr. kat downwards, fr. kata down more at - : down : lower catogene Catostomus caud- or caudi- or caudo- combining form L cauda : tail caudad caudiform : caudal and caudodorsal caul- or cauli- or caulo- combining form cauli- fr. L caulis caul-, caulo- fr. NL, fr. Gk. kaul-, kaulo-, fr. kaulos : stem : stalk caulome cauliflory cec- or ceci- or ceco- or caec- or caeci- or caeco- combining form NL, fr. cecum : cecum cecectomy ceciform cecitis cecocolic -cele n combining form - MF, fr. L, fr. Gk k l tumor akin to

cellOE h ala hydrocele, hernia, OHG h la hernia, ON haull, OSlav kyla : tumor : hernia cystocele gastrocele cell- or cello- combining form cellulose : cellulose Cellfalcicula cellobiose -celled adj combining form : having such or so many cells nerve-celled single-celled organisms cellul- or celluli- or cellulo- combining form NL, fr. cellula 1 : plant or animal cell cellulicidal cellulotoxic 2 : cellular and cellulofibrous cellul- or cellulo- also cellu- combining form cellulose : cellulose celluloid, cellulolytic cen- or ceno- or caen- or caeno- combining form Gk kain-, kaino-, fr. kainos new 1 : recent cenozoic 2 : novel cenogenesis -cene adj combining form Gk kainos new : recent in names of geologic periods eocene centi- combining form F L F, hundredth, fr. L, hundred, fr. centum hundred 1 : hundred centipede 2 : hundredth part centimeter centinormal chiefly in terms belonging to the metric system centr- or centro- combining form Gk kentr-, kentro-, fr. kentron center, sharp point 1 : center centroid : central and centrodorsal 2 : spiny centrarchid centrosema centri- combining form NL, fr. L : center centrifugal centriole -centric adj combining form ME -sentrik in consentrik concentric , fr. ML -centricus in concentricus concentric, eccentricus eccentric : having such a center or such or so many centers heterocentric homocentric polycentric : having something specified as its center anthropocentric heliocentric cephal- or cephalo- combining form L, fr. Gk kephal-, kephalo-, fr. kephal head 1 : head cephalitis cephalometer 2 : cephalic and cephalofacial -cephalic adj combining form NL -cephalus, F -céphale, E -cephalous + E -ic : -headed : having such a head or so many heads brachycephalic discocephalic bicephalic -cephalism n combining form -cephaly n combining form -cephalous adj combining form Gk -kephalos, fr. kephal :-cephalus n combining form NL, fr. Gk -kephalos 1 pl -cephali : cephalic abnormality of a specified type microcephalus hydrocephalus 2 pl -cephali or -cephala : organism having a specified type of head Ichthyocephali Phanerocephala cer- or cero- combining form Gk k r-, k ro-, fr. k ros : wax cerophilous cerotype -cera n combining form, pl -cera NL, fr. Gk keras horn : horned one : horned ones in taxonomic names in zoology Acrocera Cladocera Nematocera -ceras n combining form NL, fr. Gk keras : horned one in generic names of plants and animals Cyrtoceras Dinoceras cerat- or cerato- also kerat- or kerato- combining form NL, fr. Gk kerat-, kerato-, fr. keras horn 1 : horn : horny Ceratodos 2 usu kerat- or kerato- : cornea keratitis ceraun- or cerauno- combining form Gk keraun-, kerauno-, fr. keraunos thunderbolt akin to Gk k r death : thunder ceraunograph ceraunophone cerc- or cerco- combining form NL, fr. Gk kerk-, kerko-, fr. kerkos tail : tail : tailed cercaria cercopod -cercal adj combining form F -cerque fr. Gk kerkos tail + E -al : tailed homocercal isocercal -cercy n combining form ISV -cercal + -y prob. orig. formed as F -cerquie : tail formation of a specified type diphycercy cerebell- or cerebelli- or cerebello- combining form cerebellum 1 : cerebellum cerebellitis 2 : cerebellar : cerebellar and cerebellocortex cerebellospinal cerebr- or cerebri- or cerebro- combining form cerebrum 1 : brain : cerebrum cerebroid cerebriform cerebroscope 2 : cerebral and cerebrospinal



-cerus n combining form NL, fr. Gk -ker s, fr. keras horn : horned one in generic names of insects Tetracerus cervi- combining form F NL, fr. L cervus : deer Cervicapra cervic- or cervici- or cervico- combining form L cervic-, cervix neck : neck cervicodynia : cervix of an organ cervicectomy : cervical and cervicofacial cet- or ceto- combining form F cét-, céto-, NL cet-, ceto-, fr. L cetus : whale cetyl cetotolite Cetorhinus chaet- or chaeto- combining form NL, fr. Gk chait : bristle : hair Chaetodon chaetophorous -chaeta n combining form NL, fr. Gk -chait s -haired, fr. chait 1 also -chaetes or -chaetus : haired one : hairlike one in generic names Spirochaeta Connochaetes 2 pl -chaetae : bristle of a specified type microchaeta chalc- or chalco- also chalk- or chalko- combining form F L, fr. Gk chalk-, chalko-, fr. chalkos copper, prob. akin to Lith gele is iron, Russ zhelezo : copper : brass : bronze chalcomenite chalcomancy chamae- or chame- combining form NL, fr. Gk chamai on the ground : low : ground Chamaerops Chamaesaura used chiefly in generic names of plants and animals -cheilia also -chilia n combining form - NL, fr. Gk -cheil s having such lips fr. cheilos lip + NL -ia more at : lip formation of a specified type macrocheilia chel- or cheli- combining form NL, fr. chela : claw chelicera chem- or chemo- or chemico- also chemi- or chemio- combining form chemchemo- fr. NL, fr. LGk ch meia alchemy chemico- fr. chemical chemi- chemio- prob. fr. Dan kemi-, fr. kemi chemistry, fr. LGk ch meia 1 : chemical : chemistry chemosmosis chemotaxis 2 : chemically chemisorb chemiotropic : chemical and chemicophysical chen- or cheno- combining form Gk ch n-, ch no-, fr. ch n : goose Chenopodium chiasto- combining form G, fr. Gk chiastos : marked with or characterized by a cross : crossed at right angles chiasto-basidium chil- or chilo- also cheil- or cheilo- combining form NL, fr. Gk cheil-, cheilo-, fr. cheilos : lip Chilopsis Chilomastix chin- or chino- combining form alter. influenced by G chin-, chino-, fr. chinin quinine of quin-, quino- : quinine chinotoxine chinol chino- combining form, usu cap China : Chinese and Chino-Japanese compare chion- or chiono- also chio- combining form chion-, chiono- fr. NL, fr. Gk, fr. chi n snow chio- fr. G NL, fr. Gk chi n akin to Gk cheim n winter : snow chionanthus chiolite chionodoxa chir- or chiro- also cheir- or cheiro- combining form L chir-, chiro-, fr. Gk cheir-, cheiro-, fr. cheir akin to Alb dore hand, Hitt kesar, Toch A tsar : hand chiragra chiromancy cheirology -chiria or -cheiria n combining form - NL, fr. Gk -cheiria, fr. cheir hand more at - : -handedness allochiria macrochiria -chirurgia n combining form - NL, fr. L chirurgia : surgery : cutting enterochirurgia pneumochirurgia chlamyd- or chlamydo- combining form NL, fr. Gk chlamyd-, chlamys : mantle chlamydospore Chlamydozoa chlor- or chloro- combining form NL, fr. Gk, fr. chl ros greenish yellow 1 : green chlorophyll chlorophane 2 : yellowish green : pale green : anemic chlorosis 3 a : chlorine chlorhydrate chloroform b now usu chloro- : containing chlorine in place of hydrogen in names of organic compounds chloroaniline c now usu chloro- : containing chlorine regarded as replacing hydroxyl or oxygen or as coordinated to a central atom in names of inorganic acids and salts chloroauric acid chlorochromate d : containing chlorine as chloride sometimes replacing another element or group in names of minerals and salts occurring as minerals chlorosulfate choan- or choano- combining form NL, fr. Gk choan funnel,

fr. chein to pour : funnel : funnel-shaped opening or part choanate choanocyte -choerus n combining form NL, fr. Gk choiros pig akin to L horr re to bristle : pig : piglike animal in generic names in zoology Hydrochoerus chol- or chole- or cholo- combining form Gk chol-, chol -, cholo-, fr. chol , cholos : bile : gall cholane cholelith chologenetic chondr- or chondri- or chondro- combining form NL, fr. Gk chondr-, chondro-, fr. chondros grain, cartilage 1 : cartilage : cartilaginous and chondrectomy chondrify chondro-osseous chondrocele 2 : grain chondrite chondri- or chondrio- combining form G, fr. Gk chondrion small grain, dim. of chondros : grain : granular chondriosome chondriosomal chondriocont chondriome chor- or choro- combining form L, fr. Gk ch r-, ch ro-, fr. ch ros place, clear space akin to Gk ch ros left, bereaved : place : land chorepiscopus chorology chord- or chordo- combining form NL, fr. Gk, fr. chord gut, string : an anatomical cord: as a : vocal cord chorditis b : spinal cord chordotomy c : notochord Chordata -chord n combining form - partly fr. ME -corde in monacorde monochord , fr. MF, fr. LL -chordon, fr. Gk. fr. -chordos stringed, fr. chord string partly fr. ML -chordium in clavichordium clavichord , fr. L chorda string, fr. Gk chord 1 : musical instrument having such or so many strings lyrichord 2 : musical scale or interval of a specified extent hexachord -chord adj combining form LL -chordus, fr. Gk -chordos : having so many strings septichord -chore n combining form - Gk ch rein to withdraw, advance, go, spread akin to Gk ch ros left, bereaved : plant distributed by a specified means or agency zoochore -chorous adj combining form -chory n combining form choreo- also chore- or chorio- combining form choreo-, chore-, fr. F choréo-, choré-, fr. Gk choreia dance, fr. choros dance, place for dancing chorio-, alter. of choreo- : dance choreomania choreography chori- or chorio- combining form NL, fr. Gk chorio-, fr. chorion 1 : chorion : chorionic choriocarcinoma chorioma 2 : choroid : choroid and choriocele chorioretinal chori- combining form NL, fr. Gk ch ri, ch ris apart akin to Gk ch ros left, bereaved : separated : distinct choripetalous chorist- or choristo- combining form NL, fr. Gk ch ristos separable : separated : misplaced choristoblastoma choristoma christo- combining form, cap LGk, fr. Gk Christos : Christ Christocentric Christolatry Christocracy -chroia n combining form - NL, fr. Gk, fr. -chroos -chroous + -ia : coloration dyschroia : discoloration cyanochroia -chroic adj combining form Gk i-chroos -chroous + ISV -ic :erythrochroic chrom- or chromo- combining form F, fr. Gk chr ma color 1 : chromium chromammine chromoarsenate 2 a : color : colored chromidrosis chromometer b : pigment : pigmented chromocyte chromogen -chromasia n combining form - NL, fr. Gk chr mat-, chr ma color + NL -ia 1 : color achromasia 2 : stainability : colorability polychromasia chromat- or chromato- combining form Gk chr mat-, chr ma color 1 : color chromatology : colored chromatopsia 2 : chromatin chromatolysis -chrome n or adj combining form ML -chromat-, chroma colored thing, fr. Gk chr mat-, chr ma color 1 : colored thing : colored monochrome 2 : coloring matter endochrome -chromia n combining form - NL, fr. LGk -chr mia, fr. Gk -chr mos colored fr. chr ma color + -ia : state of pigmentation anisochromia -chromy n combining form Gk chr ma color + ISV -y prob. orig. formed as G -chromie : painting : coloring lithochromy stereochromy -chromy n combining form NL -chromia : -



chron- or chrono- combining form Gk, fr. chronos : time chronaxie chronogram -chronous adj combining form Gk -chronos, fr. chronos time : of such a time or period homeochronous isochronous -chroous adj combining form Gk -chroos, fr. chr s skin, color : -colored isochroous chrys- or chryso- combining form Gk, fr. chrysos gold : gold : golden : yellow chrysamine chrysophyll chyl- or chyli- or chylo- combining form F or NL, fr. Gk chyl-, chylo-, fr. chylos 1 : chyle chyluria chyliform chylocyst 2 : juice chylocauly -chylia n combining form - NL, fr. Gk, fr. chyl- + -ia : condition of having such chyle achylia -cidal adj combining form LL -cidalis, fr. L -cida + -alis -al 1 : killing : having power to kill filaricidal 2 : cutting loculicidal -cide n combining form - MF, fr. L -cida, fr. caedere to kill 1 : killer fratricide insecticide 2 MF, fr. L -cidium, fr. caedere : killing homicide suicide cili- or cilii- or cilio- combining form NL, fr. cilia 1 : ciliary body ciliotomy : ciliary body and cilioretinal 2 : cilia ciliferous ciliiform ciliograde cine- combining form cinema : motion picture cinecamera cinefilm cine-X ray cinnam- or cinnamo- combining form F, fr. L cinnamum 1 : cinnamon cinnamodendron 2 : cinnamic acid cinnamoyl cion- or ciono- combining form NL, fr. Gk kion-, kiono-, fr. kion-, ki n pillar, uvula 1 : uvula cionitis cionotomy 2 : pillar cionocranial circum- prefix OF or L OF, fr. L, fr. circum round about, fr. circus circle 1 adverbially : around : about : on all sides circumrotate circumgyration 2 prepositionally : around : surrounding circumbasal circumcorneal circumlunar : revolving around circumsolar 3 : circumscribed circumpolygon cirr- or cirri- or cirro- also cirrhi- or cirrho- combining form L cirrus curl 1 : cirrus of a plant or animal cirriferous cirrigrade 2 : cirrus cloud cirrostratus cirs- or cirso- combining form MF, fr. Gk kirs-, kirso-, fr. kirsos : swollen vein : varix cirsoid cirsotomy cis- prefix L, fr. cis 1 : on this side : on the nearer side often joined to second element with a hyphen cisalpine cis-Alleghany compare -, - 2 : nearer in time : since cisatomic citr- or citri- or citro- combining form NL, fr. Citrus 1 : citrus citropsis citriculture 2 a : citric acid citramide b : citrate citrochloride citra- prefix ML, fr. L citra : cis- citramontane opposed to ultraclad- or clado- combining form NL, fr. Gk klad-, klado-, fr. klados : slip : sprout cladanthous cladophyll -cladous adj combining form NL -cladus, fr. Gk -klados, fr. klados sprout, twig : branched acanthocladous -clase n combining form - F, fr. Gk klasis breaking, fr. klan to break : a mineral having a specified kind of cleavage clinoclase plagioclase -clasia n combining form - NL, fr. Gk klasis breaking fr. klan to break + NL -ia : breaking arthroclasia : breaking up hemoclasia -clasis n combining form, pl -clases NL, fr. Gk klasis : diaclasis -clasite n combining form - ISV -clase + -ite orig. formed as G -klasit : classico- combining form F, fr. classique 1 : classical : classical and classico-Lombardic 2 : the classics classicolatry -clast n combining form - ML -clastes, fr. MGk -klast s, fr. Gk klan to break 1 : one that breaks or destroys iconoclast biblioclast 2 G -klast, fr. ML -clastes : something that breaks or destroys esp : a tool for breaking cranioclast -clast n combining form - back-formation fr. -clastic : rock composed of fragmental material of a specified type pyroclast cataclast

-clastic adj combining form -clast + -ic 1 a : breaking, destroying iconoclastic mythoclastic b : disintegrating proteoclastic 2 Gk klastos broken fr. klan to break + E -ic : curved anticlastic -clastic n combining form - : breaker : destroyer dendroclastic panclastic -clastic adj combining form ISV -clast fr. Gk klastos broken + -ic orig. formed as G -klastisch : composed of fragmental material of a specified type used in names of rocks cryptoclastic pyroclastic clavi- or clavo- combining form ML clavi-, fr. L, fr. clavis key 1 : key : keyboard clavichord clavilux 2 NL clavi-, clavo-, fr. L clavi- : clavicle : clavicular : clavicular and clavipectoral clavodeltoid clavi- combining form NL, fr. L, fr. clava perh. akin to L clavis : club Clavicornia claviform claviculo- combining form NL clavicula clavicle : clavicular and claviculohumeral -cle n suffix - ME, fr. OF, fr. L -culus, -cula, -culum : little one denticle corpuscle funicle -cular adj suffix cleid- or cleido- combining form NL, fr. Gk kleid-, kleido-, fr. kleid-, kleis key akin to L clavis key 1 a : clavicle : clavicular cleidagra b : clavicular and cleidoscapular 2 : key cleidomancy -cleisis or -clisis n combining form, pl -cleises or -clises NL, fr. GK kl isis, kleisis, fr. kleiein to close : closure : occlusion arthrocleisis enteroclisis cleist- or cleisto- also clist- or clisto- combining form G kleist-, kleisto-, fr. Gk kleistos akin to Gk kleis key : closed cleistocarp cleistogamy clerico- combining form LL clericus priest : clerical : clerical and clericopolitical clericofascist clin- or clino- combining form NL, fr. Gk klin-, klino-, fr. klin couch akin to Gk klinein to lean 1 : bed clinium clinoid 2 : lean : slant clinochlore clinometer 3 : decline clinology 4 clino- mineralogy : monoclinic -clinal adj or n combining form ISV -clin- fr. Gk -klin s leaning, fr. klinein to lean + -al 1 : sloping : slope centroclinal 2: matroclinal -cline n combining form - back-formation fr. -clinal 1 : slope anticline 2 : gradient : layer thermocline -clinic adj combining form ISV -clin- fr. Gk -klin s leaning, bending, fr. klinein to lean + -ic 1 : inclining : dipping isoclinic 2 : having a certain number of oblique intersections of the axes monoclinic triclinic 3 : matroclinic clinico- combining form clinical : clinical : clinical and clinicopathology -clinism n combining form - ISV -clin- fr. NL -clinus + -ism : the state of having the androecium and gynoecium in a single or different flower or two separate flowers diclinism -clinium n combining form, pl -clinia NL, fr. Gk klinion, dim. of klin couch more at - bot : receptacle anthoclinium -clinous adj combining form prob. fr. NL -clinus, fr. Gk klin couch more at - : having the androecium and gynoecium in a single or different flower or two separate flowers diclinous heteroclinous monoclinous -clinous adj combining form ISV -clin- fr. Gk -klin s leaning, bending, fr. klinein to lean + -ous : inherited from : having characteristics inherited from matroclinous patroclinous -cliny n combining form ISV -clinous + -y : fact or condition of having characteristics inherited from matrocliny -cnemia n combining form - NL, fr. F -cnémie, fr. Gk kn m shin + F -ie -y : -shinnedness platycnemia -cnemic adj combining form ISV -cnem- fr. Gk kn m shin + -ic prob. orig. formed as F -cnémique : -shinned platycnemic -cnemus n combining form NL, modif. of Gk. kn m shin : -legged one in generic names of animals Octacnemus cnid- or cnido- combining form NL, fr. cnida : cnida cnidosac cnidoglandular Cnidaria



co- prefix ME, fr. L, fr. com- akin to OE ge-, perfective, associative, and collective prefix, OHG gi-, ga-, Goth ga-, OIr com-, con- with, together, Alb k -, Gk koinos common 1 : with : together : joint : jointly : shared : mutual : mutually coexist coinheritance cosustain cooperate 2 : in or to the same degree coextensive coeval 3 a : fellow : partner coauthor co-worker b : having a usu. lesser share in duty or responsibility : alternate : deputy cochairman copilot 4 a : operating together or reciprocally coterm b : of the complement of an angle cosine codeclination cobalti- combining form cobalt : trivalent cobalt : cobaltic cobaltinitrite cobalto- combining form cobalt : bivalent cobalt : cobaltous...

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aisthanesthai aith aitia aitio ak akanth akantha akantho akin akm ako akouein akousi akr akro akti aktin aktino aktu al ala alam alb albanian albefor albit albo albociner albolit albumen albumin albumini albuminifer albumino albuminoid albuminolysi albus alchem alchemi alcmaeonida alco alcogel alcohol alcoo alcool alcoomet alcosol ald aldehyd alderman aldimin aldo aldohexos aldon aldonamid aldonicacid aldono aldonolacton aldos aldéhyd ale aleipha aleuro aleuromet aleuron alg alga alganesthesia algebra algebraist algesthesi alget algi algia algic algo algocyan algophobia ali alia alian aliethmoid aliform alik alinas alitrunk alium aliv alka alkacryl alkadiyn alkalesc alkaligen alkalk alkaloid alkan alkapolyen alkiodid alkyl alla allant allantiasi allanto allantochorion allantoid allantoin alleghani allelo allelocatalyt allelomorph allelotrop allerg allergi allevi alli allianc allin allo allo-ocimen allochiria allocholan allocinnam allogami alloheteroploid allomorph allonym allopath allopathi allophon alloploid allopregnan allosemat allotellur allotriploid allox alloxan alloy almond almost aloft alon along alongsid aloud alphabet also alter altern alterni alternifoli alternipetal alternipinn alternus although alti altigraph altimet altison altitud altruist altus alum alumen alumin aluminiform alumino aluminographi aluminum alveol alveolar alveolectomi alveolo alveololabi alveolus alway alwey amateurish amaz amb amber ambi ambilater ambipar ambisyllab ambit ambl amblyacousia amblycephalus amblyo amblyopi amblyopia amblyoscop ambo ambulus amendatori amer amerasian america american americana americo americoliberian americomania amero amerophil amid amidamm amido amidophenol amidosulfur amin amino aminoacetanilid aminoguanidin ammin ammino amminochlorid ammo ammoni ammonia ammoniac ammonio ammoniocupr ammonium ammono ammonocarbon ammonolysi ammophil ammophila amnesia amnio amnioallanto amnion amniot amniotom amoeb among amorph amorpho amorphophyt amount ampel ampelo ampelographi ampelopsi amph amphi amphicarp amphicarpium amphicrania amphirhina amphisperm amphistomum amphistylar amphivor ampho amphophil amplifi amus amygd amygdala amygdalas amygdalifer amygdalin amygdalo amygdalo-uvular amygdalotomi amyl amylas amylemia amylo amylomet amylon amylos amylum an ana anabolit anacanthini anacardium anagenesi anal analges analog analysi ananym anaplasi anarch anarchist anarcho anarchoindividualist anarchopacif anast anat anatom anatomi anatomico anatomicopatholog anatomo anatomoclin anatrop anc ancestr anchyl anchylo anci ancient ancyl ancylocombin ancylostoma ancylostomiasi anda ander andr andra andri andria andro androcentr androcraci androdynam androecium androgen androgenesi androgyn androlepsia androphag androphobia androphor androtaur androus andrsuch andrus ane anecdot anem anemo anemomet anemopathi anemosi anencephali anesthesia anesthet anew ang angei angeio angeion angi angia angio angiocarp angiocavern angiofibroma angioid angiolith angiomat angiosi angiosperm angiosperma angiospermat angiotom angiotrib angium angl anglo anglo-french anglo-indian anglo-irish anglo-norman anglo-russian anglo-saxondom anglojapanes anglophil anglophob ango angular anguli angulinerv angulo angulomet angulospleni angulus angusti angustifoli angustirostr angustus anhydr anhydremia anhydrid anhydro anhydroglucos anhydromyelia ani anilin anim animallik anion anis aniso anisochromia anisodont anisol anisomelia anisomelus anisopter anisosthen anisotrop anisoyl anisum ankl anklebon anklet anko ankyl ankylo ankyloglossia ankylophobia ankylosauria ankylosi ankylurethria annuit annular ano anobium anocarp anod anogen anom anomal anomali anomaliflor anomalo anomalocephalus anomit anomo anomocarp anomodontia anoopsia anopia anopl anoplanthus anoplo anoplocephal anopsia anosphrasia anosphresia anoth anour anseriform answer ant antacid antagonist antapex antar antarct anteclass anteflexion antenat antenati anteorbit antepartum antepast anterior antero anterolater anteroom anteropariet anteroposterior antetempl antetyp antevers anth anthecolog anthelmint anthema anthemata anthemon anthemum anther anthera antheri antheridium antherus anthi antho anthoclinium anthocyanin anthomyia anthophila anthospermum anthous anthozoa anthozoon anthr anthra anthrac anthracen anthracnos anthraco anthracocid anthracoid anthracolith anthracosaurus anthracosi anthracoxen anthragallol anthrak anthrako anthrax anthren anthrol anthrop anthropo anthropocentr anthropogenesi anthropoid anthropometri anthroponymi anthropophag anthropophagi anthroposophi anthropus anthus anti anti-comintern anti-inflationari antia antiag antiaircraft antiantr antiarthrit antibiot antibodi anticapitalist antichrist anticlast anticlimax anticlin antidemocrat antienzym antifat antifog antifogg antigen antigrammat antihero antik antilog antimin antimoni antinosoma antipop antiqu antireligion antiromant antischool antiserum antislaveri antislip antispasmod antitank antitoxin antitrust antiunion antivolit antral antriti antro antronas antrum anur anus anydr anydro anyon anyth anémo aor aorist aort aorta aortiti aorto aortolith ap apart apastron apathi ape apex aph aphan aphanit aphano aphanomyc aphanophyr aphbefor aphelion aphemia aphi aphidida aphosphorot aphr aphrit aphro aphromet aphyr api apic apicad apici apicifix apico apicodent apicoectomi apicultur apiphobia apl aplan aplano aplanobact aplanospor aplo aplodontia apo apocarp apocodein apomixi apopetal apopyl apospori apostroph appar apparatus apparel appear appel append appendag appendectomi appendico appendicostomi appendix appendo appendotom apperson appetit appl appli appoint appointe apport approxim aprior aptenodyt aqua aquacad aquarium aqueous aqui aquicultur aquif aquifer aquo aquocarbon ar arab arabesqu arabian arabinosid arachn arachno arachnoid arachnolog arama aranea arariskein arboresc arc arcadian arch archa archaecrani archaeo archaeographi archaeolith archaeornith archaic archaio archangel archantiquari archbishop archcapitalist archdioces archduk archecentr archein archenteron archeo archeozo archeri archespor archetyp archfath archfool archform archi archia archibefor archiblast archicarp archicontin archiepiscop archiit archimor archinfami archipterygium architectspeak architectur archl archo archphilosoph archpillar archpuritan archrogu archus arci arct arctalia arctic arcto arctogaea arctoidea arctostaphylus ard are area arei arenac arenaceo arenaceo-argillac arenaceus arenicol arenicola areo areocentr areographi argent argentamid argenti argentinitr argento argentometri argentum argil argilla argillac argillaceo argillaceocalcar argilli argillifer argillo argilloarenac argilloid argyr argyrit argyro argyrocephal ari aria arian arid aris aristo aristocraci aristocrat aristodemocraci aristodemocrat aristogenesi arithmo arithmograph arithmomania arium arius ark arki arkt arkto arm armenian armor armozin aromat aros arotron aroun around arrang arrest arrow arsa arsen arsenic arseno arsenobenzen arsenoso arsenosophenol arsi arsin arsino arson arsono arsonoacet arsphenamin art arteri arteriectasia arterio arteriolog arterioven arthr arthralgia arthro arthrobranch arthrocac arthroclasia arthrocleisi arthrodesi arthromer arthron arthropathi arthropod arthropoda arthrostraca artiad articl articul articular artifact artifici arto artocarpus aryan arénacéo asbestoid asc asci ascidi ascidia ascidian ascidifer ascidio ascidiozooid ascidium asciger asco ascomycet ascophor ascospor ascula ascus ase asexu ash asia asian asiat asinin aslant asleep aso aspect asphyxia aspi aspid aspido aspidosperma aspirin assassin asself assembl assert assimil assist associ assum assyrian ast astatin astel aster astero asteroid asterolepi asthen astheno asthenolog asthenopia asti astr astrag astragalar astragalectomi astragalo astragalocalcan astragalom astragalus astro astrodiagnosi astrognosi astrographi astroid astrolog astromed astromet astron astronaut astronom astronomi astrophys astrospher astylospongia asund asus asya ata ate atel atelectasi atelo atelomyelia atelorachidia aten ater ath athemat athero atherogenesi atheroma athon aticum atif atio ation ativ ativus atlant atlantad atlanto atlantoaxi atlantoodontoid atlas atlo atloaxoid atloido atloidoaxoid atm atmi atmiatri atmid atmidalbumin atmido atmidomet atmo atmogen atmospher atom ator atori atorius atour atr atri atrial atrio atriocoelom atriopor atrioventricular atrium atro atrocastan atrophi atropin attach attack atten attend attitudin atto attogram attract attribut attun atum atus auction audibl audioaudio audiogen audiolog audiomet audiovisu audir audit audito auditopsych auditori auditosensori auditus auger auklipt aul aulacanthus aulo aulophyt aulostomi aulostomus aunt aur aural aureomycinas auri auri-iodid auric auricl auricula auriculo auriculopariet auriculotempor auriculoventricular auricyanid aurifer aurinas auriscop auro auro-plumbifer aurobromid aurophobia aurora aurothiosulf aurous aurum auster austr australian australid austria austrian austrium austro austro-hungarian austro-malayan austroasiat austrophobia austroriparian aut autal autecolog authorit authorship autism auto autoagglutinin autoalarm autobiographi autocab autocar autofe autogenet autohemagglutin autohemolysin autohexaploid autointox autokinet autolysi automat automatin automato automatograph automobil automot autoplasti autopolyploid autovaccin autowind aux auxa auxanein auxano auxanogram auxanolog auxein auxo auxobodi auxochrom auxograph auxosubst av avail avers avestan avi avian aviari aviat aviatrix avoid away awesom awn ax axe axi axiform axilemma axit axl axo axodendrit axon axonem axono axonometri axonophora axophyt aya ayati az aza aza-a azacyanin azaphenanthren azid azido azidoacet azo azolitmin azomethan azoospermia azot azoxi azoxynaphthalen azyg azygo azygospor b babbl babi babykin bacil bacilli bacillicultur bacillo bacillogen bacillosi bacillus back back-form backbon backward bacter bacteri bacteria bacterid bacteriform bacterio bacterioblast bacteriolysi bacteriophag bacteriostasi bacteriostat bacteriotrop bacterium bad bag bags bahu bainein bakeri balanc balconi ball ballein balloonist baln balneal balneo balneotherapi balneum balsamorrhiza ban band banditri bango bankruptci banquet bantu bar baragnosi barb barbarian barbit bare barge bari bark barni baro barognosi barograph baromet barometr baronet baronetci barosma barway barylit baryphoni baryspher baryt baryta baryto barytocalcit base bash basi basic basicrani basidi basidio basidiomycet basidiospor basidium basifi basifix basiglandular basiophit basipet basipodit basiscop baso bass bassalia bastard bat bate bath bathi bathic batho bathochrom batholith bathomet bathophobia bathyesthesia bathypelag bathyplankton bathys bathyspher bathythermograph batrach batrachian batracho batrachophobia batrachoplasti batrachus battl bazah bdell bdella bdello bdelloida bdellostoma bdellotomi bdelloura beak beam bear beard beast beat beauti beautician beaverett beblood becap beckon becobweb becom becroak becudgel bed bedaub bedeck bedevil bedoctor bedroomi bee befamin befool beforehand befriend befuddl befurbelow beget beggarliest begin beglu behalf behav behavior behind beladi belaud belgian belgium belgo belgo-dutch belgo-luxembourg belgophil belief believ belittl belli bellow belly belong belov belt bend beneath beneficiari bent benumb benz benzacridin benzazid benzen benzil benzo benzoic benzoin benzophenon benzopinacol benzopyron benzoyl ber berasc berat bereav beribbon bermayor bermensch beroida berri berryshap berthermomet besid besmear besmit bespatt bespeak best bestiari bestow bestrid betroth better beyond bi bi-iliac bia bibe bibl biblia biblic biblicist biblico biblicoliterari biblicus biblio biblioclast bibliograph bibliographi bibliolat bibliomania biblion bibliophil bicephal bicon biconvex bicycl bicyclo bicycloalkan bidiurn biennial biennium biflor biform big big-business biggi bigoni bigot bil bila bile bili bilifact bilirubin bill billion billionth bimonth bimuscular bin binari binat binaur bind binderi bingr bini binoxal binoxid bio bioblast biocrit biodynam biogeograph biograph biographi biol biolog biolysi biont biophagi biopic bioplast biopsi biopsycholog bios biosi biotic bioticus bioun biount bipar bipartit biphenol biquart biraci bird birdeen birdi birdlim birth bis bisdimethylamino bisect biserr bisischiat bismarin bismut bismuth bismutit bismuto bismutoplagionit bisquarternari bistiufen bite biter bitolyl bitter bittock bium biurat biuret bius bival biweek bl black blackberri bladder bladderi blast blasti blastic blasto blastoderm blastogranit blastographia blastomycot blastopor blastostyl blastus blattodea blend blephar blepharo blepharoconjunct blepharon blepharoplast blepharospasm bless blind blockad blood bloodmobil bloom blossomi blotch blow blue bluish blunt board boast boddi bodi bodili bog boil bombazin bond bondag bone book booki bookish booklet bookmobil boot boote booti bor border bore borer boric borism born boro boroarsen boron borrow boryl bos bostonian bot botan botani bothr bothrenchyma bothri bothrio bothriolepi bothrithorax bothrium bothro bothrodendron bothrop botri botryo botryoid botryolit botryos boul boulia boulic bound boundari bov bovi bovicultur bow bowdler bowl boy boyhood boyish boyo br brachi brachial brachifer brachinl brachio brachiofaci brachiotomi brachium brachycephal brachydiagon brachydom brachyphalangia brachyphemia brachyphyllum brachyura brachyuran brachyurus bradi bradyacusia bradycardia bradydactylia bradylalia bradylexia bradypepsia braggart brain branch branchi branchia branchial branchiat branchiata branchifer branchio branchiocardiac branchiogen brancho branchus brass brazilian bread breadth break breakabl breakag breaker breast breastbon breath breed bremein brevi brevi-con brevilingu bri bridg briefer bright brimston bring bristl britain british brito brito-japanes brito-roman britocentr briton broad broadway broiler broken brom brome bromhydr bromid bromidrosi bromin bromo bromoacet bromoaceton bromoaur bromopren bronch bronchi bronchia bronchial bronchiectasi bronchio bronchiocrisi bronchit bronchiti bronchium broncho bronchocel bronchophoni bronchopulmonari bront brontid brontll bronto brontomet brontop brontosaurus brontotherium bronz brooklynit broom brother brotherhood brought brow brown browningit brush brutal bryacea bryo bryobia bryolog bryon bryophyta bryozoa bucca buccal bucco buccogingiv buccolingu buckeen bucko buckthorn bud buddhism budgetari build builder builder-upp bulb bulbar bulbo bulbocodium bulbospin bulbus bulg bulgarian bulia bulic bulk bulki bull bunch bunodonta buoyanc burdensom bureaucrat burger burglari burn burnsiana burst bush busi business butan buten buto butopyronoxyl butoxi butoxyl buttock butyr butyraldehyd butyraldol butyro butyronitril byron bìez c ca cabbag cac cace caco cacochylia cacoepi caconym cacophon cacophoni cacoxen cade caec caeci caeco caeder caelum caen caeno caesius cafeteria cain cake calam calamagrosti calami calamifer calamo calamodendron calc calcan calcaneo calcaneoastragalar calcaneocuboid calcaneum calcar calcareo calcareocorn calcareosulfur calci calciform calcimet calcio calciobiotit calciphob calcit calcium calco calcospherit calculus calefacer cali californiaspeak calimeri call calli calliandra calligraph calligraphi calliphora callo callocali callorynchus callus calo calomel calopogon calor calori calorimet caloriz calvin calvinist calx calyc calyci calycifer calyciflor calyco calycoid calycophora calyptoblast calyptorhynchus calyptra calyptri calyptriform calyptro calyptrogen calyx cambrian campa campanularia campbellit campephilus camph camphen campho camphocarboxyl camphor camphora camponotus campto camptodrom camptosorus cancer cannot canst cant canton cantones cap capabl capac capacit caper capit capnia capr capri capricorn capriot caproat caproic capsella capsul capsula capsuli capsuliform capsulo capsulolenticular carama carapac carb carbo carbodiimid carbohydr carbohydrazid carbol carboluria carbolxylol carbomycin carbon carboni carbonifer carbonigen carbonyl carbox carboxamid carboxi carboxyl carboxyphenyl carbuncl carburet carcin carcinemia carcino carcinogen carcinolog carcinosarcoma cardi cardia cardiac cardiagra cardiagram cardio cardioaort cardiolysi cardioptosi cardiopunctur cardiorrhaphi cardium care carex cari caric caricetum carico caricolog caridea cario cariogen cariostat carlyles carniotomi carnivor carp carpal carpet carpi carpia carpic carpicus carpiti carpium carpo carpocac carpoidea carpolog carpometacarpus carpoped carpospor carpous carpus carri carrier carriest cartilag cartilagin cartographi carv caryo caryopsi case caseas casein caseo caseolysi cashier casual cat cata catabaptist catabiot catabolit cataclast catadrom cataplasi catast catch categori caterpillar cath cation catkin cato catogen catostomus cattl caucasoid caud cauda caudad caudal caudi caudiform caudo caudodors caul cauli cauliflori caulo caulom caus cava caval cavalcad cave cave-dwel caviti cc ce ceas ceaseless cec cecectomi ceci ceciform ceciti ceco cecocol cecum cel cele celebr celi celio cell cellarag cellaret cellfalcicula cello cellobios cellu cellul cellula cellular celluli cellulicid cellulo cellulofibr celluloid cellulolyt cellulomona cellulos cellulotox celo celtic cement cementiti cen cene ceno cenogenesi cenozo centauri centenni center centi centifoli centil centimet centimeter-gram-second centinorm centiped centr central centrarchid centri centric centricus centrifug centriol centro centroclin centrodors centroid centrosema centum cephal cephala cephalacanthus cephalad cephalalgia cephalaspi cephali cephalo cephalodiscus cephalodymia cephalofaci cephalomet cephalus cepheid cephenomyia cer cera cerat cerato ceratodo ceraun cerauno ceraunograph ceraunophon cerc cercal cercaria cerci cerco cercopod cerebel cerebellar cerebelli cerebello cerebellocortex cerebellospin cerebellum cerebr cerebri cerebriform cerebro cerebroid cerebroscop cerebrosid cerebrospin cerebrum ceria cero cerophil cerotyp cerqu cerqui certain cerus cervi cervic cervicapra cervicectomi cervici cervico cervicodynia cervicofaci cervix cervus cet cetac cetacea ceto cetomimus cetorhinus cetotolit cetus cetyl cgs ch chaenolobus chaet chaeta chaeto chaetodon chaetognatha chaetophor chaetopterus chaetotact chaetus chaff chain chairman chait chalc chalco chalcom chalcomenit chalk chalko chama chamaerop chamaesaura chamai chamber chame champion chan chancellorship chandleri chang changeabl channel chaplainci characetum charact character characterist charcoal charg chat chatter chatti cheat cheek cheerio chees cheeseburg cheil cheilia cheilo cheim chein cheir cheiria cheiro cheiroglossa cheirolog chel chela cheli chelicera chelura chem chemchemo chemi chemic chemico chemicophys chemio chemiotrop chemisorb chemistri chemo chemokinesi chemosmosi chemotaxi chemotherapeut chemotrop chemurgi chen cheno chenopod chenopodium cherish chest chesthai chi chiasto chiasto-basidium chief chiefli chil child childbirth childless children chilia chilioi chilo chilomastix chilopsi chin china chines chinin chino chino-japanes chinol chinotoxin chio chiolit chion chionanthus chiono chionodoxa chippendal chir chiragra chiria chiro chirom chironect chiropraxi chirosophi chirurgia chl chlami chlamyd chlamydo chlamydomona chlamydomyxa chlamydospor chlamydozoa chlor chlorhydr chlorid chlorin chloro chloroanilin chloroaur chlorochrom chloroethyl chloroform chloromercuriphenol chlorophan chlorophycea chlorophyl chloropicrin chlorosi chlorosulf choan choanat choano choanocyt choerus choiro chol cholagogu cholan cholanthren chole cholecyst cholelith cholemia cholestan cholo chologenet chondr chondrectomi chondri chondrifi chondrio chondriocont chondriom chondrion chondriosom chondrit chondro chondro-oss chondrocel chor chord chorda chordat chordata chorditi chordium chordo chordon chordotomi chordus chore choreia choreo choreographi choreomania chorepiscopus chori chorin chorio choriocarcinoma choriocel chorioma chorion chorioretin choripetal choripetala chorist choristo choristoblastoma choristoma choro choroid chorolog chorous choré choréo chr christ christendom christian christmas christo christocentr christocraci christolatri chroia chroic chrom chroma chromammin chromasia chromat chromatid chromatin chromato chromatolog chromatolysi chromatophilia chromatopsia chrome chromi chromia chromidium chromidrosi chromitit chromium chromo chromoarsen chromocyt chromogen chromomet chromonema chromophob chromophor chromosom chromotrop chromyl chron chronaxi chrondrogeni chrondropterygii chrono chronogram chronograph chronometr chronometri chronoph chronous chroo chroous chrys chrysamin chryso chrysophyl church chyl chyle chyli chylia chyliform chylo chylocauli chylocyst chyluria chytridial chytridios chytridiosi cia cida cidal cidali cide cidium cie cili cilia ciliari ciliat cilifer cilii ciliiform cilio ciliograd cilioretin ciliotomi cilium cin cinamm cine cine-x cinecamera cinefilm cinema cineplasti cinesia cinet cineto cinnam cinnamo cinnamodendron cinnamon cinnamoyl cinnamum cino cion cioniti ciono cionocrani cionotomi cir circaetus circl circum circumbas circumcorn circumgyr circumlunar circumpolygon circumrot circumscrib circumsolar circumst circus cirr cirrhi cirrho cirri cirrifer cirrigrad cirro cirrostratus cirrus cirso cirsoid cirsotomi cis cis-alleghani cisalpin cisatom cistron citi citifi citizen citizenri citr citra citramid citramontan citrat citri citric citricultur citro citrochlorid citropsi citrus cityscap civil cl cladanth clado cladocera cladophora cladophyl clados cladous cladus claim claimant clamor clan clangula clap clase clasi clasia clasit class classic classico classico-lombard classicolatri classif classifi classificatori classiqu clast clastic clathrina claustrophilia clava clavi clavichord clavichordium clavicl clavicornia clavicula clavicular claviculo claviculohumer claviform clavilux clavipector clavo clavodeltoid claw clay clayey cle clear cleavag cleft cleid cleidagra cleido cleidom cleidoscapular cleis cleisi cleist cleisto cleistocarp cleistogam cleistogami cleper cleric clericali clerico clericofascist clericopolit clericus clerkship clever clhgc climat clin clinal cline clingi clini clinia clinic clinico clinicopatholog clinism clinium clino clinochlor clinoclas clinoid clinolog clinomet clinous clinus clise clisi clist clisto clockwis close closepress closur clot cloth cloud cloudi club clubmobil cluster cnem cnemia cnemic cnemus cnid cnida cnidaria cnido cnidoglandular cnidosac cnidosporidia cnémie cnémiqu co co-work coal coalesc coat coate coauthor cobalt cobalti cobaltinitrit cobalto cobaltocyan cocain cocc cocci coccidi coccidia coccidio coccidiocid coccidiostasi coccidium cocciform cocco coccoid coccolith coccosteus coccum coccus coccyg coccygectomi coccygeo coccygeoan coccygeomesenter coccygeus coccygo coccygotomi coccyx cochairman cocto coctoantigen coctoprotein coctost coctus code codeclin coel coela coelenterata coeli coelialgia coelio coelioscopi coelo coelodont coelous coelozo coelus coen coenesthesia coeno coenobia coenobium coenoblast coeval coexist coextens cognit cohort coil coin coinherit col cola cold colder cole coleiti coleo coleonyx coleoptera coleorhiza coler coli coliform colin colina coliti coll colla collect collegiana collenchym collenchyma collingu collo collocalia collochemistri collodio collodion collodiotyp colloid colloidopexi colloqui colo colon color colorist colorless colostomi colous columbiad column columni com coma comb combat combefor combin combo comburgess come comet comfrey comic comico comicodidact comicotragedi comicus comintern commerci commin committe common commor compact compani companion compar competit complement complementari complet complex compo compon compos composur compound comprehens compress compuls compulsori comput comwith con concav conceal concentr concentricus concept conceptu concern concert concertina conch concha conchiti concho concholog conchostraca conchotom concret concycl condescend condit conduct condyl condylo condyloid condylopoda cone confluenc conform confus congenit congratul conh coni conic conidi conidia conidiifer conidio conidium conif conio coniophora coniosi conirostr coniz conj conjug conjunct connect connochaet connot cono conodont conopholi conoplain conoscop consentrik consid consist consoci consold conson conspicu constant constantinopolitan constel constitu constitut constrict construct consul consult consumm contact contain contempt contest context contr contra contra-act contrabassoon contract contractil contraind contraoctav contraposaun contrari contrast contratenor contriv controvertist conus convalesc conveni convers convex convey convict cooh cook coolant cooper cooperi coordin cope copilot copper coprosma coprozo coquer cor coraco coracocost coracoid coral coralliform corallit corallium corallo coralloid corallorhiza corax cord cork corm cormel cormo cormophyta corn cornea corneal corneiti corneo corneocalcar corneosclerot corneous corner corneus corni cornic cornu corné cornéo coron corono coronobasilar coronofaci corps corpus corpuscl correct correl correspond corslet cortex cortic cortico corticoeffer corticospin corynocarpus cosin cosm cosmic cosmo cosmogenesi cosmogoni cosmographi cosmolab cosmorama cosmus cost costa costal costectomi costi costiform costo costoradi costostern cosustain coterm cottag cotyl cotyledon cotyli cotyliform cotylo cotyloid cotylosacr cotylosauria couch counter counteract counterblow countercurr counterfeit counterfoil counterord counterpart counterthem counterweapon counterweight countless countr countri coupl courag cours courtship cousin cover coverag cowardic crab crabwis craci craft crani crania cranial cranio cranioclast craniograph craniometri craniopagus craniospin craniostosi cranium crat crate crati cratia cratic cratiqu cre cream creat creatin creato creatophag creatur creep crematori cren crenic crenit creno crenotherapi crenul creo creodont creodonta creophag crescent crescent-shap cresol crest crevicular cri crico cricoid cricothyroid cricotomi criey crime crini crinicultur crinipar crinoid crinoidea crinus critic criticast crocodilian crook cross cross-fertil crossast crosso crossopterygian crossosoma crotic crotism crotus crow crown crur crural cruro cruroinguin crurotars crus crush crustac crustacea crustacean cryanesthesia crym crymo crymodynia crymotherapi cryo cryogen cryolit cryostat crypt cryptesthesia crypto cryptobranch cryptobranchia cryptoclast cryptocrystallin cryptofascist cryptogam cryptogamia cryptogram cryptograph cryptomer cryptomnesia cryptonym cryptoporticus cryptor cryptozyg crystal crystallifer crystalliger crystallin crystallo crystallog crystallogen crystallographi crystalloid crystalluria créat crích cten ctenacanthus cteno ctenophor ctenophora ctonus cub cube cubi cubiform cubinvari cubit cubito cubitocarp cubitus cubo cuboctahedron cubocub cuboid cubom cubometatars cuddl cuddlesom cula cular culex culic culici culicida culicifug culm culmi culmicol culmifer culmigen culmus cult cultigen cultiv cultur culum culus cum cumaldehyd cumic cumin cumo cumoquinol cumul cumuli cumulo cumulocirrus cumulos cumulus cuneiform cuneocuboid cuneocuneo cuneus cup cup-shap cuper cupr cupri cupric cuprifer cuprit cupritartr cupro cuprocyanid cupronickel cuprous cuprum cur curd cure curl current curv curvi curvifoli curviform curvirostr curvus cussedest cut cutan cutaneo cutaneoviscer cutaneus cutané cutanéo cutesi cutesy-poo cuti cy cyan cyanamid cyanid cyano cyanoaur cyanobenzo cyanochroia cyanoferr cyanogen cyanogenet cyanophor cyanosi cyanotyp cyath cyathaspi cyatho cyatholith cyathophyllum cyber cybernet cyberspac cycl cyclanthus cyclic cyclist cycliti cyclo cyclodialysi cyclograph cycloheptan cyclolith cyclomet cycloolefin cyclostomat cyclotron cylind cylindr cylindrarthrosi cylindro cylindrocephal cylindroid cym cyme cymo cymoid cymophan cymoscop cymul cyn cyniatr cyno cynomi cynomorpha cynorexia cyprian cypro cypro-phoenician cyprus cyrt cyrto cyrtocera cyrtodelphi cyrtomet cyrtopia cyrtostyl cyst cystenchyma cysti cystid cystiform cystin cystiti cysto cystocel cystocolostomi cystonecta cystophor cystotomi cystous cyt cyta cytas cyte cyto cytod cytogenet cytolog cytomer cytomorphosi cytophag cytophagi cytoplasm cytosom cytostom cytozo céphale cét céto d d.c da dabbl dacia dacian daco daco-romanian dacri dacryo dacryocyst dacryoma dactyl dactyli dactylia dactylio dactyliographi dactyliolog dactylit dactylo dactylolog dad daddi daddy-o daili dain daknein dakri dakryo dakryon daktyl daktylio daktylo damag damp dan danc dandifi dane dani danish dano dano-eskimo dark darkey darkl darl darwin darwinist darwinit dasi dasydema dasymet dasyneura dasyphyl dasyurus dat databas dativ datur dauntless dawn day dayat de de-eman deabol dead deadjectiv deal dealt dear death debus dec deca decagon decalesc decalit decanoyl decanther decapoda decar decasem decastich decay decem decemcost decentr decept deci decigram decil decimus decis decker decki declin decod decomposit decompound dect deep deep-chest deep-sea deer defect defend defens deferen defi defici definit deflect degener degrad degre dehorn dehydr dehydro dehydroabiet dehydrogen dehydromuc dein deino deinodon deinotherium deir deist dek deka deliv deliver deliveri delous delphi delpho dem dema deme demeanor demedius demein demi demiangel demibarrel demibeast demicannon demid demigroat demilawy demilion demilust deminud demipik demirob demitoilet demo democraci democrat demographi demoid demonstr den dendr dendra dendraxon dendrit dendro dendroclast dendrocoel dendroctonus dendrolit dendron dendrophil deni denot dens densiti dent dental dentalgia dentat dentatus denti denticl dentiform dentiger dentilingu dento dentosurg denud deodor deoxi deoxynucleotid depart depend depict depriv depth deputi der deraden derat derein deriv derm derma dermahemia dermal dermalgia dermat dermata dermato dermatodynia dermatolog dermatoplasti dermi dermia dermo dermohumer dermoskeleton dero derogatori derotremata des desamid descend descent descript dese desert desi design desiodo desir desm desmalgia desmo desmognatha desmognathus desmographi desmonem desmor desmoscolex desoxi desoxy-desi desoxybenzoin destitut destroy destruct desulfur detach dethron deti detrain detriment deuesthai deut deuter deuteragonist deuteri deuterid deuterio deuterioammonia deuterium deutero deuterochloroform deuteroplasm deuteroporphyrin deuteroproteos deuterostomia deuterotok deuterotoki deuto deutomala deutoplasm deutoxid deutro develop deverb deviat devic devil devitrifi devoid devot devote devour dexter dextr dextrad dextral dextran dextro dextrocardia dextrorotatori dextrosinistr di dia diabol diabolo diabolocraci diachron diaclasi diacodion diactin dial dialect dialectician diali dialycarp dialyein dialypetal diaphan diaphano diaphanomet diaphanoscopi diaphragm diaphragmat diastas diastasi diaster diathermi diatomea dibranch dibucain dice dich dicha dichlorid dichloro dicho dichogam dichogami dichopt dichromat diclin dicotyl dicrot dicti diction dictionari dictyo dictyosom dicynodontia didrachma didst didymo die dien differ difficult difficulti dig digest digit digiti digitiform digitigrad digitipinn digitogenin digitonin digitus diglossia digniti digynia dihedr dikein dikti diktyo diktyon dilettantist dim dimens dimer dimidiar dimidius diminut dimor dimya din dinett dinichthi dino dinobryon dinocapsal dinocapsinea dinocera dinophilus dinorni dinosaur diod dioecia dioecio dioeciodimorph dioeciopolygam dioecious dioxan dioxid dioxin dioxouranium dip diphi diphtheria diphthong diphycerci diphyo diphyodont diphyozooid dipl diplo diplocardia diplococcus diploid diplomat diploo diplopia diplosom diplospondyli diplostemon diplostich diploten diprion dipter diptera diptero dipterolog dipteryx direct directrix dirti dis disabl disaffect disannul disapprov disazo disbar disc discastl discern discharg disci disciger discina disciplin disco discoactin discocephal discographi discolor discomycet discophil discophora discours discov discretionari discus disdiapason diseas disestablish disfrock disfunct dishonest disintegr disjoin disk disko dislik disloy dismor disomus disord disown disparag dispers displac disprinc disqualifi diss dissembl dissimilar disso dissoconch dissolut dissolv dissophyt dist distakin distal distanc distant distat disti distinct distinguish disto distoclus distpsamm distribut distrophi distyl disunion ditto dive diver divers diversifoli diversiform diversus divid divin divis dixiecrat doctrin dodec dodeca dodecahedron dodecyl dog dogdom dolich dolicho dolichocephal dolichohier dolichomorph dolichopel dolichosoma dolichostyl dolorifug dolphin dom domest domin domus dopaminerg dor dore dori dorsad dorsal dorsi dorsifix dorsiflexion dorso dorsolater dorsum doryanth dos dosag doth doubl doubli doubt doubtless down-and-out downi downward drafte dramein draw dream dress dri drier drink drinkipoo drive drom drome dromo dromomet dromorni dromous dromus drop drown drug drunkard dryo dryobalanop dryopithecus drys dub duckl duct ductil dudin dudum due duellist dug dui dukedom dulcit dull dullard dun dun-color duo duodecimo duoden duodeno duodenogram duodenojejun duodenum duologu duomachi duosec duplex duplic duplicato duplicato-dent duplicatus dus duski dust dutch dutchi duti dvasa dvasia dvi dvi-manganes dwarf dwell dweller dy dyad dyarchi dyaster dye dyein dyg dymia dymus dynam dynami dynamia dynamo dynamograph dynamus dynast dyo dyotheism dys dyschroia dyscrystallin dysfunct dysgraphia dyshidrosi dyslexia dysoxid dyspathi dyspepsia dysphasia dysphem dysphonia dysplasia dysteleolog dyt dyta dyte déc déca déci dés e ea eae eagl ean ear earli earlier earliest earn earphon earth earthen earthquak earthward easi easili east eastl eat eatabl eater ebonit ec ecad ecardin ecarin ecbol eccentr eccentricus ecclesi ecclesia ecclesiarch ecclesio ecclesiographi eccoproticophor eccyesi ecdysiast echin echino echinocactus echinocari echinochrom echinoderm echinoidea echinolog echinop echinozoa echinus echoic echopraxia eco eco-cultur ecocatastroph ecolog econom economi ecospeci ecosystem ect ecto ectocardia ectoloph ectom ectomi ectomia ectomus ectoplasm ectosarc ectosom ectostosi ectotherm ectotrop ectro ectrodactyl ectromelia ectromelus ed edaci eddi ede edent edest edg edmenai edriophthalma edron education ee een eer ef effect effici efform effort effus eg ega egg egypt egyptian egypto egypto-arab egypto-greek egyptolog ei eia eico eicosa eicosan eid eido eidolo eidoptometri eig eight eighteen eighteenmo eightish eik eiko eikon eikono eikosa eikosi eikostwenti eilein ein einai eio eirio eirion eith either eiwo ek eka ekacesium ekkalein ekkl ektitr ekto ektr el elaeo elaeoblast elaia elaio elaion elaioplast elasm elasmo elasmobranchii elast elastin elasto elastovisc elaunein elbow ele electr electro electroanalysi electrochronograph electrod electrolysi electrolyt electrolyz electromagnet electromed electromet electron electroneg electrophil electrophoresi electroposit electrostat electrum element elementari eleo eleocyt elephantiasi elet eleuth eleuthero eleutheromania eleutherozoa elev eleven ell ella ellipt ellum ellus eln elong elongato elongato-ov els eluvium elytr elytri elytrifer elytro elytroid elytron em eman embatholith embed ember embiodea embodi embol embolden embolectomi emboli emboliform embolismus embolo embolomeri embolophrasia embolus embri embroil embryectomi embryo embryolog embryon embryoni embryoniform embus eme emerg emesi emia emin emit emot empeiria empeiro emphas empir empirico empiricoinduct empirio empiriogen empiriosymbolist employ empow empti emulsi7n en enamel enamin enanthema enanti enantio enantiobiosi enantiotrop enantiotropi enc enceph encephal encephali encephalia encephalo encephalocel encephalospin encephalus enchant enchym enchyma enchymata enci encircl enclit enclos encollar encradl encéphal end endamoeba endarch endergon enderm endextra endo endocardium endochrom endocoel endodermi endogam endogen endometrium endomixi endon endopericard endopleura endopod endopodit endoscop endosporium endoth endothecium endothelio endotheliocyt endothelioma endothelium endotherm endotrop endur endwis ene enenkein energi engag englad england english engram engrav enhypostasia enial enkeph enkephalo enlarg ennea enneagon enneapetal ennial ennium eno enough ensi ensil enslav ent entad entam entangl enter enteraux entero enterobius enterochirurgia enteroclisi enterocrinin enterohepat enteromorpha enteron enteropneusta enterorrhagia enterostomi enthron enthusiast entia entic entir entiti entitl ento entoblast entom entomo entomolog entomon entomophag entomophaga entomophthora entomostracan entot entr entrail entreati enverdur environ environment enwrap enzoot enzym eo eocen eofot eohippus eolith eonecr eor eosinopenia eous ep epacm eparchean epembryon epencephalon ependym ependyma ependymo ependymoepithelium epenthesi eph ephbefor epi epic epicent epicnemi epicotyl epiderm epidermi epidermo epidermolysi epididym epididymi epididymo epididymodeferenti epidiorit epigyni epil epilepsi epilept epilepti epilepto epileptogen epileptoid epilith epinasti epiot epiphyl epiphyt epipleura episcop epispor epitaxi epith epithel epitheli epithelio epithelioglandular epithelioma epithelium epitheloid epoch eponychium epoxi equal equi equida equidist equidistribut equilibratori equilibrium equip equisid equival equus er era eradi erc ere erect erem eremo eremolog eremurus erg ergat ergato ergatogyn ergatoid ergatomorph ergazesthai ergeia ergi ergia ergic ergo ergod ergon ergophobia ergosterol ergot eri eriglossa erio erioerio eriogonum eriomet erion erminett erostr eruca eruci eruciform erucivor erupt erythr erythremia erythrit erythro erythroblast erythrochro erythrocyt erythromycin erythron erythropenia erythrophyl erythropoiesi erythros erythroxylum es esc escape escarp escen escenc escent escentia escer esco escrib ese esi eskimo eso esoneur esophag esophagectomi esophago esophagogastroscopi esophagogastrostomi esophagopathi esophagus esotropia esp especi esqu ess est establish ester esthesio esthesioneurosi estr estuarin et eta etar ete eter eth etha ethaldehyd ethan ether ethic ethico ethicocent ethicoreligi ethicus ethmo ethmofront ethmoid ethmosphenoid ethnic ethno ethnobiolog ethnoflora ethnogen ethnographi ethnometeorolog etho ethochlorid ethoxi ethoxid ethoxycaffein ethoxyl ethyl etic eticus etiko etio etiogen etiolog etiophyllin eto etruscan etrusco etrusco-roman etruscus ett etum etymolog eu eu-form euascomycet eucarp euchromat euchromosom eucodein eucoelom eudaemon euhedr eul euof euphoria euplast eur eurafrican euri euro eurocentr eurocommun eurocrat europ europaeus european europeo europeo-asiat eurybenth eurygnath euryhalin eurypyga eurysom eurystep eurytrema eus eustachian eutrophi eux evapor even event ever everi evid evil evilli ex ex-child ex-convict ex-manabout-town ex-presid exa exact exajoul exal exalbumin examin exampl exceed excel except excess excircl excit excitar excito excitocatabol excitomotori excitor excitosecretori exclav exclud exclus executri exergon exert exhaust exhibit exist exmor exo exocarp exogam exogami exogen exoskeleton expansil expect expector expedi expel experi experienc expiri explan exposur express expuls exquisit extent exter extern extinct extra extra-urban extracrani extract extrahistor extraleg extran extravascular extrem extro extroiod extrovert ey eye eyebal eyelash eyelid f fabric faccioun face facer faci facial facien facient facio faciolingu facioplegia fact factif factio faction factiv factor fade fadeless failedst failur fair faith fake fald faldr fall fallopian fals falsehood falsifi falt falth famili familiar fan fanat fantast fanwis far farad farado faradocontractil faradotherapi farm farmerett fascicl fashionist fast fast-food fasten fastn fastna fat fatalist father fatherless fatimid fattest fatti fatuus faulti faur favor feald fear feather featur febri febricid febrifuga febrifugia federales feed feeder feel feet feign felina fellow fellowship felt fem femal femina feminin femino feminolog femor femoro femorocel femorofibular femten femto femtosecond femur fenni fenno fenno-german fenno-scandinavia fer fere ferment fern ferous ferr ferrat ferri ferric ferrihemoglobin ferro ferroconcret ferroferricyanid ferronickel ferroso ferrosoferr ferrosus ferrous ferrousiron ferrum fertil fest festal festin festiv festum festus fetal feti fetipar feto fetometri fetoplacent fetus fever fewer fiber fibr fibra fibril fibrin fibro fibroangioma fibrobronch fibrocarcinoma fibrocartilag fibrocas fibrochondroma fibrocyst fibrogen fibrohemorrhag fibroma fibromat fibromyxoma fibropurul fibrosi fibrot fibrous fibula fic ficacioun ficar ficat ficatio ficatus fiction fictiti ficus fid fidat fidatus fidus fie field fien fier fieri fifteen fifth fight fightingest figur figureeight filament filaricid fili filicaulin filicit filifer fill fillet filum fimmt fin final finder fine fineri finger fingernail finland finn finnic finnish fiqu fir fire firm first fish fisheri fissi fissilingu fission fissipar fissur fissus fistula fistulina fit five five-memb fiveish fix fixat fizz flabelli flabelliform flabellinerv flabellum flagella flagellum flake flat flatit flav flavin flavo flavo-viresc flavoenzym flavus fleb flee flesh fleshi flexibl fli flier flight flirtat float flor florat flori floriat floricultur floridea floridian florous florus flos flour flow flower flowerlik fluenci fluid fluo fluoberyl fluor fluorapatit fluoren fluoresc fluorescifluoresci fluorescigen fluorhydr fluori fluorid fluorimet fluorin fluorit fluoro fluorobenzen fluorochlorid fluoroform fluoromolybd fluoroscop fluoroscopi flute fluvi fluvial fluvicolin fluvio fluviolog fluviovolcan fluvius flyer foam foeti foeto foetus fold foliat foliosus folious folk folksi follow fond food foolish foot footlik footprint forbruis forc fore forearm foreday forehead foreign foreleg foremost forepal forepay foreperiod foreporch forese forest foresumm foretel forhang forhe fork form forma formanilid format former formest formi formic formo formotoluidid formyl forsay forspent forstorm forth fortyish forward forweari fossil found four fourplex foursom fourth fr fra fracc fraction fracto fractocumulus fractograph fractur fractus fragment franc francium franco franco-swiss francophil francophon francus frank fratricid freckl free freedom freez french frenchi frenchman frenulum freq frequenc frequent freshwat friction friend friendship frigo frigost frigotherapi frigus fring frisian frog fron front frontal fronto frontogenesi frontopariet frontopontin frost fructi fructicol fructicultur fructos fructus fruit frutex fruti frutic fruticol fryer fuc fuci fucic fuciphag fuco fucopyranosid fucos fucosid fucus fuga fugal fugar fuge fugia ful fulfil full fulli fumar fumaramid fumaria fumaro fumaronitril fumus funambulist funambulus function functionari fund fundament fungi fungicol fungiform fungistasi fungistat fungus funicl funnel funnel-shap fur furamid furan furfur furnish furo furodiazol furoic furoin furoquinolin furrier furrow further fusco fuscochlorin fuscoferrugin fuscus fuse fusi fusicoccum fusiform fusion fuso fusocellular fusospirillar fusospirochet fusus fut futur fuzz fy fère g ga gabfest gadgeti gaea gaelic gaia gain gala galact galactemia galactidrosi galacto galactocentr galactopyranos galactorrhea galactos galakt galakto galaxi gall gallaldehyd gallic galliform gallo gallo-briton gallo-roman gallocentr gallus galvan galvano galvanocauteri galvanomet galvanoplast gam gama gamesmanship gamest gamet gameta gametangium gameto gametocid gametophor gami gamia gamic gamo gamobium gamogenesi gamont gamophyl gamosepal gamous gamus gan gang ganget gangliectomi ganglio ganglion ganglioplexus gangliosid gangster ganoidei garbagi garden garlic gas gasolin gast gaster gasteralgia gastero gasterophilus gasteropoda gasterostom gastr gastrectomi gastri gastria gastric gastro gastrocel gastroduoden gastrohepat gastrolog gastrolysi gastromegali gastropexi gastropod gastroschisi gastrosteg gastrotricha gate gather gaudifi gaul gaulish gawrisqan ge gea geaster gehcl geison geisso geisson geissorhiza gelatin gele gem gen genalkaloid gender gender-specif gene geneia geneio geneion genera general generalci generat generic genesi genesia genet geni genic genin genio geniogloss genioplasti genit geno genoblast genocid genoclin genoid genom genomorphin genotyp genous gentiopicrin gentlier genuin genus genyo genyoplasti geo geobiolog geogen geognost geograph geographi geohistori geol geolog geologist geometr geometri geophagi geophyt geopolit geotact geotrop ger gerard gerer germ german germanium germano germano-russian germanochloroform germanophil germanus germin geront geronto gerontolog gerous gerund gerundi get gettest getw geuesthai geusi geusia ghost gi giant giantess giga gigacycl gigant giganto gigantopithecus gigavolt gignesthai gill gingiv gingiva gingivectomi gingivo gingivolabi gingivostomat girdl girl girlhood give given gk gl glacial glacier glacio glaciolog glaciomarin glad gladden glamor gland glandular glass glassi glassin glauc glauco glaucochroit glaucop glaucophan glaucous glauk glauko gle gleam glen gli glia glio gliobacteria glioblastoma gliocyt gliod gliomat gliomyoma gliosi gliosom glo global globe globo globo-cumulus globo-histor globocel globofer globoid globosphaerit globular globus gloeo gloeocapsa gloio gloiopelti glomerul glomerular glomerulo glomerulonephr glomerulus gloss glossa glossal glossalgia glossia glosso glossohy glossolog glossolysi glossophaga glossophora glossopteri glossotrichia glot glott glotto glottolog gluc gluco glucogen glucomannan glucon glucoprotein glucos glucosan glue gluey glus glut gluteal gluteo gluteofemor gluteus glutin glyc glycemia glycer glyceraldehyd glycerid glycerin glycero glycerol glycerophosphor glyceryl glycin glycitol glyco glycoalkaloid glycocol glycogelatin glycogen glycol glycolid glycon glycosid glycostat glycotroph glycyl glyk glyki glyphein glypt glypto glyptodon glyptolog gmc gn gnat gnath gnatha gnathiti gnatho gnathoplasti gnathostoma gnathous gnathus gnomi gnomia gnose gnosi gnosia gnostic gnosticus gnynai go goale goat goate god goddess goe goeth gold golden golfahol gon gonangium gondoli gone goneia goner goni gonia gonidi gonidio gonidiogen gonidium gonio goniod goniomet gonion gono gonolobus gonomeri gonotheca gonotom gonum good goodnatur googolplex goos gos gosl goth gothamit gothic govern government gr grace grade gradi gradient gradus graeco graeco-roman graecus grain gram gramen gramin gramineus gramini graminifer graminivor gramma grammat grammaticali grand grandios grandmoth grani graniform granit granito granitoid granivor grano granoblast granogabbro granolith grante grantor granul granular granuli granuliform granulo granuloma granulometr granulum granum grape grapevin graph graphein grapher graphi graphia graphic graphicus graphiko grapho grapholog graphon graphum graphus grass grate grave gravel gravi gravigrad graviport gravit graviti gravito gravitochem gray greas great greater greco greco-latin greco-persian grecomania grecophil greec greek green green-color greeneri greenish greenth gressori grind grit griva groceteria groin ground group grow growth grub guanidin guanin guest guinean gullet gum gun gustatori gut gymn gymnanth gymno gymnobranchi gymnodont gymnosperma gymnospermi gymnostom gyn gynaec gynaeco gynaeo gynaik gynaiko gynaio gynandr gyne gynec gyneco gynecocraci gynecoid gynecolog gynecytolog gyneo gyneocraci gyni gynia gynian gyniatr gyniatri gynious gyno gynocraci gynodioeci gynoecium gynopara gynophor gynous gynus gypsoplast gyr gyral gyrencephal gyro gyrocera gyrocompass gyrodus gyrom gyroscop gyrostat gène gère géront géronto h ha habit habitat habro habronema habronemiasi hacki hadr hadro hadrom hadrosaurus haem haema haemacanthus haemastoma haemat haemato haematogast haematoxylon haematozoon haemia haemo haemogregarina hagi hagio hagiograph hagiographa hagiographi hagioscop haidus haim haima haimat haimato haimo hair hairi hairlik hal halecomorphi half halfway hali halia halid haliplankton halisteresi halo halochrom halogen halv hamburg hamit hamito hamito-bantu hamito-semit hampshirit hand handed handl hanti hapl haplo haploid haploo haploscop haplous happier hapt haptein hapto haptophor harbor hard hardihood hardyesqu hare harm harsh hart hasan hastat hastato hastatolanceol hastatosagitt hastatus hat hatchettin hate hath hatr hatter haulag haull haustorium havoc head headband header headmost headquart heal healer healthi heap hear heard heart heart-shap heartbeat heat heaven heavi heavili hebe hebeanth hebephrenia hecato hecatohebephrenia hecaton hecatophyl hect hectar hecto hectograph hedg hedgehog hedi hedonist hedra hedral hedron hedyphan hei height heir heit heitar heithr hekato hekaton held heli helianthemum helic helicin helico helicograph helicopt helicotrema helik heliko helimail helio heliocentr heliogravur heliolatri heliolith heliometr heliophil heliophob heliopora heliorni helioscop heliostat heliotaxi heliotrop heliotypi heliport helix hell helleno helleno-ital hellenocentr hellenophil helmi helminth helminthiasi helmintho helmintholog helminthosporium helo helobi heloderma helophyt helotium hem hema hemacytomet hemagglutin hemapoiesi hemarthrosi hemat hemato hematocrit hematoid hematometra hematomyelia hematopoiesi hematopoiet hematoporphyrin hematorrhachi hematozoon hemi hemia hemiatrophi hemibas hemicardia hemicentrum hemicerebrum hemicyanin hemihedron hemiopsia hemiplegia hemiptera hemitrop hemitropi hemo hemoclasia hemocyt hemophagia hemophil hemophiliac hemoptysi hemostasi hen hendec hendeca hendecan hendecasyl hendek hendeka heno henoth hepat hepatectomi hepato hepatocol hepatolog hepatosplenomegali hepatosplenomegalia hept hepta heptaacet heptac heptagon heptaploid heptastich heptastylar heptasyllab heptulos heraldri herb herbac herbari here hereditari hereditarili heredo heredoataxia heredofamili hernia hernio herniorrhaphi herniotomi hero heroic herp herpein herpet herpetiform herpeto herpetofauna herpetolog herpetomona herpeton heter heterandri heteranthera hetero heteroagglutinin heteroblast heteroblasti heterocentr heteroclin heterocycl heterodont heterodonta heterodox heterogen heteromorph heteromorphi heteromorphosi heteromya heteropelm heterophoria heteropia heteroplasia heteroplast heteroploid heteropoda heterosid heterosomata heterostyli heterotaxia heterotopi heteroxanthin heterozyg hex hexa hexaacet hexachord hexact hexadactylia hexadien hexagyn hexand 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musculoepitheli musculofibr musculospir musculus muscus museo museolog museum mushroom music musico musicodramat musicographi musicoliturg musicotherapi musketri muslim mute mutual mya myaria myc myce mycelium mycenaean mycet myceto mycetocol mycetogenet mycetoma mycetozoa mycin mycmyc myco mycobiota mycogenet mycolog mycophil mycorrhiza mycosi mydan myel myelencephalon myelia myelin myelino myelinoclasi myelinoclast myelinogenesi myelinogenet myelo myelocel myelocyt myelocytoma myelodiastasi myelogen myi myia myiarchus myio myk myl mylo mylohyoid myo myodynamia myoelast myofibroma myolog myom myoma myomectomi myometrium myomo myomohysterectomi myomorpha myomotomi myopath myopathi myre myri myria myriacoulomb myriagram myrialit myriapoda myringa myringo myringodermat myringoscop myringotomi myrio myriophyl myriophyllum myriospor myrm myrmec myrmecia myrmeco myrmecolog myrmecophob myrmecophyt myrosin mys mystic mystico mysticoallegor mythic mythico mythicohistor mythicoromant mythoclast 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tessaraglot tesser tessera tesseradecad tetan tetaniform tetano tetanogen tetanus tetart tetarto tetartohedr tetr tetra tetrabor tetrabranchia tetracarpellari tetracerus tetracid tetract tetraglot tetrainein tetrapartit tetrasepal tetratom tettar teuton th tha thalam thalamencephalon thalamo thalamocort thalamofug thalamus thalass thalassa thalassemia thalasso thalassomet thalatta thall thalli thallic thalliform thallium thallo thallophyta thallus thama thamn thamno thamnophil thanat thanato thanatoid thanatolog thar thaumatrop theater theatric theatro theatromania theatron thec theca theci thecia thecifer theciti thecium theco thecosomata theft thei theio theion theism theist theistic theli thelygen themat theo theoastrolog theocentr theocrat theogoni theolog theologico theologicophilosoph theologicopolit theologicus theomanc theomytholog theoret theoretico theoreticopract theori theoriz ther therapeut therapi therebi theria therio theriolatri theriomimicri therium therm thermacoust 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thyroid thysan thysano thysanocarpus thysanoptera thysanura thé théism théist ti tia tibet tibetan tibeto tibeto-chines tibeto-himalayan tibia tibial tibio tibiocalcan tibiofemor tibiotarsus tidal tie tiko tiktein time timer tin tine tinnen tion tip tireless tissu titan titanium titano titanocyanid titanofluorid titanotherium tithenai titl titr titular toad tobacco toch tocharian toco tocogenet tocolog toe toenail togeth toki tokia toko tokous tol tolan tolidin tolu toluat toluen toluic toluidin toluol tolyl toma tome tomfooleri tomi tomia tomicomerus tomo tomous tomus ton tone tonem tongu toni tonia tono tonolog tonomet tonoscop tonotaxi tonsil tonsilla tonsillar tonsillectom tonsillectomi tonsillo tonsillotomi tonus too-much-money tool tooth toothlik top topectomi topi topia topic topmost topo topoalgia topophobia tor tos total totaliz toti totipalm totus touch touch-powd toucher touchhol touchwood toughi towag toward towchepoudr tower town towne towni township tox toxi toxic toxicemia toxico toxicolog toxicophobia toxicum toxiderm toxifera toxin toxo toxodonta toxoglossa toxoid toxon toxophili toy tr tra trace trach trachea tracheal trachel trachelo trachelolog tracheloplasti tracheloscapular tracheo tracheolaryng tracheoscopi trachi trachyandesit trachychromat trachydolerit trachygloss trachypterus trachyt track trackag tract tractarian tractrix trade trailerit train traine trait tran transamin transatlant transcend transcutan transfer transform transfront transhuman transit transluc transmiss transmit transmitt transmundan transocean transpar transplutonium transpolar transprocess transshap transuran transvers trapezohedron trauma traumat traumato treasur treat treatis treatment trechein trectomi tree treelik treg trega tregadyn tregerg trei trema tremat tremata trepan trepein trephein tres tresia tri tria triact trial triangular triarch triatoma tribe tribein tribo tribofluoresc tribophosphoresc tribromid trice trich tricha trichatroph trichi trichia tricho trichogyn trichopathi trichopter trichostasi trichous triclin tricrot tricycl tricyclo tricycloalkan trien triennial trifari trifl trig trigon trigonella trigono trigonotyp trillion trillionth tripl triplo triploblast triploo triplopia tripod tris tris2 tris2-chloroethyl trisect trisectrix trison trisperm trist trit trito tritonymph tritovum trittrahedron trival triweek trix tro troch trocha trochelminth trocho trochodendron trochophora trochus troglo troglobiont troglodyt tron trop tropa tropat trope troph trophallaxi trophi trophia trophic tropho trophopathi trophosom trophospor trophous tropi tropia tropic tropin tropiqu tropism tropo tropomet tropospher tropotaxi tropous tropoyl trough true truli trum trunk truplŭ truste tryer tryer-out trypa trypan trypano trypanocid trypanon trypanosom tsar tsh tt tta ttj tto ttos tube tuber tubercl tubercul tubercular tuberculid tuberculin tuberculo tuberculosi tuberculotherapi tuberculum tubi tubipora tubivalv tubul tubular tubulatur tubuli tubulifer tubuliflor tubulo tubuloracemos tubulus tubus tude tudin tudo tuft tum tumor tungst tungstat tungsten tungstic tungsto tungstobor tuom turbin turbinato turbinatoconcav turbinatocylindr turbinatoglobos turbinatus turbo turboaltern turboblow turbocompressor turbodynamo turboexcit turbofan turbogener turbomachin turbomotor turbopump turboventil turco turco-greek turcus turk turkic turkish turko turko-tatar turkoman turn turnerfest tus tuzin tuzwerjan tv tw twelv twelvefold twenti twentieth twi twi-circl twi-fac twice twig twilight twimor twin twine twink twist two two-leg two-wing twofold twosom ty tya tyl tylast tylo tylopoda tylosaurus tympan tympano tympanoeustachian tympanotomi tympanum typ type typh typhl typhliti typhlo typhlolog typhlon typhlosol typhlotomi typho typhoid typhosepsi typhus typi typic typo typolog typonym tyr tyramin tyro tyrotoxin ubari uber uc ugrian ugro ugro-aryan ugro-finn uh ukrainian ul ula ular ulari ulcer ulcero ulcerogen ulceroglandular 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