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MKTG451, Marketing Research
Winter, 2014
draft 12.3

Professor: Carl Obermiller (Pigott 511, [email protected]).

Office Hours: Before and after class or by appointment.

Class: Tuesday and Thursday, 10.15-12.20, P304

Exploring Marketing Research, 10th edition, Zikmund and Babin, ISBN-13: 978-0-324-59376-1. The book has been ordered at the SU bookstore; but, I encourage you to shop on-line. You do not need the card or the dvd. If you are on a tight budget, earlier editions will suffice; even a different marketing research textbook. Other materials will be made available via the angel website; students should register immediately:

Students are expected to complete all the assigned reading before the relevant class session.

Course Description and Objectives
MKTG451 is a survey of marketing research. This course is a required elective for marketing majors. The course covers basic principles of scientific method, research designs and methodologies, and analysis tests. The course will require use of survey research software available free to all SU students at

The course will consist of a variety of teaching and learning activities, including short lectures, in-class exercises, internet-based interactions, and individual and group projects. Lectures are video-recorded and available on-line. Students view the lectures outside of class. Class time is spent reviewing the lecture material and problem-solving. The "flipped class" format (recorded lectures outside of class and problem solving in the class) works to the extent that students do the assigned work outs...

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