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W.E.B Du Bois

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W.E.B Du Bois

America at the decades between XIX-XX centuries made its first efforts on the establishment of the democratic and force country. Civil war in the USA between the industrial North and the agrarian slaveholding South became 1861-1865 a turning point in the American history. The period of a post-war emptiness and fatigue came to change the innocent optimism of the young democratic nation. The American idealism continued to develop, but its orientation changed. If before the war idealists supported the human rights and especially slavery cancellation, after war Americans start idealizing more the progress and the person who can achieve everything. It was the era of the millionaire industrialist and the speculator when the Darwinian theory of evolution and "a survival of the strongest", appear, justified sometimes the unethical methods used by successful industrialists. That time there was development of the American art as well as literature. Such authors as Mark Tween, Harriet Bircher Stone, Jack London and William Du Bois represented the mood of the American society of its time. Du Bois is more well-known as the fighter for civil rights, and defender of Afro-American society who became a significant figure in American history.

After the Civil War of the North and the South ( 1861-1865), America was released from slavery, having eliminated obstacles in a way of capitalism development, it was a time of economic blossoming and colonial captures (the Hawaiian Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Philippines). At the beginning of the XIX century the USA became one of mighty powers of the world. The monopolies, trusts, and corporations developed. The riches were becoming richer, and the poor were becoming poorer. In the country there was an intensive development of the western territories became populated by million emigrants from Europe (Gooding-Williams, 2009). Respectively the national structure of the state changed too. It should be noted that during this period, the majority of inhabitants of the USA still kept reckless belief in a phenomenon of "the American dream", guaranteeing to each citizen, "new Adam" paradise on the guilty of the earth. It seemed like all class and religious barriers are broken, social, educational, ideological and other restrictions are liquidated, and the person has unlimited opportunities and can express him or her self as an individual. Consequently, the chances to achieve success are equal for all. And nevertheless the society has many of problems especially according to the right of the Afro-Americans and to these cases, the most significant impact had the American literature that viewed all the aspects of that time. Everything in America: the appearance of industrial and financial tycoons, dizzy successes of the individuals, growing authority of the state on the international scene, lifting of welfare of the average American, - forced to believe in democratism of independent states. In the 70th years appeared the new literary direction - realism, chronologically being lat...

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