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Branches Government 1 Essay

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The US Constitution is one of the most important documents to have been written in history. The first three articles of this document setup the way the United States is run today. article one defines legislative power, article two defines Executive power and article three defines Judicial power. These three articles define the government we have today and brings up some questions. Why did our forefathers divide the government into three pieces? This certainly becomes a topic for discussion. How are the three branches of the United States government supposed to act? Is the system that our forefathers put in place successful? How was the conflict between supporters of a strong federal government and champions of state's characterized then as opposed to now? And how could things have been designed more efficiently? The answers to these questions are critical to understanding where we are a today as a government and a people. This leads us to the first question, Why do we have three branches of government?Our forefathers divided the government into three separate branches, Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The primary duty of the Legislative branch is to create bills and manage the monetary portions of the government through Congress. Congress consists of two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives is based on the population o...

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