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Name: Feng ChaochaoStudent number: 2132501F
Year: 2014
Course: pre-sessional course, B1/10
Tutor: Emily FaisIntroduction
As AGLC (2001, has indicated, “Internet is a decentralized, global system of interconnected computer networks, used for electronic mail, on-line discussion, information retrieval, and other services”. With the increasing development of science and technology, human has entered the Internet era. Internet has made considerable progress in every domain and its convenience as well as high efficiency is gradually changing people’s lives, such as e-learning in education, information war in military and e-commerce in international business. However, there are also a series of problems to be solved, for example, how to use actively, how to ensure the security and how to develop a legal management. This essay aims to focus on Internet gambling, which is a significant problem that involves a large population all over the world. This essay will first introduce the definition, main features and current situation of Internet gambling, and then take minors as an example to demonstrate the extent of adolescent gambling, and then list several causes for gambling on the Internet, finally propose some possible solutions. Main body

Gambling, as a social phenomenon, is one of the primary problems that people are confronted with. As GAO (2002, has indicated, “Internet gambling involves any activity that takes place via the Internet and that includes placing a bet or wager. Courts generally have defined a bet or wager as any activity that involves a prize, consideration, and chance. A prize is anything of value. Chance is usually determined by assessing whether chance or skill predominates. Consideration is what the person must pay to enter and must be something of value, such as money”. Furthermore, Griffiths (...

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