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3 How Has Increased Use Of Web Essay

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The emergence of globalize trade, increase in foreign investment and cross-border transactions have put many businesses under pressure to find innovative ways to continue to market their products and services. Increasingly, companies use social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) in their marketing, recruiting, relationship-building and communication efforts. The world has embraced Websites as a versatile communication tool. The Internet has become the information superhighway for the buying public. As a result, the Internet has become the most powerful selling tool with millions of person using the Internet to search for products and services, small businesses can penetrate other markets at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods, many online businesses have therefore resorted to the use of engines, blogs, pop-up ads and other online marketing tools to let customers know about new products or services as well as provide information relevant to their respective industry. The benefits of this strategy are two fold. Marketers can effectively heighten brand awareness for relatively new products on the market whilst strengthening customer relationships, with shorter time frames.

Internet has become popular reaching to the common man; it has made it possible for the people to access the websites or the web pages from the comfort of wherever they...

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