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Introduction Government Logistics Centre Chai Wan Essay

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Background for Government Logistics Centre (Chai Wan)Supplies of common-user goods and essential and emergency items are purchased in bulk and held in the purpose-built Government Logistics Centre in Chai Wan which came into operation in 1996. It centre is managed by the department of government logistics. The bidding sources of material or goods in the centre are come from the following: goods/material that are disposal from other; goods/material which do not have people identify for a period of time. The operations of the centre are assisted by a modern computerized system with international bar-coding functions that provides, among other services, online communication with customers etc……Experience share after the visit of Government Logistics CentreThings that observed during the visit:On March 26, 07, our school bring us to visit the Government Logistics Centre. Before visiting the Centre, we have a talk that briefly introduces the daily operation for the Centre or their depot by the senior material supply staff, Mr. Chan. After that, Mr. Chan brings us to visit. First, we visited the Disposal Store. In Disposal Store, there have a senior material supply director, Mr. Ho who introduce the operation; function of Disposal Store to us. In the Dispos...

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