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Web Design
• the term “web design” has become a catchall
for a process that encompasses a number of
different disciplines, from user experience
design, to document markup, to serious

Web Design
• 4 Broad Categories of Roles & Responsibilities
 Design
 Development
 Content Strategy
 Multimedia

• few of the new job descriptions related to
designing a site
User Experience, Interaction, and User Interface
Visual (graphic) design

User Experience Interaction, and User
Interface design
• On the Web, the first matter of business is
designing how the site works
 Before picking colors and fonts, it is important to
identify the site’s goals, how it will be used, and
how visitors move through it.
 These tasks fall under the disciplines of
Interaction Design (IxD), User Interface (UI) design,
and User Experience (UX) design.

User Experience Interaction, and User
Interface design
• The goal of the Interaction Designer is to make the
site as easy, efficient, and delightful to use as
• Closely related to interaction design is User
Interface design, which tends to be more narrowly
focused on
– the functional organization of the page
– as well as the specific tools (buttons, links, menus, and so on) that users use to navigate content or accomplish

• A more recent job title in the web design realm
is the User Experience Designer.
• The UX designer takes a more holistic view—
ensuring the entire experience with the site is
favorable. UX design is based on a solid
understanding of users and their needs based
on observations and interviews.
• According to Donald Norman (who coined the
term), user experience design includes “all
aspects of the user’s interaction w...

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