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Krutarth shah
Assignment # 2
The process of developing software’s or designing stunning and interactive websites used to be the domain of well-resourced, large companies. Web design is one of the fastest growing and most industrious professions in today's market. Given that web design is a practically new field in which there are not many occupations, but there are trends and ideas being added to web pages everyday by prominent webmasters around the world. Predominantly, it is created for recreational reasons, for business purposes, and for practice. The designing of web pages is a remarkable and a profound process. Being a beginner in this business I would prefer to start the company by myself rather then hiring free-lancer or other designer. The first basic things for a new business will include the formation of the company. This includes registration of the company and the domain (.com, .org, .net etc.) with the help of which I would be able to create the name of the company and the website designed for it. My role is to design the perfect website and use my knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure the site is...

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