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Case Study: International Students and Tuition Fees

Spring 2012, has been a very intense semester for collegial and university students of Quebec. The student organizations engaged themselves into a radical war with the Liberal government of Jean Charest. The “Carre Rouge” militants protested every night during 7 months against the government decision to increase the tuition fees and also for free education. On September 8th 2012, the Parti Quebecois won the provincial elections and then decided to freeze the tuition fee increase. While the students from here are complaining about the tuition fee increase, the international students on this case remained silent. Does this behavior sound normal? Of course. Why would an international student protest against a tuition increase when that student is in fact this same student is paying less here than all around North America. It has been proven that Quebec is the less expensive province to study in Canada.

But what about the international students, why do the...

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