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Is The Internet Bad For You Essay

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Now that knowledge is on the worldwide web we're beginning to see how much of what we took for granted about knowledge was really due to what we could do and learn on paper. Knowledge is going from limited to unlimited, from settled to unsettled, from content to connection, from libraries to network. That way we can go to the Internet with a question, get an answer, and we can then stop asking. The web is likely to have errors, it reeks of politics, and it raises the bar for casual exploration. And yet, it was the best we could do when knowledge was disconnected. We know now that all that it takes to explore deeper is a click of a button, knowledge is transforming into temptations to explore and learn. Knowledge is different when it’s connected to the internet. Books reflect the limitations of paper. The author has to try to keep us in suspense rather than letting us explore deeper because paper k...

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