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Website system architecture:



The new proposed architecture that can be used to deploy the company’s website has been shown above. According to the figure it can be seen that the web-server has been hosted internally behind the company firewalls. Similarly, database servers will also be hosted internally. Though, a backup of the database server will be stored on a third party data center. The line in a dotted form shows that the data base server will be connected to database objects only at the time of disaster or at times when back-up is required. So, this kind of setup is a hybrid kind of architecture, where in both external (third party) servers are used and internal servers are used (one for mainstream usage and other for emergencies and disasters).

Also, the web server that will be used will be IIS (Windows), Operating system – Windows, Database- MySQL.

The reason for choosing this combination of operating system, webserver and database is that Windows based technologies have a good support system and a better customer service than other open source alternates.

Justification of the proposed system architecture:

The system architecture makes the best of both the worlds. It provides the system robustness with third party backups. These backups can be put to use when internal hosting collapses due to some or the other reason. Also, customized firewalls and server ownership can be enjoyed by the company because of internal hosting of webserver and database servers.

Discussion of alternatives:

For implementing the concerned website project, following alternatives could hav...

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