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Global Internet Policy For The Developing Essay

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Global Internet Policy For the Developing World

Dr Rohan Samarajiva, former Sri Lankan Telecommunication regulator, examines the damaging effects of new proposals to regulate the global Internet. A report released today by Dr. Rohan Samarajiva of LIRNEasia, am information and communication technology(ICT) policy and regulation think tank based in Sri Lanka, argues that current proposals from international Telecommunication Union (ITU) member states in Africa and the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association(ETNO) could slow economic progress, raise cost on users who can least afford them and limit Internet access in developing countries. The report, “A Giant Step Backward or the Way Forward? An Analysis of Some Proposals before the WCIT,” explains that the economic and personal benefits the digital economy is currently bringing to nations and people’s in the developing world old come to a standstill should proposals that give the ITU broad jurisdiction over Internet communications be legitmati...

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