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Website Evaluation Mayoclinic Essay

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Website Evaluation
Ashley Wolsey
Dixie State College

Website Evaluation
The internet has a huge amount of information from where to get the best prices or deal to videos of people lighting their hair on fire to health information. How can we tell which information is the best and what should we recommend to our patients to use? The website that I use the most is the Mayo Clinic. I examined the site for accuracy, credibility, relevance, usability, currency and cost. Mayo Clinic

Relevance of Website
Mayo Clinic is relevant to nursing informatics because their mission is to empower people to manage their health by providing useful and up-to-date information (MayoClinic, 2011). The site contains information not only for the public but for health professionals as well. It contains information on diseases and conditions, symptoms, drugs and supplements, tests and procedures, healthy lifestyles, and first aid. Description of Criteria

In analyzing MayoClinic I used the criteria of the website for accuracy, credibility, relevance, usability, and financial cost. Focusing on criteria will allow me to determine and get research about the website that is valuable to me and the patients I recomm...

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