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Hcs235 Week 4 Web Review Essay

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Web Review

Merissa Benevich


Monday March 26, 2012
David Olsen

Web Review

Spectrum Health is one the nation’s top 10 health systems and one of the largest regarding post-acute care. According to Spectrum Health (2011), “Spectrum Health is a not-for-profit system of care dedicated to improving the health of families and individuals. With corporate offices located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a footprint that covers the entire state, Spectrum Health provides high quality, high value care to millions of individuals.” Spectrum Health provides an elaborate website designed to benefit current patient needs along with community directories for different types of health services and information. In this article I will give an overview of the delivery services that are provided, how Spectrum Health fits in the continuum of care, resource options provided by the website, and my overall review of the website. Delivery Services

Spectrum Health delivers a variety of services through hospitals, urgent care, treatment facilities, and numerous physician practices. Spectrum Health offers more than a variety of delivery services, but just about any legal treatment or procedure one can think of. What services are not rendered are in the making. After reviewing the website I found a few services to be a bit intriguing. For instance, Spectrum Health’s birthing center delivers over 7000 babies per year, earning the highest birthing services in the entire state of Michigan. The maternal ward offers a full range of education and support programs for parents before and after the baby is born. The unit also specializes in pre and post natal complications such as diabetes or kidney disorders, pain management, prenatal testing, cesarean births, and neonatal care. Spectrum Health has opened up the Richard DeVos Heart and Lung Transplant Program in 2010 along with t...

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