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Influences On Government Policies P4 M2 Essay

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Influences on Government Policies.


Within this assignment I am going to write about what a pressure group is and will choose two pressure groups to explain and discuss how they have changed the government policies. I will also state the pros and cons of both of these pressure groups. The pressure groups I am going to be talking about are ash which is Action on Smoking and Health and also Child Poverty Action Group.

What is a pressure group?

A pressure group is described as an organised group of people that don’t put people up for election but they do seek to influence the government’s policies and legislation. Pressure groups are all so known as interest groups, lobby groups and protest groups because some people may take it as if they actual use pressure to achieve their aims which doesn’t necessarily happen. There are more pressure groups in the UK then there are political parties because the membership of political parties has fallen whereas the pressure groups have increased.

Outsider gr...

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