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The Effect Of Government Funding On Essay

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The effect of government funding on the level of services offered to HND business students at North Glasgow College. | |
Graded unit project |

The effect of government funding on the level of services offered to HND business students at North Glasgow College. | |
Graded unit project |

Steven McMonagle

Steven McMonagle


Summary of findings – 3
Acknowledgements – 4
Issue – 5
Analysis of data – 9
Implications - 18
Conclusion – 24
Bibliography – 26
Questionnaire – 27
Survey - 28

Summary of Findings

This report was designed in an attempt to find out what services are available to HND business students and at what level were they. One of the key aspects of this topic was looking into funding for the college. The college had a 9% decrease in funding, however the new campus was only opened in 2009 and cost £42 million to build so a drop in investment was to be expected. The other main focus point was what was available for HND business students in the college. This report looks at what is made available for them. One of the main concerns for students and lecturers was the number of students in a class. The high numbers of students in each class made it difficult to engage in group discussions and as there were more people to each class then it made it harder for lecturers to see students individually. One thing that the students like though was that they were given the option to use some facilities outside of the college such as the colleges online Blackboard. Another facility they liked having the option for was the Mitchell Library.


I would like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone who has helped me throughout this investigation. I have been helped out by different people in different ways and without the help and support of these people this project would not have been possible. I would like to thank everyone that completed my survey, their participation has been a big help. I would also like to thank both parties that took part in my questionnaire to help me with my primary research. I would also like to acknowledge the help of my lecturers Lee Coutts and Lis Adams.

The topic I have chosen to carry out is “The effect of government funding on the level of services offered to HND business students at North Glasgow College”. This topic will look at the how government funding has affected HND business students that are studying at North Glasgow College. North Glasgow College is a college located in Springburn, Scotland. The college was originally founded in 1965 but there was a new purpose built college that was built in 2009. The new campus cost forty-two million pounds to build and has also won the prestigious Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ Scottish award (Local News Glasgow). During this topic I was trying to find out what sort of effect the levels of government funding the college has, and if it has helped or hindered the students. Having more funding obviously means the college can invest in more things like staff, computers etc. but I aim to find out if the college can provide more than just the typical facilities that are provided everywhere else. The funding provided can have an important effect on the standard of education. The level of education that people have is important particularly in tough economic times where there are a lot of people contesting for the same jobs. I am currently doing my HND in business so this is a topic that directly affects me, which means I can also gain a better understanding of something that will have an impact on my future. Throughout this topic several different subjects that have been covered will relate to this report. Subjects such as Economics will be used as there will economic issues that may be factoring into the funding provided for North Glasgow College. The factors can include things such as looking at the GDP for the economy or inflation rates in the UK to see if there has been a change and if this has factored into any changes in government funding.

Other subjects such as managing people and organisations shall be used, particularly topics such as motivation, as the level of funding provided for North Glasgow College could have an impact on the motivation of both staff and students. For example if more money was made available for bonuses then lecturers may work even harder towards helping students pass as they may be rewarded with bonuses, or if there had been a drop in funding and there were fears of redundancies then the staff may work harder in an attempt to reassure their place as a lecturer. Funding may affect the motivation of the students because if they are offered a high standard of services, or they feel their lecturers have made extra effort for them, then they may be more inspired to do well. Alternatively if they feel they aren’t offered ...

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