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Flash Sale Website Trendyol Essay

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* trendyol holds inventory and it is not middleman type of business which has been highly-criticized by investors. * trendyol has good reputation and positive brand image. * trendyol has over 4 million members which means 1 out of 9 internet users in Turkey use trendyol (36 million internet users, 5th largest internet population in Europe) {2011 data} * trendyol has been raising funding from reputable investors such as KPCB and Tiger Global. * trendyol provides easy shopping experience.the website is fast and user-friendly. * there is highly positive feedback on the customer service experience (fast, responsive, friendly) compared to main competitors. * trendyol has strong relationships with manufacturer/distributor of the brands. * trendyol has some price advantage on certain fashion product groups over its close competitors. * trendyol has higher fashion product breadth compared to close competitors, markafoni&limango. * trendyol employs strong marketing functions to reach its customer base(social media utilization, SEO, blogs, email marketing,PPC..etc) * trendyol has recently launched full-price sales website called modagram which will help the company shift its business plan in the future to grow more and become profitable. * due to business model,trendyol is able to collect money once sales orders are delivered, on the other hand, it makes payments to brands with 1-2 months payment terms. * Weaknesses

* trendyol's main customer profile is female, young, high income only. * trendyol has single channel to sell its products which is online. * trendyol is lacking agile integrated business planning infrastructure and processes which causes the company not to gr...

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