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Definition For The Internet
The Internet is a set of interconnected computer networks used to make a worldwide system of networks used by several agencies and for the personal use. The Internet is used by the public for the worldwide web and many businesses for special purposes for clients and release server software system updates and applications. The Internet is very important so that specific types of people can use many private corporate intranets and private home LANs. It’s Origins

No one specifically owns the Internet, although several organizations around the world come together to function and develop. The high-speed internet was created from fiber-optic cable which lets data travel are owned by specific telephone companies in their home based countries. The Internet then called the Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency's Wide Area Network) developed by the US Department Of Defense in 1960s for help with military research within the business and government laboratories. Couple years after universities and other institutions across the U.S.A connected to Arpanet. This lead to the Arpanet being changed to the name internet from the growth of the Arpanet which was beyond expectations of the developers. The development of hypertext links of the internet also called the World Wide web, WWW, or just the Web which lets us display text, graphics, and animations, and easy search a...

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