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Television Newspaper And Internet Essay

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Television, newspapers and the internet-which of these do young people prefer as a source of information and why? Use of Internet in Education
The fast and relatively low-cost access is one of the major benefits of Internet to people and students all over the world as getting an Internet connection is easy. Communication and information are the two most important uses of the Internet. Secondly, information can be updated or modified at any time and for any number of times, which helps in learning and better understanding. Easy Contact

As mentioned above, communication is one of the biggest advantages of the Internet in education. Students can contact other students or their teachers via the E-mail if they have queries about any information. Sharing of information, discussions on a particular subject, etc. can be easily carried out using the Internet. At the same time, teachers can also contact the parents and guardians easily using Internet. News

All the latest news are constantly updated on the Internet on different news sites. Students learning politics, can have an access to all the current affairs through the Internet in the school campus, at home, or at any other place. Historical accounts like speeches, biographies, etc. are also easily available on the Internet in detailed and accurate versions.

Advanced technologies have helped boost the ways of a life of a person. These days, young people are so fortunate to have so many sources of information accessible to them. Henceforth, people may resort to many ways to get the latest information. These sources are a variety of newspaper...

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