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The Internet And Social Media As Essay

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Riguera 1!
Brianna Riguera
Mr. Lobermann
AP World History
January 25, 2015
The Internet and Social Media
The introduction of the Internet and social media, is surely a pivotal event in modern history. Since the dawn of the Internet, it's rapid expansion and evolution have transformed communications and the transmission of information. The past two centuries have experienced an undeniable change in the course of globalization with credit to the Internet and social media. Along with the invention of the Internet and social media came a new age of information exchange which has surpassed all forms of communication before it. The impacts of the Internet and social media on globalization have led to a universal response regarding cultural and political issues.

Essentially, the Internet is a means of communication and connection. It is an international network which allows for efficient information exchange from every end of the Earth. It has allowed people to share everything from scientific discoveries to political and social opinions in a matter of seconds. Although the Internet is ambiguous in its definition, its multifarious purposes and uses are familiar to everyone who has come in contact with it. While the Internet is the overall exchange of information through computers, social media is the connection of people from around the world through the Internet. It allows all kinds of people to impart experiences and opinions with others. Social media has been a significant product of the World Wide Web as early as the 1970s and has grown tremendously since.

Riguera 2!
The first uses of the Internet were military, since it was too difficult and expensive to be used by all people in the beginning. The government was able to use it, however, to send messages during the tense era of the Cold War. Once the World Wide Web was introduced in 1991, c...

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