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Effects Of Internet In Studies Essay

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Generation today is now fast-paced, innovative, and technologically able. Everything is gradually becoming automatic and it is as if that everything people need is just a blink of an eye away. Nowadays, internet is very popular especially to students because of its convenience. Given the chance to choose, students usually turn to the internet whenever they have school works to accomplish. But the question is: between the internet and books which is better to use when it comes to research or thesis?

A survey conducted last 2011 says that 29.2% (or 29.7 million out of 101.8 million) of the population of Philippines are internet users, with each user spending an average of 18.6 hours per month. Every year this number is gradually increasing that for the last year (2012), the population of internet users grew up to 34%. ( 2012) As a matter of fact, students these days tend to seek redemption from the internet whenever they are faced with tons of school works. Information is just a few clicks away. It lessens the stress of students and gives them more time for leisure.

But, Credaro had once said in his article (2002), the Internet can be a valuable extension to the school's library collection. But remember, it is mammoth in scale, unordered, and mainly unchecked. If you can imagine the world's biggest print encyclopedia, with every page ripped out, and each page ripped up, then the whole lot scattered like confetti... then try to find the meaning of a single term from a heap of unordered scraps of paper, you get some idea of the problems involved in using the Internet as an information source. This research aims to inform the people, especially those belonging to the e-generation teenagers, what both parties, the internet and the library, will offer in terms of researching or making a thesis. Statement of Problem

This study strives to know which between books and the internet is more preferred by students as source of information or as aid in researching or making a thesis. It aims to answer the following questions: 1. Which one is appreciated more: books or the internet?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using books and other printed materials as aid in researching? 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet as aid in researching? 3

4. What are the factors that push students to refer to the internet rather than books? 5. With the technological advancements we have nowadays, how many students still prefer books over the internet and what are the reasons for this? Significance of the Study

The results of the study will be beneficial to students, teachers, parents, and current and future researchers. Students. The study can help in making the students informed on which among these many sources can give the best and most reliable information they can use in thesis making. Teachers. The study can let them know, study and discover new information from different reliable sources which they can teach students in school. Parents. The study can help parents in providing their children with the right and proper materials they can use in studying and in other school activities. This study can also make them informed on what preferences students have nowadays.

Current and future researchers. It will provide future references in case they come across the same grounds but with new obstacles ahead.

Scope and Delimitations of the Study
This study focuses knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both books and their internet as a source of information and as aid in researching or thes...

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