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Web Or Moblie Paper Essay

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Web or Mobile System
Tambotka Howard
CIS 319
January 29, 2013
Bob Sanders

Web or Mobile System
The use of smart phones today has changed the lives of millions of people across the world. These phones are mini computers that can perform just like a desktop or laptop. A smart phone contains many applications (apps) on its hard drive or SD card. One of the apps that has drove many people to their smart phones instead of their computer is the Facebook app. Facebook is a social media web site that helps you connect with people online. You can share pictures, your thoughts, and opinions on Facebook. Facebook has 800 million active users on its network. Millions of pictures and millions of comments on these pictures are on Facebook and they can see by all of your friends. The smart phone shrinks the website to perform with the phone but it still has the same features as the website. This app has brought many changes about to its users. The change the Facebook has brought to its users is you do not have to go to a comp...

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