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Ltc Pfch Web Services Essay

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital
Request for Project (RFP) – Web Services
CMGT/554 IT Infrastructure
May 27, 2013
Matt Mancani
In an age of technological advances, more people access the Internet to conduct research, perform banking and other financial transactions, participate in education, search for real-estate, and purchase consumer goods, among other things. Today, people can perform actions from playing online games to searching for love on the Internet. It is customary for people to have more “friends” online today than they have on-ground. Social networking has taken the Internet to new highs and generations are accustomed to living full lives through the World Wide Web. Therefore, it goes without reason that people would expect to access vital services such as healthcare online as well. Learning Team C has been requested by the executive staff at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) to determine the feasibility of PFCH becoming a state-of-the art healthcare provider with an online presence. This paper will determine what PFCH needs to do to achieve this status by providing interactive web services to its vendors, suppliers, clinicians and patients. This analysis will answer the questions of what modifications/implementations must be achieved to provide up-to-date, accurate information to staff, medical personnel and patients; what interactivity would allow patients the ability to being able to access pertinent healthcare information such as wellness information and pharmacy refills; what mobile...

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