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Chapter 2 Government Vocabulary Words Essay

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Chapter 2 Government Vocabulary Words

1. Anti-Federalist-Those who favored strong state governments and a weak national government; opposed ratification of the U. S. Constitution 2. Articles of Confederation-The compact between the thirteen original colonies that created a loose league of friendship, with the national government drawing its power from the states 3. Bill of Rights- The first ten amendments to the U. S. Constitution, which largely guarantee specific rights and liberties 4. Checks and balances-A constitutionally mandated structure that gives each of the branches of government some degree of oversight and control over the actions of the others 5. Committees of Correspondence –Organizations of the American colonies created to keep colonists abreast of developments with the British; served as powerful molders of public opinion against the British 6. Confederation-Type of government in which the national governm...

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