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Japanese Government Assimilation Essay

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Many would agree that Korea was taken over by the Japanese government during 1945. The Korean culture was slowly disappearing under the Japanese rule. Such as the native language, changes in names, their freedom rights, working in a foreign land to provide the for the family back in homeland, those who are considered being state-less in Japan, and Korea losing their status. To the Japanese government, they may have felt that their policies was a perfect way to control the Colonial Koreans, however, not to the people; including many Japanese sympathizer. Nevertheless, even if many people did not agree with the assimilation policies by the Japanese government, the Japanese government were still successful in controlling Korea’s identity. During this change in Colonial Korea under the Japanese government, many people did not agree with the assimilation policies. Along with the Koreans many Japanese sympathizers agreed. Colonial Korea was being stripped away from their identity. During this time, about 200,000 million Koreans lived in Japan and many Japanese lived in Korea as well. Japanese who lived in Korea were given the assumption that they should not associate with the Koreans. They also viewed the Koreans as filthy. However, t...

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