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Internet And College Students Time Management Essay

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The Effects of Internet in College Students Study Time Management Aniris M. Fernandez
Towson University

The study time management skills of college students are very poor due to the addiction teenagers are confronting with Internet and social network sites. This problem is affecting their capacity to organize themselves and as a consequence grades are dropping. Experts are analyzing and studying the way in which students are using the Internet and its social networks and many of the results of these experiments are definitely not good. They have made studies about Internet addictive behavior and the problematic use that college students are facing with the Internet. Social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. are one of the main problems against the time management skills of college students. One of the negative points of technology is that there is no way to control it once a person has reached the level of university. But, schools should prepare the students for this type of environment by teaching them study skills and how to work with their time management. Many college students have reached the point in which they cannot control themselves when it comes to the use of Internet; it’s becoming an addictive behavior

The Effects of Internet in College Students Study Time Management Introduction
In the world today, Internet use is the most common thing between human beings. It’s used for anything needed, from academic purposes to a picture search to any insignificant or funny fact we want to search for. Internet nowadays is such a broad environment to search for that college students are going through a phase in which they don’t know how to use it wisely. This environment is affecting their study time management and because of this their academic performance is dropping. Social networks have a big performance in this situation also, since people spend too much time in social networks and the time used here is time that they don’t have to study. Self-control and Addictive Behaviors Towards Internet

The number one problem that university students have with their time management is Internet addictive behavior and problematic Internet use. There was a study made with university students to inquire information of whether the levels of probl...

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