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Internet Identity Theft And Possible Solutions Essay

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Identity theft has been on the rise for years. Identity theft has always been a problem but it was not a problem of exuberant proportions like it is now. The growth is due to the internet and how easy it has become for thieves to steal identities. Stealing identities takes many forms. It could be someone stealing a credit card and using it to make purchases. It can also be more severe, such as stealing someone’s identity and using it as their own. This form of identity theft is more severe and it takes a lot longer to prove and fix. Internet identity theft is different from common identity theft in a few ways. Common identity theft takes place after something is physically stolen like a wallet or a purse containing credit cards, driver’s license or a credit card statement from an individual’s or business trash can. These days it is common procedure for the credit card companies to monitor card activity and if they see something unusual the customer will be notified and the credit card will be frozen from further use. The credit card w...

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