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Internet In Bangladesh Problem And Prospects Essay

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Report writing is a part of our MBA Program. As a part of our MBA Program I have selected a subject that is “Internet in Bangladesh: problems and prospect”. When I choose the subject I thought it was very easy to complete for me. But our honorable teacher Prof. Nurul Karim Nasim guided me that every report has a unique base, and we have to follow it. We have to research about our topic, have to learn it, have to gathered knowledge, in our research paper there will discover some new picture, after that I was try to gather information for my paper, I found that it was really hard to complete. After that day another classes our teacher says that he is always busy but he follow some rules, he told us to learn, to read about report, than we may know how to solve our problems. After that I found my problem. My problem was I collected information but can not linked up one’s to another. And then I am searching Internet and recommended books. Senior brother also helped me to complete this report. They guided me to prepare and to linkedup information’s. I am very happy that Mr. Prof. Nurul Karim Nasim is my teacher. He always shouts at me, but I know he wants good results to me. Today this report is completed only for my teacher.


The Internet was originally designed to facilitate communication and research activities. However, the dramatic increase in the use of the Internet in recent years has led to internet addiction and misuse, especially among children. The use of internet is rapidly growing in all spheres of life due to the enormous amount of information it offers, virtually rebounding answer to every possible query you make. However, if not used for constructive purpose, this immensely useful technology can also backfire.

As children Internet use grew exponentially in the last decade, with it emerged a number of correspondent expectations. Among them were the following:

1. That gender predicts usage, that boys spend more time online, surfing the web and playing violent games, while girls chat or shop online;

2. That Internet use causes social isolation and depression, especially for teens.

3. That children misuse the Internet for anonymous identity experimentation.

My research focuses on the misuses of internet by school children and teenager.

Hypothesis: This study reports the analysis of the misuse of internet among teenager and how it may affect their education, health and career.

Problem: Try to stop or cut down the misuse among children by using filtering software, by educating the parents and telling them to monitor their children and keep a check of the websites visited by their children.

Method: When I was assigned the report, I was told to select a topic of My own choice and get it approved by our course instructor. I select 1 topics and showed them to our teacher and he advised me to work on “Internet in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects”.

I discussed this topic with the teacher and with friends and took their comments and then I made a survey form which was to be filled by our target population. The survey form was checked and approved by our teacher and then I started getting them filled by school children of class 9th ,10th and Cybercafe Users. I visited 20 houses and got my forms filled.

Findings: Through the findings of my research, I can say that girls are less prone to internet as compared to boys. The extent to which both genders misuse internet is more in boys. Secondly, the research suggests th...

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