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Kara-Yoo-Kee™is a website created for entertainment industry which is karaoke. Kara-Yoo-Kee™ will basically help user to relax their mind and releasing stress out of busy routines. Moreover, this website allows users to choose and sing their own favorite songs and record it anytime and anywhere.

The objectives for this project are:
(a) To create a website with various IT tools and features for online business purposes. (b) To identify issues in setting up online businesses.
(c) To apply the elements of marketing mix for e-commerce business activities.

1.2.1 Issues
Having a store is a good thing. However, to attract more customers, e-commerce is needed. E-commerce will attract more customers and allowing them to gain information about the store. By creating a website, this will likely helps to increase Kara-Yoo-Kee™ profit and spread their wings

1.2.2 Limitation
Most of source codes are unavailable especially for recording integration. Some features need to be paid in order for it to be used. Therefore, some of the function created for this website is only dummy function and was made for educational purposes.

According to Tapeh et al (2008), the evolution of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-Commerce has been formed through various generations. Last models of B2C e-Commerce are comparative shopping systems that connect to multiple vendors’ databases and collect the information requested by the user. In B2C Model, a consumer goes to the website, selects a catalog, orders the catalog and an email is sent to business organization. After receiving the order, goods would be dispatched to the customer. Following are the key features of a B2C Model for Kara-Yoo-Kee™. Heavy advertising required to attract large no. of customers and also needs a high investment in terms of hardware/software.

Figure 1 : Kara-Yoo-Kee™ Business Model


According to Londhe (2014), Marketing is a matching process, one that pairs the capabilities of a company and the wants of the customers. The creation and delivery of unique value to prospective customers and ...

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