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These suggestions are offered by DeVry to applicants and students who will take the writing placement test.

Writing a Good Essay for the WritePlacer Writing Test

To do your best on this test, first read the instructions on the screen carefully and follow their guidance fully. The instructions will tell you that you have one hour (30 minutes for graduate school applicants) to write a 300-600 word response to one of the possible topics (randomly selected by the computer). They will also tell you to plan your response, write it out, and then review and revise it. Planning and revision are good ways to improve your score, so leave some of the allotted time for these purposes.

The Assignment Topic:

Your assigned writing topic will be a question about an issue. The assignment will ask you to make a choice or take a position on the issue. Scoring will not be based on the position you take or the answer you give, but on how well you present and develop your answer.

The Basis for Scoring:

Your score will be based on five factors that are considered features of good writing. The most important of these are (a) a clear focus, (b) strong development, and (c) logical organization. The other factors counted will be (d) proper grammar and (e) correct mechanics, such as punctuation and spelling.

A Strategy for Writing the Best Response:

The best response to t...

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