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Transactional Website
1) River Island is a private limited company and it was set up in 1948 by Bernard Lewis and his brothers in London. It is one of the most successful companies on the High Street, it has nearly 300 stores across the UK, Ireland and also internationally across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. River Island tries to bring new and original fashion to customers, it has to be stylish yet affordable. River Island operates a global supply chain network, sourcing and manufacturing its products throughout the world. Their supply chain partners are important to them as building strong, long term and ethically responsible manufacturing relationships are key to our continued success. River Island has franchises over the world throughout the Middle East, Europe and also the Far East. River Island have a strong ethical belief on trading and making the business profitable yet responsible, they believe their customers expect meaningful long term relationships with employees, suppliers and communities they also believe it’s a good business practise this is because they won’t be losing anyone important to their business if they keep them happy. River Island also aim to be environmentally friendly this is because they have incorporated the use of renewable energy sources into their operations and reduced the level of product packaging, they also recycle and use biodegradable materials whenever they can. River Island also work actively with their suppliers and official agencies all around the wor...

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