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The Ideal Website

Conforming to web development standards is an important factor in website design. For example, the webpage header is to be placed at the top left and any search engine at the top right. Also, a useful function of a webpage is keeping a log of visited pages within a website. This can be aided by indicator tools or keylogger software.

When developing a website, a developer should present content that is informative, interesting and well-presented. Keeping this in mind a developer must try at all costs not to force visitors to read excessive contents on your webpage. The webpage should be designed to allow visitors to be able to decide what they want to read and not bombarded with clustered information.

Navigation, keep the webpage simple, well-organized, clean, clear and concise. Use a top-down design so that visitors can easily browse the site. The overall design of a website should be created to look professional and attractive because it is the first thing that visitors notice. It is also important to maintain a consistent colour scheme. Choose colours that don’t clash. White is the safest background colour.

Critical Analysis on researched websites

* Bees-Online is an educational website about honey bees and beekeeping, as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1:

The above homepage (figure 1) is a perfect example of what makes websites unsuccessful. It can be clearly seen that the developer of this website did not follow the guidelines of website development.

The Bees Online homepage has a lot of useful information about the medical and health benefits of honey, but it is presented in a ‘jumbled’ and confusing format. There is too much to information to read on this homepage. A homepage must simply be a guide to assist the visitor.

The hyperlinks as shown above are within the text. One of the rules of website development is, hyperlinks must either be to the left vertically, top horizontally or at the bottom horizontally of a webpage. Also, the search engine is in the wrong place, it should be at the top right side of the webpage.

The appearance of the homepage is dazzling. The choice of font and background colours and patterns makes the information difficult to read as well as, although there is a function that keeps a track of visited links, the layout of the homepage reduces the visitor’s ability to track for themselves.

* Benefits of Honey, is a website that contains a great deal of information about honey recipes, health benefits, varieties, remedies and more, as illustrated in figure 2.

Figure 2:


At a glance, in the screenshot shown above (figure 2), it is obvious that this website’s homepage is a substantial improvement over the Bees Online homepage.

The homepage in figure 2 h...

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