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Book Monitoring System

“Project Proposal”


Raúl Y. Mora-Colón
Arnaldo A. Oliver-Román
Antonio G. Rodríguez-Jiménez
Emanuel González-González

José F. Vega-Riveros
Nayda G. Santiago-Santiago
Course ICOM 5047
Date: September 10, 2008
As society evolves there is a need for information and knowledge which throughout the past years have been placed in books. There are other ways of passing and storing information, but for hundreds of years books have existed and they can be mainly accessed or read by the public in libraries around the world. The conflict is generated in the reality that society is moving faster every day. People do not want to go to a library to make lines, waiting for a librarian to get a book. Due to the concurrent need of fastening processes to comply with the busy lifestyle we have, there’s a need for a more efficient and faster service system in libraries at the moment of getting books out and into it. What is proposed is a system to accelerate this process, a self service book check-out and check-in system. Instead of having to remember a library member number, or giving a regular ID to the librarian, the user will only need an ID card which uses the innovative RFID technology. This technology has been proven to be efficient for inventories, access control and a large amount of people basic daily operations. The user only needs to go to the station with his/her id, place it in the system, place the requested books in the station, and accept the order and he/she is ready to go. To return the book just deposits the book in the station and the book is returned. No unnecessary lines or additional waiting required.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 4
1.Executive Summary 6
1.1.Introduction 6
1.2.Expected profitability and competitive impact 7
2.Project Antecedents 8
2.1.Relationship to other projects 8
2.2.Project importance and advantages 8
3.Proposed Solution 10
3.1.Objectives 10
3.2.Scope 10
4.General approach 11
4.1.Team Organization 11
4.2.Personnel 11
4.3.Managerial Approaches 12
4.4.Special Skills 12
5.Specifications 14
5.1.Hardware Specifications 14
5.2.Software Specifications 18
6.Contractual aspects 21
6.1.Agreements with clients and third parties 21
6.2.Milestones 22
7.Schedules 23
7.1.WBS 23
7.2.Outline of schedules (gannt chart) 24
8.Resource requirements 25
8.1.Estimated project expenses 25
9.Assessment methods 27
9.1.Assessment 27
9.2.Procedures for monitoring, collecting and storing data 27 9.3.Quality Control 28
10.Potential Problems 28
10.1.Risk assessment 28
10.2.Risk plans 28
11.Impacts 29
11.1.Environmental 29
11.2.Legal 30
11.3.Social 30
11.4.Market overview 31
References 32

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Introduction
Currently, there are some libraries that use an old tedious process to carry out the leasing of books. Usually, the user creates a new account and waits for the librarian to service him/her. This service can be delayed due to a queue of people waiting for the librarian, the librarian is busy doing some other task or simply distracted. After waiting, the user starts the process by providing his/her name, student ID and library account number or enrollment copy. Then, the librarian searches find the barcode and scan the book(s). This long process can take a lot of time and money, which is why a new system must be implemented to make this process automatic and efficient. Instead of waiting and go through this process, the customer would self check-out his/her books. Using the RFID technology, the customer would go to a computer station to start a three step process: Scan his/her card, place the book in the scanner and confirm the lease order. Then the customer can take the book home. Once the customer finishes using the book and desires to turn it back, he/she would use a self check-in station where he would just drop-in the book. The solution will include the following deliverables:

Web Application for remote access to library services
User accounts for administrators, employees and customers
Search library catalog
Database to retain information of users and books, and transactional data, such as the leased books, bills and reservations Prototype of a check-out / check-in station

The Book Monitoring System (BMS) will replace the old search of some libraries where they use the customer name, a regular identification or a member number to search for a record and/or the barcode system used in other libraries. Besides the check-out station, the system will have a check-in station. This station will use a one step process: Place the book in a delivery window or box. A scanner will be placed in the station, so the check-in process can also make use of the RFID technology to make the process automatic. The customer and library employees will have the option to access library services by means of a Web Application. These features helps librarians by reducing their time spent in the leasing process, even though the employee will still be able to manage customer accounts. To protect the book information integrity stored in the database, some access constraints will be established. Only administrators will be able to modify information about the books, while the employees will be able to only see it. This protects against unwanted changes and corrupt book information. Milestones of our system:

Project Definition
Project Proposal and Presentation - September 10, 2008
Individual system implementation
Progress Report and Presentation - October 29, 2008
System integration and completion
Final Report Due - December 1, 2008
Final Presentation - Date selected by registrar’s office

The team for the development of this system is composed of four members Antonio G. Rodríguez, Arnaldo A. Oliver, Emanuel González and Raúl Y. Mora. For the development of the Book Monitoring System we require a budget of $54,630.84, including human resources, equipment, indirect costs and overhead costs. The project has a risk’s mitigation, monitoring and management plan for high and minor impact risks. 1.2. Expected profitability and competitive impact

In the Puerto Rican market, this product will be the second of its kind. One difference will be that the system has its approach on the needs of libraries in universities. This system offers to improve the quality of the service that is provided to the users of the library of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (UPRM). Even though the system is aimed for the UPRM library, the system will be flexible enough to be implemented in different libraries. The additional functionality we offer is a web page, in which the customer can view his borrowed books, extend its return date, modify specific account information and report a lost ID. Compared with the system currently used in most libraries, this system is more advanced, requiring minimum interaction with employees. Commonly, libraries have to search for their customers using their names, member numbers, or identifications, but the system makes this easier and faster with the RFID technology. Systems all over the world are currently being redesigned to use this technology, which opens market opportunities.

Having seventy eight towns in Puerto Rico, we have found that there is at least one public library in each town, plus libraries in schools and universities and even some companies, so there are hundreds of possible customers for the product in Puerto Rico. Changing the project’s audience to United States this number can be transformed into thousands of customers which can use this product.

2. Project Antecedents
2.1. Relationship to other projects
Currently, no members of the team have worked in a project related or similar to this project. A member of a previous project called Smart Shopping System, which used RFID technology, is one of the project’s consult...

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