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The Circle Of Government Essay

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Christopher Hong
Professor Cheatham
English 103
15 April 2015
Firm and Strong Government
Since the beginning of civilization, much of existing empires were built and crushed again, and again. Even though Roman Empire was strong and stable, they have also perished along with others. One of the philosopher in Italy, Niccolo Machiavelli, started wondering why there are no empires that remained eternal. So he started to gather his thoughts and finally found six types of government. He realized that some people say there are three and that some say there are six. Machiavelli also states that out of the six types of government, three among them are bad and three are good. He called it "The Circle of Government" because those six governments rotate in the period of time. Then he goes on to talk about how the government was formed. The first government is monarchy. At first the ruler was the strongest amongst a group of people. Afterwards they changed to looking for the wisest to rule. After that sovereignty was inherited through the sons of the ruler. However, the position of the ruler became being the selfish and stubborn instead of leading. Then he, Machiavelli, talks about people made to get rid of the ruler that he called "Revolution." After "Revolution," government became an "anarchy" and went back to monarchy form of the government. So simply, there is monarchy, tyrany, nobility, oligarchy, revolution, and anarchy form of gove...

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