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My Sociological Involvement
Working with kids and getting along with them has always been my dream, but then I realized that these people can be fun to be with, at the same time hard to deal with. Volunteering with the Edna Martin’s Christian Center has opened my eyes to the different social class and the Nature Vs Nurture thing. The Edna Martins Christian Center is all about helping the community, and to bridge cultural, racial, and economic differences in order to support and nurture the people in the community by providing holistic programs that empower, encourage, and engender a vision of hope. They get people to help the children do their home work or assist them do their school work and especially those not doing well in school and doesn’t get enough help from their parents when it comes to doing school work, they have them practice and understand that part they have trouble with at school. The Edna martins have a way of helping parents by giving the kids what maybe their parents can’t afford or what the parents don’t care about, but yet the kids want it.

On my first day at the center, which was Friday; that is the day where all the kids get the chance to play however they want so I didn’t do a lot of work, but those kids can be hand full by the way they play and run around. I was outside watching them and telling them to stop the dangerous play they were playing. It was very interesting because they ...

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