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Introduction 3
1.1 Purpose 3
1.2 Scope 3
1.3 Definition and Abbreviation 3
1.4 Overview 3
Overall Description 3
2.1 Product Perspective 3
2.2 User Characteristics 4
2.3 Interfaces 4
2.3.1 User interfaces through forms 5
2.4 Product Functions 6
2.4.1 Guest 6
2.4.2 User 6
2.4.3 Administrator 6
2.5 Constraints 7
Specific Requirements 7
3.1 Requirements Control Plan 7
3.2 Functional Requirements 7
4.1. Relationship 20
4.2 Architectural Diagram: 20
4.3 Architecture Detail 21
Database Requirements 22
5.1 Design Constraints 22
5.2 Software system attributes 22

1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to present an overall description and listing of the functionality of the system behind an online auction website. This document is intended for users of the system including designers, testers, implementation unit and the employer. 1.2 Scope

Salesmen are the system behind an online auction website. An auction site is a web application where users can buy and sell objects. Users can place auctions or bid on auctions of other users. There are also some social features such as sending messages to users, add a seller to favorite sellers and a rating system for users. 1.3 Definition and Abbreviation

_ SRS: Software Requirements Specification
_ UML: Unified Modeling Language
_ XHTML: Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
_ HTML: Hypertext Markup Language
_ CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
_ HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
_ CAPTCHA: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart 1.4 Overview
Section 2 describes the general factors that a_ect the product and its requirements. This section does not state specific requirements. Instead, it provides a background for those requirements, which are designed in detail in Section 3 of the SRS, and makes them easier to understand. Section 3 contains all of the software requirements, to a level of detail sufficient to enable designers to design the system to satisfy these requirements, and testers to test that the system satisfies these requirements. Overall Description

2.1 Product Perspective

The project will make use of a database and a web server that can be accessed with any web browser. There are 4 types of users on the system: guests, registered users, administrators and banned users. Before a user can make use of the full functionality of the site, the user has to register. The user will have to enter some personal information in a form in order to do this.

Both guests and users can browse the different auctions, but only registered users can bid on auctions or place their own auctions. Users can browse through auctions with categories or tags. Users can also search for a specific auction. When a user places an auction, he or she also has to specify payment methods, a minimum price, duration for the auction and other general information about the auction. A user can follow an auction. The followed auctions list is a list of auctions that interest the user but on which he or she may not have bid yet. Then when the user wants, he or she can bid on the auction. A user can view all the auctions he or she has bid on in the active auctions list. When a user has won an auction, he or she can pay for the item. This will be done through a transaction. The buyer can pay for the item by choosing one of the payment options the seller has specified. One of these methods is through PayPal. When the transaction is done, buyers and sellers can rate the transaction. Each user will have a rating then which is based on the ratings of their transactions. Users can also contact other users through personal messages. Other sellers can also be added to a favorite sellers list, so that a user can easily check if a seller they like has new auctions. Administrators have some extra functionality; they can manage the users and auctions. Administrators can also retract a bid of a user. 2.2 User Characteristics

The users of the system will be users with different levels of technical expertise. Any user with a basic understanding of the internet and auctions should be able to make use of all the available functionality of the system.

There are three different types of use...

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