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Internet Pornography Essay

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Internet Pornography
We all get up in the middle of the night to get a drink or a bite to eat. We notice a very small light is on in the computer room in the low lit corner. There is a small part on the monitor that is not blocked by your teenager’s head, and you get a glimpse of a woman that is revealing her breast. Now what can one do about this happening? We have the choice of the government regulations on the internet, or we can discuss with our teenagers that it is highly wrong to look at such material that is very explicit. Internet pornography has become a major issue that is not discussed or talked about today. Topics about pornography do not really seem to get attention. We know there are astronomical material on the internet we call the World Wide Web that allows teenagers that are under the age of 18 with a just a click or tap of a mouse. Now this is very wrong as protection should be a major concern. There should be some of aggression to be placed the pornography sites. As I am a concerned consumer who does not...

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