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The Disadvantages of Always-on Lifestyle
Fei X

The Disadvantages of Always-on Lifestyle
In the present age, mobility becomes a significant role in peoples’ life. The mobility is a wide range definition. In this particular condition, because of the development of technology, mobility means people can use some technology products to connect with other people. Mobility gives people a possibility to establish a relationship with the world. In a simply word, this mobility means always online. Thus, a new word, always-on life is known by public attention. Always-on life is a new lifestyle for many people. But in the meantime, whether always-on life brings some opposite effects for people has sparked much debate. This lifestyle truly has positive effects on peoples’ life, but more are disadvantages for people. The disadvantage will influence peoples’ mental life. The phenomenon of lose the realistic identity is an example of the disadvantage. To start with above, further more is the always-on life will limit the freedom in children’s growth. Eventually, another disadvantage is that people would be addicted by the computer game or the digital devices. What is always-on life? As Boyd (2012) suggests, always-on life means always connect to the network, and relay on these technology devices. Technology is charming to people. The age rage of the always-on people is amazing wide. For instance, Turkle (2011) describes an old lady who is seventy years old, she still checks email everyday. Even if she does not check email, she could not fall in sleep. Another example is Boyd also suggests that she is part of a cohort who is always-on. She is not really online either really offline. Therefore, always-on life can be ...

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