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Hosp 310 Week 5 Internet Exercises Essay

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Week 5 internet Exercises
Chapter 11:
Exercise #1
a) One of the trends that are occurring in the hotel industry is the increase in construction in certain pipelines and areas. The Spanish influenced countries of Latin America and South America are seeing the largest increase. The increased interest in the Hispanic culture by society is driving many consumers to want to escape to the sandy beaches and the tropical oasis. The other trend is the decrease in the African and the Middle Eastern Pipelines. Much of this can be contributed to the political unrest in these countries that is covered by the media. While many still want to go on vacations to their holy lands for religious purposes or visit many ancient areas of art and documented history not many consumers are wanted to travel with young children to these areas due to the unrest and military presence and rather are looking for rest and relaxation rather than additional intellect and experience. b) Based on the headlines and the articles on Hotel Online I have found a trend to be the renovations of hotels that have been long standing. The renovations of these hotels are focused on the consumer and the upgrades to the lifestyle changes and health and environmental awareness across the world. Many hotels are going green and adding markets or dining options that are also green and health conscious. This is important as the world begins to become more aware environmentally of what the waste is doing to the planet that we want to have a...

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