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The Impact Of The Internet And Essay

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How the internet and World Wide Web have impacted society

General purpose: To inform the audience

Specific purpose: To inform my audience of the advantages and disadvantages of the impact of the internet and World Wide Web on society.

Thesis: The impact of the internet and World Wide Web has changed society in many ways, such as it effected how we communicate, web accessibility and shaped technological innovation.


I. Before the internet was created, it was an idea by a group of people whom had visionaries on what computers would one day communicate with each other. A. In order to get information from one machine to another, you had to carry boxes of punch cards or reels of magnetic table. II. Without the internet, computers lacked the ability to share data nor hardware. A. Meaning there wouldn’t be any social media to share what we now call selfies, status and funny cat pictures. B. Knowing that past generations had to go through for sending a message to his/her family or friends was very time consuming. III. We look at the internet as an...

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