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The Impact Of Internet Usage On Essay

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Chapter 1

Internet is a worldwide network that connects millions of computer and rapidly transforming the character of life and work. Internet gives tremendous impact on the conduct of every aspect in life especially in education. Nowadays, most of the students rely in the new trends brought by technology. When it comes to education, internet is the number one source of the students in making school requirements. However, there are negative aspects too with regards in using internet, but if we use it enough in the right way, it will be a big help and easier for us to learn something new in just a click away. From the 130 3rd year nursing students of College of Nursing in University of Northern Philippines (UNP), almost all of them are using the internet access for school requirement purposes. As the whole world of the “information Super Highway” is in constant transition, so is the rule of internet on education, still being formatted, evaluated in constant transition (Carmella Kedem, CAPP 385, Spring 1999)...

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